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ahh fuckit,….i cant figure out how to rhyme that with broker…..

the ticker today:

the tickers great grandma:

dont argue with the ticker.
dont get angry at the ticker.
dont scream at the ticker.
the ticker tells neither lies nor truths.

but the ticker can reveal the lies and truths of others.

man made the ticker, and man makes the ticker tick, but man cant make the ticker tick what he wants it to tick.

but the ticker can make a man, THE MAN! 😛

until he fucks up of course 😀



  1. I liked this post. Its about the market, but is kind of poetic at the same time!

    me likey 🙂

  2. lmao, does no one enjoy my market commentary?!

    i suppose i could use you guys as a contrarian indicator for when you do ask about the markets 😛

    hmm KD and JB are asking,…time to dump everything and go fishin:D

    glad you liked the post:P, i used to do alot of random prose years ago, so i might revisit it:P

    umm after i figure out what rhymes with “broker”


  4. yeah ok make me look like a moron already 😛

    [kicks self in head, d’ooh!]

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