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MMmmmmMMMmmm tuna ! 😀

your tuna should not come in a container like this.
cos its a waste of food, its a sin and those captains hats are just gay,…..altho some people can pull it off,.. not many mind you,….

REAL tuna comes like this:

you have to get an old dude and a couple of his friends to drive his truck into the ocean, whereby they will lasoo a tuna by the tail and drag it back to market.

do remeber to lift the gills to check for freshness, it should be blood red 😀

when the blood-rededness is confirmed, your mouth should begin to salivate. its failure to do so might mean youre one of those weirdos that dont like fish 😛

i mean come on, you can eat a cute cow in a bun, or a nice fluffy chicken, but not an ugly fish??? i mean look at it, who’d feel sorry about tuckin into one of those things ? 😛

anyway, from there, you tie it to your car after you paid the nice old dude for his troubles.

the drive home helps in the descaling process.

grab a big-ass sharp-ass knife and proceed to fillet the bastard 😀

slice and arrange the fillets in the order below,….. add a bit of wasabi and soy sauce and voila:

and you dont even need to turn the oven on 😀

now a trully fresh fish will not smell of fish,… oddly enough :

and good tuna has the consistency of raw beef when you bite into it :D,… actually its much nicer,…cos tuna literally melts in your mouth and theres almost no chewing involved unlike raw beef.

some people have it as is, but i prefer mine with a bowl of steaming white rice.

oh and one final thing i noticed in the japanese restaraunts here:


so dont be spreading it on the fish like it was butter, unless i’m there and you want me to have a good laugh at your expense:P

what you do is you take a chunk of wasabi, not too much, and drop it into the soy sauce. then you mix it till the soy sauce is cloudy and no longer clear. for extra kick, leave lumps,… and if it aint freshly grated stuff, use alot:D

do it yourself, at home, cos the japanese restaraunts here suck and charge way too much and are all staffed with indians and philipinos anyway.

unless youre eating fugu aka blow fish which is poisonouss if cut wrong,…. and yes it will kill you if youre an idiot about it,.. no matter how big your balls are. if you wanna do the macho thing, go kick a bear in the nuts,…. you stand a better chance of living 😀


lmao my foot is asleep again :,….. i gotta learn to sit differently when i post 😛



  1. When your foot sleeps, move your head from left to right slowly for sometime. Try it.

    And fish smells fishy.

  2. lol i’ll try that 😛
    i normally just shift which buttcheek has most pressure:P

    and no it dont 😛

  3. Question:
    How do you sit when you post?

    An illustration would be appreciated, with a separate post explaining why you sat that way as you were posting the, erm, post.

  4. lmfao,.. i shall prepare a detailed report as to my posture, complete with illustrative diagrams of me posting posts:P

    might take a while tho:|

  5. 🙂

    I can wait

  6. ;-p

    Not for long, though ..

  7. lasoo, gills, bun, tuckin, descaling, wasabi, chunk, lumps, fugu?

  8. Do you?

  9. lasoo: is the rope that cowboys use to catch indians and horse and sheep, you know the one they wave above their heads.

    gills: the things fish use to breathe, its the thing on the side of their heads that open up.

    bun: as in bread bun a round bread

    tuck in : to dig in, to eat

    descaling: removing the scales on a fish

    wasabi: its a green paste made from the root of a type of horse radish vegetable.

    chunk: big piece

    lumps: like the things you search for in a breast exam.

    fugu: blowfish, poisonous.

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