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The cattle run was on at the KSE today:

thats exactly what it looked like on the floor today. only the pic is a bit more orderly, and atleast the wildebeest know what theyre doing 😛

Boubiyan Bank made its debut on the market today, and it looked like everyone and their grandmother ( not an exaggeration there this time) was looking to get the cash for it. people was queing up three deep, and you know how well they que here without a ticket system,… yup it was a bloody mob at every brokerage desk.

lol even the damn mobile phone network sucked ass cos it was jammed,… youd think it was new years day for fucks sakes!

OMG and the crap that a bunch of newbies were spitting gave me a fuckin headache.

still its good to know that somethings never change. no matter how old this profession gets, whether you play the game now or 100 years from now,… this game will always be the only game where grown men and women allow their dreams to get the better of them.

for everyone plays the game at some point in their lives, cos its the only game in town that actually matters.

on the plus side,.. i, and a couple of regulars, called it a day at around 1045 am.

i spent the rest of the day at the pool 😛


more than math, more than economic theorey, more than an MBA most definately,…. the most useful thing in my arsenal is, surprisingly, the history lessons i took in high school.

you never know where youre going if you dont know where youre coming from.

and you can walk the trading floor fearless and with a grin on your face when its all crashing if you can say i’ve seen this film before and i know how it all ends 😀

my ankle is itching ,….



  1. Has your ankle stopped itching?

  2. yup and just in time for the weekend too:P

    my scratching left a red welt there tho 😦

  3. Aw.. well dont let em bed ‘bugs’ getcha 😉

  4. lol that might be such a bad thing, not all ‘bugs’ are bad 😛

  5. ‘smiles and does a jitterbug jig’ 😛

    Lol, was it a freudian slip you missing the ‘not’ in the former phrase?

  6. lmao oops 😛 musta been distracted by something 😛

  7. mob, newbies, MBA, grin?

    Boubiyan Bank didn’t do that well so far, am I right?

    I think I am starting to understand what you’re talking about 😛

    That’s when your eczema started! Not so relaxed about every thing after all ha?

  8. mob – group of people like a crowd
    newbies – new people to anything
    mba – masters in business administration
    grin – smile
    boubyan’s doing ok up and down and i think up since this post.

    what me worry? 😛

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