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i’ve got an evil headache,……

and fish stuck between my molars,…..

but hey market was up today :D,…..

oddly enough,…. standing in the KSE’s gallery is really dull when its up. i did do a little bit more shopping there yesterday, so i think i’m set for the next couple of months.

unless the slaughter returns of course šŸ˜›

etiquiette restricts one from blatantly asking “what price did you buy your saham?” ( i learned a new word today šŸ˜€ lol )

but one guy i was chatting with today volunteered the info,… poor sap was buying when the market was flirting with 12,000.

what does one say?

somehow “my deepest condolences” doesnt seem to fit the bill.

neither does ” you moron!”, which to be honest was what was what i was thinking šŸ˜›

and these are guys that come almost everyday.

worrying, but strangely comforting,…. atleast the move higher this time might take longer and make more sense.

i still think there needs to be another dip into the 9,000’s to really frustrate the retail traders, and thats not a mean comment by anymeans,…. its how the markets seperate the wheat from the chaff.

but for now,.. like i said i got a headache.

so time for a bit of chocolate, some telly and an afternoon nap šŸ˜›

hard life innit šŸ˜› šŸ˜€

hmm i need to floss.

ok i just realised its not a chunk of fish,.. its a bone!!!



  1. A bone! LoooooooL

    When you say 12,000 does that mean 12KD?

    OK still don’t get completely get it, really feeling stupid!

  2. 12,000 means the index of the market. its an average of all teh shares being traded.

    but i’ll admit i’m not too sure how they worked out that average šŸ˜›

    so it tells you roughly if people were buying today(up) or if they were selling (down).

    theres also a weighted average, which is actually more precise cos they take into account other factors.

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