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so after the turmoil on the markets the last couple of weeks, and getting to grips with this blogging thing, as well as running a hundred and one errands a day, …. i’m faced with a 3 day weekend.

the album pictured above has been blaring thru my speakers in my jeep for the past week, threatening to make me go deaf, and probably annoying the other drivers at the traffic lights. the upside to all this is that it has re-inspired me to get back to my music.

now since i’m not a musician by any stretch of the imagination, i find it incredibly hard to get inspired by jamming as most musicians do. the only thing i can play are the drums, and for some reason a solo drummer, unlike a solo sax player, is just sad.

and unless youre really good,.. its also just alot of noise.

so it does take an album such as the one above to reinvigorate me into experimenting once again. (its a remix album by the way, which is actually surprisingly good as remix albums are usually shite!)

lets see, other albums i’ve listened to which resulted in a temporary spurt of inspiration:

– rediscovering massive attacks mezzanine and portishead’s complete works.

– digging out wu-tangs 36 chambers and spinning that one more time.

– mr scruff and the herbaliser just take your brain on a trip sideways.

– dj krush,……not even gonna comment cos theres nothing i could say that would live up to the dude, except this comment about not commenting, which kinda doesnt either….. so, umm,… moving on then……

he was on the ableton website saying that hes just switched over to it. as a user of ableton and not really being into trance, house, dance etc, i was ecstatic!

so i’m gonna finish up some tunes this weekend, and try and figure out how to upload it here if i can.

if youre a writer/lyricist, vocalist, musician of any type and would like to maybe do something together email me and we’ll have a chat over a cup of coffee or something this weekend.

i really dont care if youre professional or not( i certainly aint :P) cos i’d like to capture a raw and roughness to the vocals, and instruments, and lyrics even. the over polished crap on the radios really annoy me :P.

as far as styles go,…. hey anything goes, i’d like to stretch my legs abit and try different things. especially if there are traditional singers out there, like the singers on those dhows.

i might, however, have reservations if your 12 year old sister wants to put together a girl band. :,…..then again,…timberlake was on both timbaland and neptunes tracks,hmmm,….. $$$ka-ching$$$?

so yeah drop me a line if you fancy a collaboration of some sort 😛


my left foot has fallen asleep



  1. Thats your weekend plans??? Over the option of yoga!?!!?
    (covert sarcasm does not exist huh :-|)

    Rock on anyhoo and shatter not any glasses matey:P

  2. lmfao

    go do your goddamned yoga already 😛


    i dont look good in tights 😛

  3. Ooooooooh now there’s a thought 😛

  4. hahaha,.. umm,.. noo,.. curb your enthusiasm with that thought! 😛

    i find it disturbing that i cant recall for certain that i’ve never worn tights 😐

  5. oooooohoohoohaha!!! (and I’m laughin like that as I wince)

    Lol that amnesia’s bound to have some important past events behind it 😀

  6. lmfao, i think i prefer this state of amnesia as opposed to learning the truth!

    :O perhaps it was the tights itself that induced the amnesia???

    ignorance trully is bliss in some cases:P

  7. Hey! I used to play the sax.

    I used to sound like a dying elephant… Yeah I S U C K E D.

  8. lmao,… dieing elephant eh? that might a bit too “raw” a sound to work with 😛

    then again,.. could the dieing elephant atleast hold a tune or be slightly melodic?

    then we might be in business 😀

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