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traders (not investors) are an odd lot.

they use the lastest technology to both stay in touch with the markets and to attempt to predict them. 3G capable phones, downloading real time data to wherever the hell you are, pc’s with 4 screens and a direct line for the fastest analysis and execution( i have two :P), gadgets, widgets, thingamabobs and esoteric number games all meant to help make a better trader. (it rarely does)

and yet we’re a superstitious bunch.

leaving the KSE one day, when it was up mind you, i saw a dead kitten on the road.
the next day the market dived.

walking back to my car that day, i came across a dead pigeon.

the following day the market tanked.

and on the days i didnt see anything dead, the market went up, or atleast finished positive.

naturally, i dont give this more than a passing thought since i dont daytrade:P,….. but it makes you go hmmm on the slow days 😛

today it opened way down, about 65 points i think.

then a bunch of school kids around 10 yrs old came in on a school field trip, and the market rallied, all the way up to close the day positive 😛

young blood on the floor revitalised the beast perhaps?

or maybe the momentary distraction helped to lighten their mood.

i’d like to think that they thought it would be rude to have the kids seeing grown men weeping 😛



  1. “they thought it would be rude”: And who might the mighty “They” be 😛

    I know what you mean though, even though I’m kind of agnostic I still try not to get on bad terms with God, Luck, Karma and other potential powers of the universe 😛

  2. lol “they” actually be an “it” 😛
    and “it” is the ticker, as in the tickertape which is what prices used to come out on before computer screens 😛

    i wrote something more but i thought it worthy of a post so its on my next post 😛

  3. hmm agnostic eh?

    i prefer being called a godless heathen:D

    that would look nice on my business card:P

    and yeah i dont fuck with karma,…. cos shes a real bitch and a half!!!

    what was that thing again: bad things will revisit you three times,….. now i’m all for pay back but 3 times is a bit harsh:|

    karmas such a cow 😛

  4. Lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway I stay aware of them in my own diplomacy, can’t decide if it’s coz of my conscience or maybe i’m afraid that they may really exist and burn my heathen soul at after-life’s stake for not believing in them! 😛

  5. ahh hegdeing your bets hahaha.

    well i’m sure that if we are wrong we could always invite the supreme being around for a cup of tea and negotiate the terms of our soul’s surrender 😛

    hmm wonder if S/He would prefer muffins or gingersnaps for tea?


    ps: i’ll see you in hell for this post 😀

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