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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Gear Lust………………….

i got one of these:

which is actually a much darker blood red than that colour up there. now when it comes to stuff i really dont like red, but the dark blood red just made me utter a low gutteral ooooooo when i first laid eyes on it.

it was tonal lust at first sight 😀

then i got one of these:

which is a guitar effects processor that hooks up to my pc for recording and effects editing.

i love the fact that it looks like an old school peice of crap that you find in a pawn shop. again the pic isnt exactly what it looks like. its not actually beige, altho it looks like it, its more of a light brown/gold colour.

it rocks 😀

apparently the dude that used to be in megadeath travels with only this. dont much like megadeath but its good to know 😛

and it has all of the things in the pic below built-in:

and now all i need to complete my rig is this:

which is a pedal you control with your foot.

who woulda thought something as simple as a guitar would require sooooo much crap !

its not my fault tho.

according to a musicians website i have GAS.

but not the smelly kind 😛

Gear Aquisition Syndrome,….

see its an illness 😛

an addiction 😛

i’m the victim here damn it !

maybe i should start a support group ?

oh and i ran it thru my Ableton Live, which is my audio squencer of choice, and recorded a little beat which i’m actually quite proud of 😀

see who says you gotta learn how to play proper 😛


have a good weekend people, and vote wisely, and if you dont know who to vote for, vote for a woman just for the hell of it,…. if nothing else it’ll be interesting to see what happens 😀


The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

so i was slicing bread, with a serrated bread knife, as you do, when i decided to try and slice a tomato at the same time.

now my cutting board was at kind of an angle, and i’d filled my baguette with ham an lettuce etc, so i attempted to steady the sandwich, cos if it rolled the stuff will roll out, and slice the tomatoe at the same time.

naturally, the sandwich rolled in mid slice,….

i took my eye off the blade,…..

and yeah i got blood all over my dinner,…..

and let me just say that serrated blades are true bastard sons of bitches cos they hurt more. instead of a nice clean slice as you would get with a normal blade, serrated sons of whoremongering retards actually cut you several times during the slice.

anyway i picked up that liquid bandage thingy you see up there to try it out.

lol yeah, i’ll admit it was tv advertising that made me think of it.

anyway its fuckin wicked!!!

its like when you get superglue over your fingers, but this time its good 😀

i put it on this morning before heading out, completely forgot i had a cut.

even just did my dishes 😛

so if like me you like using your thumb, and especially if you swim, as i do, use the liquid bandage next time you slice yourself.

or if you hate that sticky plaster feeling, or if you dont want to lose a thicket of hair everytime you change your bandage, or if you’ve jsut sprung a leak somewhere,…..

it rocks 😀

unfortunately i dont, cos of my thumb 😦

note to self: serrated bitches hurt like a mother!


had my first arabic class last night.

lol got there late cos i went in thru the wrong gate.

there were around 10 people,…

and theres always one isnt there,… one teachers pet wanna be that whispers out the answers to questions under his/her breathe.

its just so much funnier/sadder when theyre grown people 😛

Sparked up more than i can inhale,…well, maybe,… 😛

as with most peoples lives, mine’s usually peppered with peaks of frantic busyness, followed by troughs of absolutely-crap-tv-watching boredom. you know the kind where you actually forget what it was you were watching,.. despite having stared at the screen for the past 20 minutes.

so yeah the past week has been mostly hectic.

i got my guitar 😀
the only one in the country, but the exact model i wanted, unfortunately it’s red……
so i kept reminding me that its not like the colour has anything to do with the sound ya moron!
but once i got it home and spent hours playing with it, the red is starting to grow on me 😛
its a gorgeous dark blood red finish, with shitloads of laquer or varnish which makes it look transparent-ish.

BB King calls his guitar Lucille.
mine being red requires some fiery womans name,….
will have to think about that for a while 😛


i think i figured out my forex deal i posted about earlier.
it didnt quite work out like it thought it would,… but as with most things, one idea leads to another better idea. so i tweaked things and poked stuff, and its just about perfect.

3 profitable trades in a row,…. which aint much but the strategy is off to a good start 😛

best thing about it is that its fully hedged, and i can comfortably sleep with open trades 😀

still testing for the next week or so before real money is used.

real money makes all the difference.


my arabic classes start on saturday.
i know its just a short course, but the thought of going back to school,…… ick 😛
pfffft, we even gettin exams after it,…


KSE is in for another tummble 😛
getting my wallet out again, hopefully we’ll see a proper decline this time around. the KIA has been interfering and only slowing the decline, but fucking up its natural rythm.
intervention never works if its going against the grain/public sentiment,… no matter how much money you have,… just ask the bank of japan.


ahhh the blues!
i got lightning in a bottle, and the martin scorscese presents the blues the other day.
such amazing music,…. and the best thing about scorscese’s compilation is that he runs thru the old classic stuff, and includes some more contemporary stuff in genres most people understand better…..
janis joplin, hendrix, dylan,… he stuck em all in context.

i’m gonna head into a bluesy direction with ma geeetar 😛


so yeah damn busy this summer,…. surprisingly.
lol this might be the first time i’m relieved that i’m not going anywhere this summer 😛
its nicer here in the summer anyway,…
everyones gone, streets arent as crowded, life slows down……

the pools nice and cool, and i got lots to do 😛

live like a sponge.

into the great barrier reef.
just dont spray your sperm all over the ocean,…. cos thats just icky.
and i think a misdemeanor.

Confused,…… or Forex / Currency Trading Question,….. or Efficient Inefficiencies 😛

lol gotta love that pic i found 😛

and no thats not me 😛

ok i used to trade the foreign exchange markets a few years ago. infact thats how i first got into the whole financial market world.

while i’ve scaled back my activities, i do still dabble on occasion, scalping a few points here and there.

but on the whole, for me its a crap shoot…… no matter how much analysis you do theres always going to be a 50% chance that the trade wont go your way,…… you may be right,….but the market does what it wants and if youre lucky it might vindicate you somewhere down the line……

if youre not broke by then that is 😛

having said that there are people who do make a decent living off of it, and i’ve resigned myself to the fact that i simply dont have their skills in the forex markets…..

i personally like the fact that i can visit the companies whose stocks i hold, sniff around and watch their business grow,….

and you cant really do that with currencies,….. ummm unless you want to call your summer holiday research 😛

anyway, i’m not going to argue the forex risk vs reward thingy cos its different for different people,… and betting on currency i know is not really my thing. (but coming from a forex background makes the stock market as easy as pie :P, see karma :D)

having said that,….

when i first started out,….edit that to:

when i first started losing money,… i had a thought,….the same thought that every newbie has:

eur/usd goes up,….usd/chf goes down,…. almost perfectly.


so i asked the age old newbie question:

well why dont i put position on both, so one loss is canceled by one gain,… a hedge.

and before i finished the question,… the answer is apparent,….

cos you wouldnt make any money ya moron !!!

now in a perfect world,…. it should be zero.

but heres the thing,… eur trades at $10 a pip while chf trades at $8.50.

plus something i learned the hard way,…. all markets, whether forex or stocks or the chabra where you get your zucchinis are inherently inefficient.

ok to you non-traders who managed to read this far,…. the sentance above is like declaring my religion in trader ga ga 😛

so armed with my inefficient market place theory and the difference in price, i figured there must be something that i can take advantage of,…..

so i fired up a demo account,…

and without looking at charts or anything, i went long on the euro and long on the swissy,….

that was the whole point of this, market neutral, not to care which way it goes.

this was last night at about 2 am when i couldnt get the idea out of my head.

it ran slightly negative for the 30 minutes i watched it after placing the order. the negative got bigger to around -$150/170.

then i went to bed, woke up and it was around minus $50

so there was a move!

now if the market was efficient the balance between two trades should have been zero or almost zero. but its not, and coupled with the price differential,…. made me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

its been running all day, and the balance between the two trades hit a high of plus $189,…..

right now, its plus $115.

now i know theres something there,….. but i cant figure out why this is working or why it swung from negative to positive within 12hrs.

i also dont know exactly what is causing the difference in prices cos i doubt my simple inefficient market theory and eur/chf spread is all there is to it.

so i’m stumped, and i’m not gonna use real money until i figure this out.

so if anyone out there is a forex dude/gal, do drop me a line, i’d love to know what you guys think.

oh one more thing,… lets not get bogged down in arguments of how $100 a day is not worth the risk, cos :

a- a couple hundred dollars appears to be all the risk there is on the two units


b- if $100 is possible every 24 hours, then thats $500 a week, $2,000 a month, $24,000 a year ( approximately :P)…… and thats if you only ever use two contracts,…. what if you did 4 or 8 or 16 ?!?!


c- if after all that you still think its not worth it, then you surely wont mind giving me KD30 a day for every working day for the rest of my life would you ? 😛

so if anyone knows:

would it make sense for a trade like this to swing from minus to plus all day?

i could have gone short on both and be plus during the day but down now.

i dont get it,….

it cant be this easy, cos like i keep saying,…. karmas a bitch 😛

No good deed goes unpunished.

yup, you read that right,…

i pulled up to help this old dude with his car,… his battery died outside a ministry building so i figured i’d lend him a hand.

after revving for about 15 minutes, his lame ass lumina still wouldnt turnover, and by that time his friend got there.

so i left,…. made it to where i was going,…went,…came back to the car to go home,…

and the damn electronics in the car dont start !

clock, radio, and most importantly, at 1130 in the afternoon,… NO AC !!!

least it drove fine 😛

so i head to the nearest garage, and get things fixed.

a couple of fuses and some thing i’m guessing was a capacitor of some kind,….

good deeds dont come cheap these days,…

KD12, a couple extra hours in the heat, which leads to rush hour traffic leaving the city, lunch a couple hours late, and some dumbass took my parking spot outside my flat,…..

good deeds,…..priceless !!!

p.s.: karma’s a nasty ass manwhore!