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so i’ve been sitting here for the past 15 mins trying to figure out what the first post should be about.

funny how during those late night hours while i was contemplating starting this, i seemed to have so much going thru my head that i wanted to get down.

not to worry tho, they werent thoughts or epiphanies of any real consequence,.. and i’m sure they’ll come to me again in due time.

perhaps more experienced writers will recall their first post as well, and hopefully cut me some slack for what is turning out to be a crappy first post 😛

what you’ll see here will be mostly made up of travel since i fly around from time to time. perhaps a little more than your average person. actually i fly enough to hate flying.

i’m sure there will be posts about the KSE (Kuwait not Karachi :P) as well since i work that market for a living.

a bit of music will be thrown in as well,… i compose ( if you can call it that:P ) during my down time. but i only play the drums so technophobic purist musicians can exit the door at the end of the well-kiss-my-ass corridor 😛 .

then again if youre in kuwait and fancy putting something together do drop me a line,…that goes for vocalists and lyricists too.

apart from that i hope you enjoy the flight and dont hesitate to tell the pilot that he’s being an Fucking moron 😛 ( might chuck you out the plane if you do tho 😛 )

right, now i gotta go an figure out how to fly this thing.





  1. Looking forward to some great posts, Captain. Welcome to blogging.

  2. cheers for the welcome toomz.

    actually surprised to have gotten even one reader already lol 😛

  3. welcome to the club and good luck!

  4. I don’t think it’s crappy, actually it’s good.
    So looking for vocalists?

  5. yup i am actually 😛

    why can ya sing? 😛

    my emails on my profiile page if you want to talk about it 😀

  6. Hey man we have never talked about this singing thing!

  7. you’ll have to remind me one of these days 😛

    or you could write and sing into a mic and i’ll compose to it 😀

  8. I used to write songs when I was back in high school but I stopped since I came to France. I do not have the time anymore but maybe we could do it this summer.

  9. sure thing blue, but i’m not quite sure where i’ll be this summer. i should definately be back for a while tho so we can hook up then for a collabo 😀

  10. epiphanies, slack, chuck?
    I am too lazy to check the meaning of these words 🙂

  11. We did not record a thing!

  12. epiphany: an a-ha! moment when you get something.

    slack: loose

    chuck to throw soemthing

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