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…………and so another weekend ends the week.

went to the usual weekend gathering of trader/investor friends to go over the events of the week. and while everyone has somewhat calmed down after the past couple of weeks, you can still sense some fear in the air.

perhaps its not that people have calmed down, but rather theyre getting used to seeing down days. and i think that after hitting a new low this week, everyones bracing themselves, and trying to guage whether it was a dead cat bounce that rounded off the week.

i’m not naturally a pessimist but i dont think theres really been much of a panic yet.

and heres why i think what i think,….

everyones saying this correction is healthy.

now i’m not debating that it isnt healthy, and as a matter of fact i do agree with all the “expert professionals”, yes this correction is healthy,….

…..but the thing is,…. everyones still listening to them, hanging on their every word, and then quoting them to their fellow gamblers.

does no one remember the thousands of mutual fund adverts in the papers during october to december? well guess what, its the “professional experts” that run those funds and i fail to recall anyone saying dont put money with us cos the markets going down 😛

anyway as i was saying, the hope is still there, you can see it on the faces of those who havent got a clue what theyre doing.

its odd, that side of humanity.

countless psychological studies have concluded that the emotions involved in a win are no where nearly as extreme as a loss which apparently is the reason alot of day traders find it so hard to cut their losses.

the vast majority of retail traders are part time traders, probably with 2.4 children, a mortgage, a car loan, and a job they probably dont like much. the average joe with an average life etc etc etc.( my apologies, the king and i was on the other day :P)

the markets make them feel alive. win or lose, they realise that it gives them complete control over their lives for a change. and losing is a much more intense emotion,… certainly not something you’d experience behind a desk pushing a pen all day.

now i’ll be the first to admit that yes it is thrilling, and fundamentally, i’m no different from anyone else with money on the markets. i do get a huge rush watching the market fly, and yeah it did hurt watching it dive. especially since i was meant to be on holiday for fucks sakes !!!

so yeah,.. back to what i was talking about,….. i havent yet seen people rushing to the mutual funds demanding their money back, no mobs on the streets out side the investment companies yet. no real blood in the streets so to speak.

so a crash?

umm no wouldnt really call it that,… not yet at least.

it was more like a sneeze 😛 (yup to get rid of boogers)

a correction?

possibly,…. but its only a correction if it doesnt mutate into a crash 😛

what i’m saying is, come to your own conclusions, cos the “professionals” come prepackaged with a healthy dose of “conflict of interest”, and most of em dont even have much money on the markets.

professionals, without the quotation marks, are people who run their own money, and dont wear suits cos they dont have to 😛

as for me,… well,.. ask me in 20 years,… and if i’m on my yacht by then yeah i’ll say i’m a professional 😛

and if not,….

i’ll be asking you if you would like to upsize your extra vaule meal 😛


i find timothy dalton extremely irritating



  1. You must publish a post to explain how the stock market works in simple words!

    I almost felt stupid while reading this!

  2. haha dont worry, really professionals wouldnt understand what i’m talking about either 😛

    but yeah i’ll put together a series of articles on investing,… just cant decide on where to start cos there really is so much to cover and yet its all so simple 😛

  3. guage, mortgage, mobs, boogers?

  4. LOL
    Filipino driver!

  5. gauge: like a meter as in water meter

    mortgage: another name for a loan for a house

    mobs: a group of people that are a bit nuts.

    boogers: the stuff you pick from your nose 😛

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