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my dream pool and a bloody foreigners take on the 5 thingy,….

if you have a pool…………….

you better start using it soon.

its getting fuckin hot, but the pools still juuuuuusst right šŸ˜›

use it before it starts getting heated by the midday sun.

there simply isnt anything better than a nice cool dip after running around town all day.


the recent political events here are like a wierd but well intentioned hippie aunt who comes to your sickbed with some ungodly concoction of possum juice mixed with esoteric ancient herbs blended into a smoothie while chanting lost tongues.

on the one hand you reckon shes nuts, but then again youre grasping at anything that just might open up your stubborn right nostril.

so you gulp it down, wretching at the salty after taste, and now you just have to wait and see.

chances are it’ll make you worse šŸ˜›

as a foreigner observing the recent events i must admit that the grassroots movements are to be applauded. those that participated need to continue their struggle and i’ve got a good feeling they will.

having said that,…

while their intentions are well meaning, namely the eradication of corruption etc,… they should bare in mind the agendas of the powers that are behind the movement itself. its not enough to simply fight for something you believe in.

while one would assume that 5 would result in progress and more being achieved,… what if the whole idea was only to make it easier for the opposition?

there has always been a sensitive detente between the powers that be in this country, and by that i’m not just talking about within the ruling family. how 5 constituencies would have worked out would have been interesting to watch.

i for one think that it would have resulted in some serious political conflicts as opposed to the smoother running of the country.

atleast to begin with.

but then maybe serious political strife is what is needed for true democratic growth. lets face it, nothing good ever came easy.

29 is just stupid for somewhere this small, so despite what i’ve already written i actually support the principle of the 5 movement.

10 is equally idiotic and not just 33% less so.

everyone knows the “dark side”(as opposed to the light orange:P) only wants to be able to do what it wants to do so its not even worth commenting on them.

having said that tho, heres a question thats been on my mind,…..

does the stereotypical view that arabs prefer one strong ruler impression still apply ?

it seems to have worked in dubai. superficially they seem lightyears ahead, but then they have always been a trading port exposed to foreign ideas for centuries.

if progress is something that you take seriously,…..

understand the true nature of whichever side of the fence you are on. know what they really want to do with your vote.

chances are its not as pretty as you thought it might be.

when it comes to politicians in general, never give them the benefit of the doubt. it pays to think the worst of them and then hope that it doesnt come true. atleast then you wont be disappointed.

and while you need to remember that they work for you and not the other way around,….. remember, thats not how they see it once the elections are over.

but then again i’m a foreigner so what do i know šŸ˜›



  1. hmm i would love to swim in that water from the picture you posted…the place looks exotically beautiful…*day dreams* ;p

  2. ooh cold dip after a hot day..screw 5 give us 1..screw 1 strong leader it’s like guiding a herd u turn ur back once and a wolf has eaten one..screw politicians they never “work” for u once they’re in office šŸ˜›

  3. YB: yeah gorgeous isnt it:P thats what i want my pool to be like when i get round to building my house:P

    TB: lmfao carefull,.. someone might take your advice too literally ad we’ll get a kuwaiti monica lewinsky affair:P

    lol now that would be funny:P

  4. lol i totaly support it!

  5. The “Orange Revolution” was a good attempt , but it falls short of tackling the real picture, which is that citizens are not even allowed to vote for their rulers, PM or any other minister for that matter. So, it defeats the whole purpose of trying to have MPs who will supposedly fight corruption, when the entire country is corrupt because the ruling family from the top has corrupted and allowed corruption to flourish. The ruling family don’t want to have their own power loosened by other tribes and the like. Diluting the Parliament with over 25 constituencies is their aim. That way, normal citizens will fight and bitch with one another instead with the ruling family. Even some members of the ruling family are running as MPs. It’s a critical time.

    On another note: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the KSE correct back down to the 7000 range in the summer. It’s incredible how there’s a close parallel between the Dow Jones Industrial Average and KSE; especially ever since the American invasion of Iraq back in March 2003. That includes the correction prior to the invasion as well.

  6. Your simile of the hippie aunt cracked me up until my sides hurt!!!!

    The pool does look inviting, what was even hotter was the two piece bikini I saw today and it didnt bloody fit right!!!!

    I think all of Kuwait’s chewing their nails waiting in anticipation for the next episode of Kuwait parliament: The Sold and the Dutiful!

  7. tantalize: cheers for dropping by here šŸ˜€

    ahh yes inter-tribal bitching šŸ˜›
    the divide and conquer technique always works. stalin atleast got onething right.
    while i love the fact that there was a grassroots movement here, i cant help but see the whole five thing as nothing more thana powergrab.
    i dont see it as having anything to do with fighting corruption at all.
    with five, each one will like atleast one other and hate another, so what youre left with is a stalemate that will once again be broken by generous “donations”. only haveing five just makes the accounting easier šŸ˜›

    while i’m sure the founders of the five idea are only doing it to consolidate their influence,…. maybe it would be best inthe long run if it teaches the ruling family to “play nice with others” as opposed to just buying everyone up.

    personally i was expecting and hopeing(i’ma value kinda guy) that the KSE would atleast hit 8,000.

    2nd qtr is going to coincide with the elections and i can already see the funds moving on the market.

    question is how desperate are they to make their 2nd quarter results halfway decent? the more desperate the greater the sell off in about a months time.

    JB: lol glad you liked it šŸ˜›

    and hmmm ” didnt fit right”? lol lopsided “assets” perhaps?

    hehehe sorry couldnt resist that comment šŸ˜›

  8. Ewwww Skunk you’re just downright gross!!!!! Lol I do deserve it for mentioning that anyhoo!

  9. Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

  10. thanks anonymous šŸ˜€

    youre welcome back anytime šŸ˜›

    provided youre not a spammer >:|

    so dont make me get the ord verification thingy out šŸ˜›

  11. a nice cool dip, concoction, possum, esoteric, reckon, grasping at, nostril, constituencies, strife, power-grab, stalemate, lopsided?

    Not that I will be swimming in that pool, but the one in the picture is simply scary.

    I thought that this post will only be about pools and stuff but then you talk about politics!

    I think that we don’t need a national assembly weather it’s 25 or 5, corruption will always be there. Our society is not ready for democracy.

  12. I feel like I’m spamming your blog now šŸ˜›

  13. ok i’m only going to do the ones that you may not ind in the dictionary from now on cos i’m sure alot of these i’ve covered already.

    power-grab, this should be self explanatory
    lopsided, uneven

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