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happy easter 😀 !!!

so who got their chocolate eggs?

i didnt.

that evil bastard up there stole mine.

fuckin rabbits!


currently: huntin wabbits, bitch !



  1. The rabbit looks scary!!

  2. theyre evil i tell you!!!


    i mean come on,… what bunny lays eggs? huh?

    EVIL ONES!!!


  3. wabbits are cute..

    skunks are evil ..

  4. mwuahahahaha!!!!

  5. yesh, shkunksh are evuw..

  6. pffft,.. skunks arent evil!


    you cant call pepe le pew evil!

    umm,… maybe frisky but not evil 😀

  7. That was a clever move! Desperately seeking attention!

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