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Friday Times article on the KSE:

pick up a copy of todays friday times from your friendly neighbourhood bakaala.

a couple of pages in you’ll see an article titled ” an expats guide to the KSE”.

its a nice read and definately something worth going thru if you are an expat who’s been thinking of going into the market here.

i’ll be scoping out the KSE on saturday for new suckers πŸ˜›

how many are going to misstime their next misstep?

du pont and dow chemicals profits are down quite drastically,….

watch the second quarter earnings in non-oil producing countries.

cos i know something not many people know nanny nanny nah naaaaaah ! πŸ˜›

but its not a big secret and actually its not a secret at all. anyone can find out by popping down to their local airline company which is what i did the day oil hit $50 πŸ˜›

to quote a fatalist somewhere and somewhen:

“……and so it begins,…..”


at the moment i’m full of mutton stew πŸ˜›



  1. Oil has a huge risk premium built into current prices combined with a higher floor level based on consumer demand. So far US growth figures are coming in strong, and core inflation doesnt seem to be out of control…

    this price level is not hurting the US just yet, I say $80+ plus will have an affect…

  2. the problem with determining when and at what price oil will start to have a serious impact on US UK and EU nations, and the world as a whole lies in how the fuel and feedstock is purchased.
    i dont think that those economies have “weathered” high oil prices yet, precisely because the companies heavily reliant on fuel and feedstock traditionally purchase what they need approximately 12-18 months in advance.

    since i dont actively trade crude, i cant be certain, but if memory serves me well, traqcking back 18 months will lead you to the 45ish level,…. if not a little bit lower, but definately higher than 30 that everyone feared back then.

    so right now we’re seeing the effects of 45-55 on their profits. and the emphasis is “profits”. du pont and dow were down but were still profitable.

    no doubt profits will decline, over the next 6 months but what happens 18 months down the line again when we’re dealing with feedstock bought at 65?

    will they be able to pass on the cost to their customers then unlike now?
    if they can, then inflation rears its ugly head again.

    the second quarter puts us well inside the 18 month thing, so i’m bearish on anything that relies on crude prices,..plastics, synthetics, petrochems, etc.

    bearish on developed markets for the forseeable future,….

    but of course if valuations get even more attractive i might change my tone on specific us/uk/eu stocks,… never say never.

    and i reckon if the us does ride this out, well damn, kudos to them!!! πŸ˜›

    ( do people still use “kudos”?)

    i agree,.. $80 and up will definately start to hurt everyone more immediately,… how much before it starts costing more to import goods into kuwait i wonder.

    coke has been 100 fils since i was 10 i think

  3. Sorry, but snore.

  4. Okay I didn’t mean it, please post again!!!! Come back!! Come back!! 😦

  5. lol JB, i was disconnected for 3 days cos the bloody building was doing crappy maintenance,….

    but i’m back now πŸ˜€

  6. “how many are going to mistime their next misstep?”
    I don’t get it!


    Mutton stew. You actually made me eat that thing while my Mother gave up years ago!

  7. I just realized something…
    You’re virtually ignoring me 😦

  8. β€œhow many are going to mistime their next misstep?”

    how many are going to make another mistake by going in at the wrong time again.

    earnings: what they made in money.

    mutton stew if gooood πŸ˜›

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