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New Project?

so the 9/11 movie is coming out. the trailers for United 93 apparently didnt go down well when it was screened in NY.

cant blame them really.

too early?

its hard to tell. and perhaps i’m not qualified to say whether it is or not.

anyway, the point of this post is that the film sparked an idea in my head.

has anyone done a film of the invasion yet?

i’m sure there are crappy ones out there, but has anyone done a really good one?

i was 13 when it happened, and i remained here for the entire duration,.. right up to the liberation when the allied forces came rolling in.

needless to say it was quite an experience, and something thats had quite a significant impact on who i am and what i believe in. i can bore you to the point of suicide with a dissertation on the truth in the saying “what doesnt kill you makes you stronger” 😛

granted it had some slightly darker effects on my psyche as well, and some might say its adversely affected me. but they can all go to hell 😀

it only screws with your head if you want it to.

anyway, there are stories out there. stories that havent been told yet. epic tales of the human condition that havent been told yet.

i’m sure alot has been done on the plight of the local kuwaitis, and that will no doubt be a large part of the film,… but what about the foreigners who make up 2/3’s of the population?

anyone who says who cares, they can just go home will get a smack in the mouth! ( i may elaborate on this further, or i may not )

to be honest, the majority of the people i know who stayed are foreign. and by contrast, just about every kuwaiti i know was outside the country, granted it was the holidays, but alot of them did leave if they were here when it happened.
the locals i met who stayed and who we befriended during the occupation dont seem to have done that well over the past 15 years or so.

anyway, i’m getting off topic.

if there isnt one,… why isnt there a film about the war from the perspective of both locals and foreigners? from the iraqi and the kuwaiti side, of those that remained and of those that were in exile, ……etc etc etc.

lol i’m getting screenshots in my head 😛
something along the lines of hotel rwanda, or shot in the style of syriana. not an epic war film liek private ryan, but something low key ( and cheaper :P), it could even just be a documentary, i dunno 😛

so who wants to make a film with me ? 😛


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