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first things first, thanks to toomz and amer for leaving a lil message welcoming me to the blogging world.
cheers guys!


the Arab Times is costing me money!!! ( insert pissed off smiley face)

as it is i’ve been doing quite well on the KSE the past few years, working with no more than common sense and the one-two day delay that the arab times seems to suffer from when reporting local business news.

the delays i dont mind,… but the sheer incompetent translating is definately going to cost me money one day!!!
i think its been a total of three times since the start of the year that i’ve read something they’ve printed and three times that i’ve called the companies in question,….

……only to hear:
“ummm no sir, it must be a typing error/misunderstanding/moron, because in our press release to al rai/qabas/watan/etc, we said so and so”

having said that tho, some good things have come out of it:
1- i’m forced to verify the stories on my own, which isnt that hard.
2- other non-arabic reading investors get the wrong info, mwuahahaha!
3- i’ve decided to learn arabic so i can start reading the arabic papers.

so if anyone knows of a good arabic class let me know, i’m thinking of checking out the uni here on saturday.

i did actually grow up here, so like alot of other foreign kids i had to learn basic arabic. but you guys know how it is in those international schools, unless you hang around people that speak only arabic, english becomes the norm.

add to that 5 years in the UK and a couple years in the far east, and my grasp of the language has all but decayed to the level of “wain al hammam?” ( umm thats bathroom right?:P)

i can, however, still cuss out the bastard that cuts me off on the gulf road 😛

some things you never forget lol 😀

i r listening to: massive attack – prayer for england

(saw this on someone elses blog, and figured it’d be a good way for other musicians to see where i’m headed with my production :P)




  1. So, are you saying that you are not Kuwaiti?
    I don’t get it!
    If not, where are you from?

  2. lol yup i’m not kuwait.

    if you really must know, feel free to mail me cos i’d rather people not know where i’m from, cos that’ll make it way too easy to spot me.

    and i’d rather i know that people know rather than not know that they know 😛

  3. ( insert pissed off smiley face)

  4. sheer, grasp, decayed, cuss?

  5. I wanted to post about the vocabulary but you forgot this one 😦

  6. lol, ok, ok,…

    sheer: a tough one as it has many meanings so: go there 😛

    grasp: to hold something or understand something.

    decayed: like decompose, when things go mehhhh

    cuss: swear

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