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one more thing for today,….

apart from the fact that how to make a title just occured to me :P,…..

the eclipse, or partial there of.

i’d heard of everything going dead when a full eclipse takes place, and since we werent going to get a full eclipse i was wondering after lunch if those going-dead-effects would occur. ( lol rereading this i realised how much i suck at naming natural phenomena,…thankfully i’m not a scientist is all i can say :D)

anyway i trawled the net for pics and found this by Q8Sultana:

shes put great pics up, as well as reminding me of the use of x-rays to see the eclipse for next time, whenever that may be.

anyway, as i mentioned, after lunch i was wondering if things would go dead. apparently they do when you get a full eclipse and witnesses report an eerie calm.
alot like you’d experience at 530am, you know, after the boy racers have all gone to bed.

didnt think much of it, since i thought, partial eclipse, still bright so nothing should really happen.

then i noticed the birds starting to sing again, like dawn was just breaking.

anyone have birds as pets? did they go to bed while the eclipse was on?



  1. I can not believe I missed that!
    I have to checkout my archives to see what I was doing on that day!

    Remind me of this as well, since you are my manager 😛

  2. trawled, eerie?

  3. My English sucks!

  4. This one too!

  5. trawl: go thru with a net picking up only what you want

    eerie: freaky weird

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