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if you thought salhiya was full of posers,…..

so i’m strolling along fahd al salem street in the city, on my way to Q8books to see if they have anything good this weekend.

i notice that they’ve done up the area next to the building Q8books is in, and there seems to be some sort of coffee shop there, so i figure i’ll grab a mug of java there after the bookshop. ( umm yeah i havent been down there in ages as you can tell.)

due to the way the area is designed i couldnt actually see more than the tops of the coffee shop from the street i was walking on, so i figured it would be a great place to read and have a cuppa.


for those of you who’ve been to salhiya plaza, you’ll know what i’m talking about….

any one who hasnt been,….

well you’ll be shocked.

this is where you can observe the kuwaiti youth, and sometimes the not so youthfull, in their pre-mating or mating display grounds.( i know theres a technical term for that but i cant recall at the moment. )

i always thought starbucks was bad, but this really takes the fuckin cake.

it was almost deadly silent, there was only the slightest hum of conversation since everyone was busy ogleing everyone else, while trying not to look like they was ogleing.

you could feel the sexual tension in the air, which was just as thick as the bluetooth radiation haze that’ll probably give you cancer.

since i was with a friend who was just as shocked as myself at this place, we decided to stay and watch 😛

attenboroughs voice kept coming into my head,…

” and here,… we see,…. the local population in their native mating habitat,… notice the display of cool non-chalant indifference both sexes engage in,…..the male flexes his steroid-produced muscles in a fake stretch designed to display his masculine prowess and rattle his expensive watch,….while the female constantly flicks her hair, shooting passing glances to and fro,…..

” while the male engages in his display while seated with his “posse”,… the female begins the display of her feminine charms once she is within sight of the location,….strutting her stuff from a distance and drawing attention while further away,…. the males’ chance for a closer inspection of what her momma gave her occurs at the cashier where she pauses to fully display her assetts in the bright lights of the cake display case.”

lol ok i’ll stop now 😛

besides i’m sure everyone knows how things go.

also i cant completely complain,…. i got a once over and a smile from a local girl on my way out 😛

a rare occurance,….

so unless my fly was down,…. it was an ok experience all in all 😛

but yeah,…. not going back there anytime soon….

and lmao, they have the funniest philippino waiter who is probaly the campest guy i ever seen, with a fake american/philippino accent….. and hes loud as fuck 😛 which makes it funnier when you hear him screaming something like ” i need more cream, i’m out of cream abdulahhh!”

i snorted my coffee through my nose when i heard him yell that.

oh and incase you’re wondering,… no their coffee wasnt that good 😛



  1. lol..Poor you..Scary aren’t they? Im supposed to be a local..Since I was born in Kuwait but I felt so out of place..It was tramatizing my first to sharq..I dont know why it would be..I mean they are more subtle then the west..But I guess they are more sensual..

  2. *Looks at Lily’s comment* Sensual? Honey, “terrifying” is the word you’re looking for…

    Loved your imitation of Richard 😀

    Actually loved the whole post! You made me laugh 😀

  3. lilac: this place is nothing like sharq,… infact i’d go so far as to say that marina mall on a thursday night is less intense 😐

    and yeah i think instead of sensual you mean hungry 😛

    so many hungry slobering wolves there:P

    oh and welcome to my blog 😀

    sedna: glad you liked it sedna 😀

    hmmm with some night vision lens’s we could actually make a “wildlife” documentary 😛

    hmmm,.. actually thats atually not a bad idea 😛

  4. i hope u can accept my sincere apologies on behlaf of my entire generation of posers 😛

  5. hehe interesting….and this is why i dont like going out that much….people these days my goodness they leave me speechless in not a good way 🙂

  6. lol tinkerbell, no apologies needed really 😛 provided you dont fall into that trap.

    battlefield, my sentiments exactly, i’ma stay home from now on 😛 its getting scary out there 😐

    provided you young’ens dont get seduced to the dark side there is still hope 😛

  7. Hey.. I took print outs of the map of q8books store from their site thurs, sadly didnt make it there this weekend. Did you run like the wind and forget about the books?

    Secondy is it worse than marina mall? Sometimes the way the guys look makes me want to try and blend with the potted plants….

  8. lol i did actually get to the bookstore,.. spent about 15 mins there but didnt buy anything.

    its actually quite small, although they do have some interesting things i might go back for 😛

    and yeah its worse than marina cos in marina its all kids so you can understand it to a certain degree.

    salhiya plaza is grown people 😐

    which makes it sadder and a hell of a lot scarier 😛

    i do feel like trying the japanese/chinese restaraunt there one day tho 😛

  9. Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.

  10. ogling, attenboroughs, nonchalant, flexes, prowess, rattle, flicks, posse, strutting, so unless my fly was down, campest, snorted?

    I know you’ve already told me this story more than once but now that I read it I wonder why didn’t you take me there at least once to see how they look like? Must add it to our list:P

  11. ogling, staring lustfully
    attenborough, a documentary film maker nonchalant, suave and dont give a shit
    flexes, to tense your muscles
    prowess, skill and power
    rattle, shake kinda
    flicks, plays with her hair
    posse, gang
    strutting, walking in a way, showing off kind of
    so unless my fly was down, unless my zipper was down
    campest, gay in an effeminate way
    snorted, the opposite of sneezing

    yup add it to our list and i’ll take you there next time.

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