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even Al Gore’s stocks are going down!
Al Gore look alike going WTF?!!! last week at the KSE

lol ok maybe they are maybe theyre not, i wouldnt know,…..

but thats the look i been seeing all week on the KSE floor.

that and alot of empty seats, and some dude fast asleep……

and i learned another phrase in arabic:

mafee siyoulah πŸ˜›

oh that and:

shiiiiiillll!!!……… said in the same way Ludacris sang “,…..till i get them in their birthday suit


i love it when the markets head south. cos for the majority of last year and the first quarter i been sitting on my ass waiting and second guessing my own judgement.

half of the fun of this line of work is that you can say ” i’m sitting this out” and it still sounds like youre working πŸ˜›

seriously,… if you were anything else youd get fired if you said that.

its like calling golf(i spent the whole day walking on a lawn or riding a cart) and fishing( i spent the whole day sitting on a boat) a sport. they are hobbies that require alot of skill to be successfull at,…..lets not kid ourselves shall we?:P

for that same reason i dont call this work,… i call this a lifestyle.

it certainly isnt easy,….but on the otherhand its not exactly rocket science, atleast not until NASA gets listed, and come on whos gonna buy that financial blackhole πŸ˜›

then again maybe NASA should go private,…. maybe then we’ll all get those space cars that we were meant to be flying in like the jetsons promised us. maybe since they would need to make money theyd break out all the good science stuff we can actually use,…. like the military did with teflon πŸ˜€ oh and microwaves:P


if you were a child of the 80’s ( and the before’s) youd understand all the promises made to us that they FAILED TO DELIVER!!!

umm who they is exactly i havent a clue,….. the bastards! πŸ˜›

i think i’m gonna give up thinking of something to post about.

in case you havent noticed dear reader i started on one thing and went off on some odd tangent that seemed more fun.

lol stream of consciousness is just another name for no fuckin structure πŸ˜€


and a space car, and a thingy inthe wall that makes anything you want, and a rosie housekeeper robot, ooh i actually wanna get one of those robotvacuum thingies,…. and a house in orbit, and holidays on the moon, and sex in zero gravity!

ok,…. mostly sex in zero gravity πŸ˜›

but i want my damn jetpack too!!!



  1. ohh you brought back childhood memories of watching cartoon network “the jetsons”…thank you…..and inshallah youll get your jet pack soon ;p…i’d like the thingie in the wall that makes anything i want…oh how fun that would be πŸ™‚

    • Òrange Juice҄’
    • Posted May 12, 2006 at 8:39 pm
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    Shill!!!!… I think I know what that sounds like low pitch high pitch and then a stretch.

  2. You know, KSE is beginning to exist in my mind as a comic strip πŸ˜› … what do those words mean again? (If I ask sum1 else I know I’m bound to mispronounce them)

    Of course my job is like fishing beneath the facade I put up. The other day I was lookin all busy with these print outs when what I was really doing was printin out horoscopes for this friend (they were coincidental as fuck)

    Flintstones rocks too, I want my own dino. Have you ever noticed how they never feed the dishwasher and lawn mower, etc?

  3. lol battlefield, i’m thinking i’ll get really fat from not going out to hunt for food anymore with that wall thingie :P,.. still it would be hard to resist:P

    OJ: its more like a low pitch, then stretch the iiiiii,…and then high L with an abrupt stop at the end:P

    JB: kse stands for kuwait stock exchange you nutjob:P

    and yeah at times it is like a comic strip there:P

    ummm dont tell anyone but i do check my horoscopes out from time to time too:P. i’ve found that since the whole horoscope thingy is off by one zodiac, since theres actually 13, that if you take yours, the one before and the one after,.. its actualy quite coincidental as fuck as well 😐

    and at times the 3 describ you perfectly,. almost every aspect.

    re flintstones,… the disposal unit was fat as fuck tho:P

  4. I know what KSE is(!), but it’s ceasing to exist as that and BEGINNING to exist ONLY as a comic strip in my head with cattle run and people sleeping it out over there…

    Thats pretty neat I guess, but I’ve hated my before and after (taurus and cancerian) so I hope to hell not. Besides this website was pretty spot on, so substitute mine with yours and lemme know yea.

  5. lol ok but then what did this mean:

    what do those words mean again? (If I ask sum1 else I know I’m bound to mispronounce them)

    and lol youre not really meant to like the before an after i guess πŸ˜› but you know how sometimes your specific sign describes things that you dont agree with,… some facets of yourself can be found in the other two πŸ˜› the good and the bad hehehe

  6. lol that site makes me sound like a royal pain in the arse!

    some of it was true tho πŸ˜›

  7. Grrrr I was talking about shIIIIIIL! Guess you aint psychic huh!

    “some facets of yourself can be found in the other two πŸ˜› the good and the bad hehehe” —- what you would mean here is the ugly! Nope I’m all Gem….

    So about the site, you implying you agree that you a pain in the rear aye?

  8. lmfao women,..always expectin us to be psychic! πŸ˜›

    shiiiiilll literally means “take” but i guess you could equate it with the action of scooping something up. its said when some dude has just bought a shit load of stock in one go and might have pushed the price up by doing so πŸ˜›

    but shiill in everyday life, can be used for things like lift, get, grab, take, etc.

    as for the otherone, it means no money. mafi or mako depending on which one i used means “none” or not or dont have.

    siyouleh apparently is the kuwaiti word for money πŸ˜› i think,…

    and lol oh come on there must be something about being a Gem that you dnt agree with:P
    like in my case soemtimes certain characteristics of my virgoness clash with my being a dragon in chinese astrology,.. but my before and after makes up for that on the greek zodiac.

    lol and yes i have been known to be a royal pain in the arse πŸ˜€

  9. Guess I disagree with my fair share, it is just the fact that I’ve know a taurus and cancerians and they make me grit my teeth…. Lol, grit em so much the positive traits fizzled into a puff of smoke :p

  10. shiiiiiillll!!! I know I’m at least supposed to know this but I just can’t figure out what it means πŸ˜›

    lets not kid ourselves, the jetsons, Teflon , jet-pack, tangent, stream of consciousness,

    So that was the perfect time to buy, am I right?

    I want a machine where I can insert a picture of a dress or shoes and get it instantly like one of those Pepsi ones. Not like the one in IKEA though πŸ˜‰

    Which reminds me that we forgot to design and make the thingy for my book X(

  11. Oh and here πŸ™‚

  12. lets not kid ourselves, look at it objectively
    the jetsons, a cartoon set in the future
    Teflon , the stuff that nonstick pans are made of
    jet-pack, thing with rockets you put on your back so you fly
    tangent, in this context a different direction
    stream of consciousness, thought process

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