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a little bit of this and a little bit of that on the KSE, Paradise Now, and junk πŸ˜›

holy crap have i been busy. and its not the good kind of busy. its the kind of busy that just drains you of all energy while going about running errands.

and yet, while running errands are the bane of my existence, it does allow me one small pleasure during the errand running.

for some reason i find it nearly impossible to sit still at home and listen to music. i’ve always got something else going on in my periphery, be it watching bloomberg out of the corner of my eye or perhaps looking for something somewhere for some reason that i’ll forget in about 5 minutes.

right now,…. i’ve got music playing, i’m typeing this up, and theres something on cnn about a bomb in sri lanka, and i’m trying to figure out what i need to do tomorrow.

who said men cant multitask?!?!

i’m multitasking like a crack whore on,… well on crack ! πŸ˜›

but as i was saying, the car offers me the relative peace and quiet to listen without distractions. apart from the morons on the road of course, but then i avoid alot of them by doing all my stuff in between the rush hours. infact half the time i’ll take the longer way around on my way home if i’m really feelin the music πŸ˜›

i really have no idea how people go thru rush hour traffic everyday without shooting someone. leave earlier and leave later,… nothing more to it πŸ˜›

i’d rather a nicer drive an hour later than spending that hour going grrrrrrrr at other drivers.


i dropped by the KSE today while i was in town. it was kinda dull there. we’re just bouncing along waiting for saudi to either crash and burn or slowly limp back. half of the seats on the floor were empty but the volume today is rather encouraging.

i didnt buy anything today, but i’m waiting to pounce on a couple of counters when the price is right,…. and theres quite a few out there trading at bargains,… and quite a few of them are bluechip companies.

i tend to stay away from anything trading below KD1.000, altho there are exceptions πŸ˜› i’m still in the process of building my portfolio’s base so i’m not adding crap to it right now πŸ˜›


funny how the world works,….. oil’s at an all time high, the mideastern govts are flush with cash,….. but the average dude on the street prolly lost shit loads of borrowed money on the markets.

here, saudi, dubai, just about everywhere.

i’m sure theres a word for that,…. but right now i cant recall what it may be πŸ˜›


i finally watched Paradise Now.

fuck me thats a good film!

i’ll be surprised if you havent heard of it yet. its about suicide bombers in palestine.

now before you either roll your eyes or get all fanatical on me, let me tell you that this film caters to neither side. and that is what makes the film special. it neither glorifies or pardons the bombers, nor does it take the hardline stance of turning them all into monsters a la hollywood terrorists.

what it is, is a commentary and criticism of the economic realities of the occupied territories, and the exploitation of that reality by the militant groups. theres one scene in particular that sums it all up, but i wont spoil it for anyone πŸ˜›

go watch it, you wont be sorry πŸ˜›

but you come away from the film angry not with the bombers themselves, but rather with those involved in making those bombings.

i’ve also been reading a book called Terror Inc by Loretta Napoleoni about the finances and funding of various groups from fatah to the IRA and the involvement of the cia and other national intelligence services.

if you push politics and allegiances to one side,…. and only consider the film with its focus on the human cost, and consider the information on the funding of groups such as hamas and fatah,….. you cant help but get really pissed off at the crap thats been fed to the palestinians by their own people.

hmmm maybe this should be a post in its own right.

anyway if you get the chance, watch the film and read the book. since it covers so much of what goes on in our backyard, its only right that we be fully aware , and not rely on the propaganda machines of any side.


i really hate celery :



  1. Skunnnnnnnnnnnnk!!!!! Arrrrrgh! Can you see my post Here comes the Shoon? Sigh I can’t… Triple argh, you know? Grrr I tell you, grr!

    Help 😦 I need to vent! Blogger help sucks 😦

    I’ll go read your seemingly super long post now πŸ™‚

  2. Skunk where are ya on the roads huh where? lol… I know what you mean about the music though, me n me bbuddy alternate between the 99.7, 96.something i think and the USP drive that I faithfully try changin every third day πŸ™‚ Now I’m listenin to adult alternative on yahoo launch cast radio at work πŸ™‚

    I swear I read everything after your first part too πŸ˜›

  3. lol since you told be to take the piss out of your spelling πŸ˜› :

    its USB not USP πŸ˜›

    and yup i saw your post, as you can prolly tell from the reply.

    and ya prolly miss me on the roads cos youre stuck in your office :P,…apparently not workin much due to Launch πŸ˜›

    lets see today i was out my door at about 930, hit the sheraton roundabout, drove past the min of info or telecom i dunno which πŸ˜› (the one the radio station comes out of), down the road outside gulf bank HQ and the KSE. stopped there for a bit, then hit the gulf road to the fahaheel express and onto the 5th to get home πŸ˜›

    umm if youre one of those expats that go by the numbers of the roads,… umm i havent got a fuckin clue πŸ˜›

    oh andi was listening to roisin murphy and dj krush’s shinso on my mp3 πŸ˜›

  4. “and i,…”

    not andi.

    i’ve only met one andi and he doesnt live here πŸ˜›

  5. (USB) Loool!!! Thats what I thought it was and then I hesitated to ask my friend (it was his fault!!! :P)… I think next time I shall stay cocooned in my arrogance and rely on my own spellings lol

    Dude since I haven’t the patience to post on my own just now… it’s pissing it down outside and I’m sorry for what your pajero is gonna look like in the morning ok :P… Well for what its worth, lightning and everything happened so it was pretty darn gorgeous…:P

    Numbers? Lol, I’ve almost figured out how to get home and we’re already up and moving.. We took 5th today but accidentally coz Jerk was flirting with some chica on the phone and missed the road lol

    Now to try to fall asleep again…

  6. ive read alot about that movie Paradise Now, but havent got a chance to see it yet…. i will invest in some time to see it soon inshallah πŸ˜‰

    wa laish you hate celery??? πŸ˜›

  7. JB: lol thanks for your concern regarding my pajero:P i’m sure the carwashin guy would have gotten to it by now,.. and if he hasnt i’ma kick his ass!

    Dreamer: go see it! trust me you wont regret it:P

    celery and me simply havent gotten along since we first met when i was about 3 i think πŸ˜›

  8. Crack is whack yo…

    By the way, great blog… (oh, and thanks for checking out mine as well.)

    p.s. You get bonus points for hating celery too πŸ™‚

  9. cheers for coming by here too amunki πŸ˜€

  10. This is one long post, I am too tiered and my arm hurts.

  11. errands, bane?

    I have always seen you multitask, especially while driving πŸ˜‰
    The Kuwaiti traffic jam issue. There you go, I found something I do not like about you, you complaining about the traffic. You complain so much that I ended up doing the same thing every time we where out!

    limp, the volume, blue-chip companies?
    I realize that you did not teach me every thing about the market since I do not remember you using these words.
    I have an idea, I will write a post about the market and… Nah!

    Do you recall the word now?

    Paradise Now, The Believer, Shrek 3, and Silent Hill.
    “fuck me that’s a good film!” LOL
    Terror Inc by Loretta Napoleoni. C’est notΓ©.

    I learned two things about you today:
    1. You hate celery! I just can not remember which vegetable is that.
    2. You met Jitterbug!

  12. errands, bane, limp, the volume, blue-chip companies, prolly, stance?

    I can be very persistent!

  13. errand: chore, thing to do like shopping

    bane: cause of harm

    limp: opposite of erect

    blue chip you know

    prolly; probably, too lazy towrite it out πŸ˜›

    stance: position your stand.

    and nope never met jitterbug and yes i do ate celery πŸ˜›

  14. Blue chip? I really don’t get it!

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