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So i got sent this link today in an email:

now all those critics out there can make themselves heard once and for all, and maybe even make some money out of it too 😛

you can trade what they call moviestocks (self-explanatory) and/or trade starbonds which go up or down depending on your stars success at the box office.

the basic idea on the moviestocks is to figure out what it will take at the box office the opening weekend and for the first four weeks. the HSX will make the market and by that i mean they set a price ( say USD50 mill opening), so all you have to do is decide if you think its going to be higher ( so you buy) or lower (so you sell).

now heres the intersting part,….. you can participate in two ways.

1- if you dont want to gammble with your hard earned money dont worry, the HSX site linked above is free, and you play for what they call HOLLYWOOD DOLLARS. you get 2 million to begin with ( whoohoo!!!!) and you can trade your winnings in for things like t-shirts etc.

2- if on the otherhand you think you can make a decent living doing this,…. and i think some people could, the HSX is owned by a company called CANTOR. they used to be called cantor fitzgerald. anyway theyre a reputable brokerage and they normally do otherstuff like equities/bonds/commodities as well i think. flick cnn or bloomberg on during monday to friday and you’ll see an old dude from there talking about the market openings.

anyway heres the link to them:

if you open an account with them you can actually trade for real money. but of course they dont give you US$2 mill instead of $2 mill hollywood!

now from what little i know about islam, gammbling is a big no-no. and this site is technically a gammbling site cos they offer contracts for differences ie you buy at $1 and sell at $2 so you make $1.

bear in mind,… youre not actually buying stock in a company, which someone informed was the main differentiating factor making the stockmarket ok to speculate in.

on the otherhand,… (lol you had to know this was coming :P),…..

you are buying something of value and selling it at a higher value, which is what kuwait finance house did with that loan on your car. and we all know KFH is your friendly neighbourhood sharia bank 😛

so you be the judge 😛

i’m already going to hell for my sins and for not being a believer, but maybe i’ll get some time off for that one warning 😛

so if youre one of those people who enjoy saying “ITS GONNA BE MASSIVE!!” or “that looks like ass” now you can put your money where your mouth is 😀

and if youre one of those people that go “S/HE IS FUCKIN AMAZING THEY GONNA BE A STAR!!!” or “s/he sucks ass” ,…. you too can put your money where your mouth is 😀

i can tell this is going to waste sooo much of my time,……….



  1. You smell nice today

  2. lol thank you ma’am:P

  3. coool post! that is a wicked idea! So u trade with real money and u make real money? it’s not just a game?? Wicked!

    is it only UK stars and stuff? If so I’m puttin’ my money on Chico! Its Chico Time! 😀

  4. What cologne you wearing skunk? I need to buy a gift for someone soon and this might be a nice insight into the unfathomable minds of men.

    And, 3 pats on the back, you seem to know how to get stocks and jazz to sound really interesting again!

  5. KD: its mostly american stars i think. after all it is called holywood SE 😛

    but yeah you can use real money by opening an account with cantor, so if you spend hours watchin E! you can actually make it pay off now:P

    i hate the E! channel but i love the idea of the crap they broadcast actually being usefull and technically being legit “research” lol

    tabloids are now analyst reports whoohoo!!!

    JB: lmao our minds are unfathomable?!?!
    heres a lil secret:
    our primary concerns are beer, women, sex, food, money, crap, sleep, and comfortable boxers :D…….umm in no particular order 😛

    now, women,..pffffft,.. theres an enigma for you ! 😛

    and i’m using hilfiger right now, but ferragamo’s one was nice too, kinda woody, leathery, musky,…and i’ve used ralph lauren in the past.

    at the risk of coming off really gay,… i prefer the lighter more whimiscal of scents 😛

    wow how gay does that sound? 😛

  6. whimsical*

  7. Lol.. you hate misspelling too huh :P… If you catch one on my page, pretty please be mean and point it out, it’d be much appreciated 🙂

    And, yes… trust me, we ARE beter off as enigma’s lol…

    Does sound super gay but I wont let it be the basis for assuming that yet, coz I like colognes much more, they seem more subtle, less flashy… Used to love 100 cc by Chevignon …

  8. *better (!)

  9. lol will definately point out your typos 😛

    hmm i dont recall 100cc,…

    lol i guess the preferences for subtle scents stems comes from having grownup here and being suffocated in lifts by the moron who picked up a bottle of counterfeit hilfiger called Timmy 😛

  10. How come this post is Uncategorized?

  11. equities, bonds, commodities, unfathomable, whimsical?
    And yes it sounds very gay!

  12. Still a bit flirtatious.

  13. What is your perfume now? I know that I have asked you this several times before but I just can not recall.

  14. And here!

  15. commodities: soemthing to be traded,like sugar, oil, gold

    unfathomable: cannot be understood

    whimsical: silly-ish

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