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the 3rd culture continued,…..
jack is a dull boy 😛

see jacks loverly suit, he must have a good job, a nice car and a loverly wife.

see jacks headgear, it says hes a “professional”, he does what he does well,…and ummm thats about it. (you get the headgear when you graduate from university.)

see jacks grin,…..hes happy, for now that is,….until a few years from now when he’ll have a midlife crisis, buys a new secretary and has an affair with a new porche. ( no thats not a typo,…think about it :P)

jack is happy cos everything in his world is as it should be. even the midlife crisis will come at the predetermined time, so everything is on schedule.

jack is black and white.

jack has trouble with the following (altho of course he doesnt think he does :P):

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”F. Scott Fitzgerald

and this:

“As I decay, demons prey above me like a vulture

Ability to endure contradiciton is a high sign of culture

Verbal sculptures, self defacing

It is not God or lunacy that I am facing

But the erasing of the purity and passion of my words

The herds of cattle babble on with talk of the absurd.”

by Vinnie Paz aka the Verbal Hologram from “I who have nothing” by the Jedi Mind Tricks

because jack still goes “mooooo” when he thinks no ones looking.


see jack playing with his udders,….ewwwwwwwwwww!!!


even if you dont like hiphop, its worth a listen to, and its not commercial hiphop cos anyone who uses the phrase “bling” should be shot.

by their mothers.



i’m listening to this in my car:

Supersexy Swingin Sounds – White Zombie ( i kid you not )

i defy anyone to play it while driving and stay under 120 😛

if you see a white pajero bearing down on you, get outta my way!!! 😛



  1. Poor Jack …

  2. poor jack indeed 😛

  3. lol Something I own mentions BLING at the rear in large brightly colored caps and I wuv it so!!!

    Dang I forgot you dont allow anonymous comments!!!! Had to edit that a bit lol!

  4. hahaha your rear end is blingin is it? 😛

    it doesnt count unless the BLING is in either sequins or rhinestones or something just as shiny 😀

  5. I know I know lol… I hate bling things too…

    But the idea of these crazy phrases n all just made me howl with laughter, was the idea of it boldly written lol…

    Something to keep you chuckling to yourself all day and yet again leave strangers wondering what the hell is she on 😛

  6. lol well “BLING” does have more impact than “bling” i mean after all its hardly meant to be a subtle or tastefull declaration of wealth.

    BLING BLING is to a garish diamond encrusted Rolex, as bling is to a vintage omega chronograph 😛

    ….umm so what the hell are you on then? and where cani get some 😀

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