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they have the bomb!!!
duck an cover, duck an cover!!!
sell!!! sell!!! sell!!!
puke it all up!!!

…….only the good stuff tho cos i wanna buy 😀



  1. LOL

    I believe there’s a huge philosophy behind this post ..

    I’m still unable to get it.
    (Don’t mind me, it’s just five in the morning and my coffee’s extremely bitter..)

  2. lol actually no there isnt a huge philosophy behind it……i dont think theres a philosophy of any size here:P

    it was about the iranians declaring they enriched uranium,…

    and the ensueing effect onthe local market 😛

    two ancient driving forces that have built the world since time began:

    fear and greed 😀


    and wtf are you doing up at 5am?!

  3. Commenting on your blog?

  4. lol smart arse 😛

    apart from typeing on your keyboard, drinking coffee, sitting in your jammies, staring at the screen, waking up, clicking your mouse, reading, breathing, existing,…..

    umm think i got all the possible smart arse replies,…:P

  5. smart arse ..

  6. lol ya nut job


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