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zen and the art of dish washing.

as odd as it sounds, the act of washing dishes is rather calming.

doing the dishes this afternoon, i spaced out as i went about the routine of soap, rinse and place on rack to dry. ( i think its called a rack, that wire thingy you pop your plates on.)

theres a whole meditative quality to it when youre able to zone out. instead of a mantra, you have the monotony of the repetition and the cycles that different types of crockery and cutlery require for a good clean washing.

plates need you to do the swirly thing with the sponge, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, then the flip and swirl, and onto the other side. or maybe you do the zig-zag thing across the surface instead.

after youve done a few of them, you mix it up a bit with some glasses and cups. you get the lip first with the sponge, which causes the suds to slide into the glass itself. then the sponge is thrust into the glass, and if you do it too hard you get a spurt of foam come flying out 😛

and then cutlery have their own individual set of motions.

the beauty of it all lies in the fact that from within the purpose there is the required repetition that enables one to space out, and the required repetition completes your immediate purpose while enabling you to drift away.

and yet unlike sitting with your legs crossed while humming something unintelligible, dishwashing is about letting the world around you in, as opposed to blocking it out.
the temperature of the water, the pressure level, the density of the suds, etc…. all needs to be controlled while floating off into space on that fragrant apple vinegar scent of clean 😀

and the thing is,… youve probably already experiened this at some point. but maybe you just didnt realise it.

who would’ve thought that tranquility is found at the bottom of your kitchen sink?




  1. looooooool wickeeeeeed :p
    i never knew there could be so much artistry in the act of dish washing..

    dude just get your ass a dish washer, and you can do the whole meditation crap while you lounge on the sofa infront of a big screen tv and pig out on some cheetos

    xpress 2’s ‘lazy’ comes to mind :p

  2. Hey dude, I jusssst did the dishes for like a whole half an hour just now…

    It annoys me sometimes, especially when I’m trying to cradle the phone between cheek n shoulder, or when the pile seems to grow of its own accord :P, but otherwise I know what you mean…

    Feels like a trance that envelops you and you even forget how very exhausted you are… I always used to think it’s the water that has the effect on you, you know… Just swirling mellifluously, just soaking your hands in warm bubbly strawberry scented foam.. I could go on, trust me..

    Take your time on the glasses though 😉

  3. everytime i do the dishes… lazim lazim lazim i break something!!! and its seems to always be a glass cup…madree laish!

    but i gotta admit… this whole washing dishes piece was very well-written 😉 now im going to think about it the next time i do dishes 🙂

  4. dodo: theres artistry in everything 😛 ,….plus i’m also very good at bullshitting 😛

    lol wait till i write about wiping your butt 😛 … that too is a transcendant experience !

    JB: ooh strawberry scented suds 😛 you have to try apple vinegar!

    and lmao @ melliflously,…. i’m sure you made that word up !

    Daydreamer: lol butter fingers! and thanks for your compliments. next time you do dishes you’ll find that nirvana trully is just the right amount of soapyness 😛

  5. Uh yeah. That was deep!

    But hey you didn’t mention how your nails and fingers feel later… 😛 Makes the whole experience totally NOT worth it.

  6. Didn’t.. it’s a word used for smooth sound, I freely wrap my adjectives around my thoughts 🙂

  7. a new spin on doing the dishes.. i space out when i do them as well… it is sort of calming.. i didn’t realize how much tho… you illustrated it very well 🙂

  8. lol sedna, well being a dude, i think it might come off rather gay if i had complained about dishpan hands 😛

    looking at em now they seem alright, but then again i have always spent ages swimming so maybe my fingers are used to it 😛

    JB: lol someones using word of the day toilet paper:P,…. wonder if they do one for arabic which i’m tryin to learn 😛

    KD: thank you thank you 😛

  9. crockery, cutlery, swirly, spurt, suds?

  10. It is funny how you reminded me of someone I knew years ago.
    Me! I used to have that feeling while washing the dishes and now I hate it!
    I must try this tomorrow and I will see if I can have that feeling again.

  11. I wear gloves!

  12. It works you’re right. Again!

    I insist: crockery, cutlery, swirly, spurt, suds?

  13. crockery: plates

    ctlery: knives anf forks and spoons

    swirly: like the pattern the water makes when it goes down the sink.

    spurt: like squirt

    suds: the bubbles and foam.

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