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so maybe i have Attention Deficit Disorder,…..

but i think its mostly that i get bored easily. and yet incredibly mundane things can capture my attention for hours on end : i think i spent 20 mins the other day thinking about q-tips/cotton buds.

specifically what the machines look like that make them, and what the dude that designed the machine thought of when he was designing it,……you need a grabby thing for the stem/stalk/stick bit, then glueing thingy, then a cotton spining thingy, and you gotta figure out how much to glue, and how much cotton to use,…….

and then you gotta do the otherside!

dont get me started on those lil drink umbrellas!

then there are days like today when there are a million things i want to put down here. fuckin addictive this blogging thing! no wonder a whole lot of bloggers go on vacation,…. it must be like detox.

heres where my supposed ADD comes into play,….

so here goes:

KSE: a spectacular drop the other day,.. just over 400 points down at one point during the day. could the much anticipated second wave of the crash be in the making? it followed the saudi markets,….which any idiot could have seen coming. multiples in the 80’s??? you must be kidding me!

is this gonna be the wave that flushes out the small part time traders? heres hoping the speculators get tired in a couple months and capitulate as they should do. the average retail trader apparently doesnt last more than 6 months. that is apparently the time it takes for their millionaire dreams to come crashing down, bringing them back to reality.

saudi has corrected quite a bit already, so perhaps there needs to be one more puke there. there certainly needs to be one more here.

i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that we’ll hit below 10,000 before we hit 11,000.

MUSIC: after fiddleing around all weekend,…..

i got jack shit done :P! well not entirely,… i tweaked a couple of old tracks i wanted to finish off ( but didnt quite finish :P). i did fuck about for ages and came up with a christmassy beat some how.

now all i need are lyrics and a singer 😛 ,… so anyone wanna write a xmas song? it doesnt even need to be about xmas,… just something festive,… it could be the antithesis of a xmas song :P, maybe take the piss out of the other xmass songs 😛

so all you poets out there, get cracking and lets see if maybe we can get it played on the radio this winter :P. hahaha yeah right,.. but then again they play anything here 😛

i am serious tho so if youre interested in writing lyrics let me know and i’ll upload my track somewhere,… havent figured out where yet 😛

seperatley,…. i found this site that showcases lebanese artists:

make that ” independent lebanese artists”. the scope of work is quite interesting, and the quality of the work is really good. theyve only been going for a short while so theres not much in the way of content,… but they do offer a few sampler tracks which are streamed.

check out nadine khoury.

given time this sites gonna become one of the best in terms of underground and unsigned acts in the mideast.

while browsingi also found this:

theyre based here in kuwait.

*sigh*,… such a disappointment. not so much with the record label itself cos i know it takes a certain amount of balls to set something like that up,….

i’m disappointed that given the chance to cut an album, the content is nothing more than rehashed gangster crap repackaged for the gulf!

i mean come on,…hip hop is an expression of culture which is why it has spread so quickly. it gives the disaffected a voice. from the barrios of brazil to the slums of paris and disillusioned kids of asia, its a means of being heard.

so the middle east of all places should be screaming to be heard!!! the birth place of civilisation, the center of world conflict, incredible disparities of wealth across borders, the stage for the conflict of cultures, but not just between cultures but within cultures!

if youre a rhymer, lyricist or poet that has something more to say than the commercial diahrea that comes out of the radio, email me 😀



see now i’ve forgotten about what else it was i wanted to write,….

hmmm,…xmass song thingy done,kse thingy done, a lil bit of venting done,….

ahh i remember now:

DUBAI: i know everyones talking about dubai being the place to be, and yes alot of international acts do go down there, and the tourist industry is booming,…

but the weather really sucks there in the summer! it sucks here, but even more so there cos of the humidity.

so i’m thinking of beirut for a second home. apparently the weathers really nice there, so if there are any lebanese readers out there do make yourself known as i got some questions about places to live 😛

over and out 😛



  1. This post is insulting. I am not going to comment on this.

  2. lol how so?

    and ya just did 😀

  3. Lol lots of thingies go into cotton buds huh? Guess we ignore the finer things of life 😐

    xmass song thingy: Whatever you do Pleasssssse take the piss out of the ” Pa Rum PA pUM BIT” I have had a problem with it since I was young.
    kse thingy bit: Whooshed over dat lol

    a lil bit of venting bit: Damn those bunny wabbits, didn’t get no easter eggs either, another step towards stubborn agnosticism I tell you!!!!

  4. cotton buds: ughh so many, like oyu wouldnt believe!!!
    even cotton balls,lets take out the stem/stalk thingy which complicates things..
    think about it, the machine decides how big, how dense, how white, how many to put into a bag, and how to seal the bag,…..

    here he comes pa rum pa pum pum,
    that lil brat with his noisy ass drum,
    wont someone give him a slap!
    give him a smack!
    a greaaat biig lump,
    and a kick up his pa rum pa bum bum!

    there hows that 😛

    grrrr at the bunnies,….. cept the nice ones from the mansion:P

    an pay attention to my KSE thingy dammit!
    specially cos i was right today 😀
    you can whoosh over it on days i’m wrong tho 😛

  5. Whoa cotton ball obsession ahoy!!

    xmas: did you write that down to an eminem tune? coz I found myself singin it to one lol! And I think it was pretty good to earn you a debarment from heaven… which is good coz you can dethrone satan with your well practiced muahahaha’s

    I’ll have ya some bunnies on my page in a bit, thoguht it was too late to put them earlier but I’m in my what the hell mood again.

    KSE: yes yes (nods sleepily)I’ll try to be prescient about when your wrong/right on em 😛 And hey,sorry but I just like whooshing!

  6. lmao eminem hmm? actually its meant to sing along to the original drummer boy tune:P ,.. i think thats what its called. the one with pa rum pa pum pum anyway:P

    better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven i always say 😀
    paradise lost is the source of my muahahaha’s 😛

    and whoosh away 😛 i’m sure i’ll gloat about when i’m right anyways:P

  7. Yea yea drummer boy he was, u got the lyrics to snugly fit mnm subconsciously perhaps

    Ah jus perfect… Milton probably ended up both blind AND in hell for that epic anyway!

  8. excellent,… i’m looking forward to having dinner with milton when i get there 😀

  9. mundane, fiddleing, tweaked, streamed, rehashed, barrios?

  10. I forgot what I wanted to say!

  11. mundane: normal boring average

    fiddleing: playing with something

    tweaked: to fine tune something or change something to the way you want it to be

    streamed: data that is sent to you and played as it is being downloaded as opposed to data you download then play.

    rehashed: redone, sort of

    barrio: the ghetto or poor area of cities in brazil and latin america

  12. 10,000 and 11,000? You still have to explain to me the points stuff, you never mentioned that!

    Well, you must send me all the tracks you have and I will try and write some lyrics. We will be famous in no time.

    First there was Lebanon, then Malaysia, and now Turkey… You were right, you can not make up your mind! But I still think it is a good thing… See IDEALIZATION!

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