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This is what everyone on the KSE looked like today πŸ˜›

so maybe it wasnt a dead cat bounce on wednesday? from watching the ticker at the KSE today u have to ask yourself if the KIA has stepped in.

there were some major purchases today that were out of the ordinary.

now i say out of the ordinary cos the counters that they occured in are companies that i’m sure alot of smaller speculators were gambling in as we neared 12,000 a few months ago.

while it was obvious that previously, someone was buying into those companies to get a seat on the board, today was way off the mark, and i doubt the hamour that wants to put his lil son or daughter on the board would have been silly enough to execute those trades.

atleast not by their previous actions.

but hey thats pure speculation on my part, and no i havent heard anything, nor do i know anything thats not been published.

as for the rest of the market,….. i’m inclined to say that perhaps a double bottom has been put into place,… except,…. if it has, its been fucking fast!

i stand by the slightly pessimistic tone of yesterdays post, as one days worth of action is nothing to go by. of course, theres a part of me hoping i’m wrong and that the markets will continue tomorrow as it did today. now that would be great since i did all my buying last week πŸ˜›

one worrying thing:- alot of stupid money showed their faces again today at the KSE.

people who i havent seen since the big sneeze are coming back to guage the action.

lol even the soldier speculators were on the floor today!

apart from the fact that its never good to have an armed trader on the floor for obvious reasons :P, you gotta wonder how much stupid money is going to be coming in, trying to chase todays rebound.

is it just me or does anyone else prefer it when everyone is like this:

atleast then you know where the market’s headed πŸ˜›



  1. lol harsh but true πŸ˜›

    its like the idiots went to a gunfight armed with a spoon for fucks sakes πŸ˜›

  2. hehehehehehe

    idiots are stupid.. we should throw rocks at them πŸ˜›

  3. KSE? KIA?
    Translate please!

    Now I know when did you use this picture but where did you find it?

    Put it back!

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