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as i predicted,……..

i’ve spent hours on the hollywood stock exchange thingy.

its incredibly addictive, and i actually found myself reading the entertainment section in the papers today,.. something i rarely did before.

i’m afraid this might turn me into an airhead :

that might not be such a bad thing tho,.. ignorance is bliss as they say :P, and it does give me something more to do on the weekend as sad as that sounds 😛

i bought shrek 3, but thats not opening until next summer, and i bought silent hill which is opening today.

so if youre reading this from the US, take as many people out to see silent hill this weekend cos i need it to make more than 60 million dollars over the next four weeks:P,…..

and if youre not in the US, take your family on an early vacation to NY to see the movie 😀

all this movie stuff actually reminded me of the last good film i watched. its called the believer, and it was about a jewish kid in new york who’s a nazi skinhead. its well worth a couple hours of your life if you happen to come across it.


what does it say about you when the stuff you enjoy on the weekend is so similar to your dayjob?

i’ve found this to be quite disturbing, as it is further evidence that my life is hardly a balanced one. and i dont think you can simply put it down to an occupational hazard.

i know traders who go sailing, play football, or do anything but look at markets on the weekends.

on the otherhand, i know a handfull who do nothing but look at charts all weekend. now theyre obviously not right, and in many cases theyre the ones that are lagging the market.( losing to the layman:P).

but atleast they can say they gotta put in the extra hours to make up for their losses.( altho, putting in the extra hours in this business doesnt mean squat, youre more likely to blow more by working faster and harder and trading more)

i wonder how many town planners go home to play simcity,…..

balance and harmony,…..

to begin with, how would you define balance and harmony? because surely your definition would differ from mine.

and if one were to achieve said balance and harmony,…. would that make you happy?

or would you crave spontaneity with a dash of havoc and a sprinkling of chaos?

how much energy do we spend everyday in the pursuit of harmony in our lives?

how much time is wasted trying to manage it all to fit into the rigid framework that we define as happiness?

perhaps we should just ride the wave,
aiming for the beach,
but not really caring how we get there,….
because as long as you dont wipe out on the razor sharp coral below,….

isnt it all about enjoying the ride after all?




  1. nothings wrong with being passionate about what you do to the point that you take it out of the ‘office space’… actually i think its quite neat to be able to do something you enjoy whenever you feel like it and dont have to be confined to a 9-5 job to be able to pursue it

    but thats just me :p

  2. congratulations you made it onto safat :p

  3. Shrek 3!!? No shit!! 😀

    Don’t abandon your wonky throne while at your airhead addiction, aye skunk?

    And it says that your passionate about it…

    how much energy do we spend everyday in the pursuit of harmony in our lives?: Cryptonite devoted a blog to it !

    Ride high,boy 🙂

  4. awwww did you put in a good for me :P,..if you did thank you:D

    i agree fully. i love what i do and it does help that i’m ahead of the market 😛

    what concerns me is the contrast between “enjoy the here and now” and the “plan for your future” dogmas that people spout.

    instead of either/or, a combination leads one back to the surfing analogy,…. which sounds so much more enjoyable 😛

  5. lol JB!

    ya see if you didnt think so much lifes a whole lot nicer to you 😛

    i figure its an advertising conspiracy,…. no one gave a shit about happiness before TV and adverts started telling you that if you bought this widget you’d get laid 😛

    {hangs ten :P)

  6. first time here… nice place 🙂

    i still havent seen shrek 2!!! * need to go get that soon *

    all my freinds and my sisters already went and watched Silent Hill without me… i HATE scary movies!! so i stayed home surfing the net while they were all out… hehe… that was at least 10 tickets sold… huh? estaanast?? hehe

    happiness?? what is that??? damn it!! i need to cheer up!!


  7. holly crap! how can you not have seen shrek 2?!

    whoohoo! so my blog can move 10 tickets 😛

    tank yoo an come again 😀 ( apu from simpsons incase no one gets that :P)

  8. The believer. C’est noté.

  9. the layman, squat, simcity, a dash of havoc, a sprinkling of chaos?

  10. I think I found happiness.
    I hate the fact of being happy though, because I am so worried about the day I won’t!
    See? Up and down, black and white!

  11. I did not watch Shrek 3 and I do not think I have watched Silent Hill either!
    Let me see…
    The Believer, Shrek 3, and Silent Hill.

    As for getting laid, starting your own blog was not a bad idea, was it?

  12. So did you end up making money out of this? Or were you just playing?

  13. How’s I Am Legend doing?

    I need your explanations to publish my post. I know you’re very busy nowadays but could you please do it?

  14. the layman: the average guy that isnt an expert in a given field

    squat: in this context: zero,nothing

    simcity: a game where you build and manage a city.
    a dash of havoc: a bit of danger

    a sprinkling of chaos: a bit of chaos/disorder

  15. HSX:

    dammit its $151 and i’m down 1%

    it should be much mor publicised in a couple of weeks tho so it might jump.

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