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why my foot falls asleep.

well there you go. thats how i sit when posting.
actually right now i’m sitting upright and have my legs crossed under me on my chair.

at times i’ll recline and type 😛 which i know screws up my neck but what the hell 😀

now its mostly when i’m reclining and typeing that either my foot or my buttcheek will fall asleep.

sometimes both.

when that happens i shift my weight over to the other buttcheek and breathe a sigh of relief as i feel the blood coursing back into my ass’s other half 😀


and incase you couldnt tell,.. i use a trackball mouse which is why the drawing sucks 😛

oh and my tv comes after the monitor infront of me which is why i sit at an angle to the desk as opposed to perpendicular to it. incase that wasnt clear enough,…follow the chair to the footstool,… the tv is about a meter away in that direction.

this position also lets me lean on the desk 😛

unfortunately my chair only goes back at an angle of 45 degrees. it doesnt recline flat like some do.

my tower is actually under my table, which allows me to prop my feet up on top of it when my feet get bored with the footrest. and when they get bored with the tower theres the speakers under my desk that they can then migrate to.

beyond my desk is an ungodly tangle of wires and cables. LAN switch, power thingy, usb cable for my mp3 player, usb hub, headphones, phone charger. i have a tendency to knock things over so i leave all that stuff on the floor 😀

the thing i love about my desk,.. the view 😀

we have these full height sliding windows, so when i’m looking past my monitor i can see the swimming pool and the garden. 😛

i could never understand how some people could stand dumping their desk against a bare wall :

umm i guess thats it for now,.. time for lunch 😀



  1. Such a nice drawing.

    You should try the neck thing. Move your head from side to side for sometime, until your foot wakes up. And it’s not nice, putting all your weight on one side of your body. You should be fair and just (okay, perhaps crazy) and divide the weight on both sides. It’s like, you itch one eye, you itch the other. I don’t know, I might be crazy, but ..anyways we’re talking about your sleeping foot here.

    Your should do something about that mess you have in your room.. we’ll talk about it later, i supposed. Unh, I’d really appreciate another post about the mess. Why, how, since when, and all. A case history, in other words.
    What’s for lunch, by the way?

    PS: thanks you for the fast response 🙂

  2. lol ok i’ll try the head thing next time my foot falls asleep 😛

    lol youre gonna turn my blog into a “whats-in-my-room” blog 😛 which isnt that bad of an idea,.. i remember a few years ago some guy put everything in his apartment up for saleon ebay,….. including the old mayo jar, and his socks 😐

    it might be easier if you just added me on messenger, that way i can answer allllllll your questions in detail 😛

    and i had a curry for lunch 😀

  3. i had apple chips

    brush your teeth; curry smells

  4. well its not like you can smell my teeth now can you 😛

  5. Dear, it’s just a friendly reminder ..

  6. Of all the people in the world, it’s the purple ones that are really nice. No, seriously 😐

  7. lmfao!

    of course the purple people are nice 😀 ,.. its those damn oranges i have a problem with!

    taking our jobs and seducing our women!!!



  8. trackball, footstool, tangle?

  9. Pervert! You know you are!

  10. trackball: a mouse with a ball that you move so you dont move the body of the mouse just the ball.

    footstool: furniture you rest your feet on

    tangle: mess but for things like cables and ropes.

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