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on yawns, forgotten filofaxes, routines and ummm, some KSE stuff just for shits n giggles.

i cant seem to wake up today.

its 9:47am and i’ve been awake for a good 2 hours already…….

and i’ve done everything i had to get done today.

i’ve been reading lots and makin music lots so this morning i dont feel like doing either.

lol even this post is something i dont really feel like doing but i figured it’ll kill atleast 15 minutes of my time.

time enough to figure out what i fancy doin today 😛

or is it?

i’ve gotten into the habit of heading out every morning, so sitting on my arse is starting to get to me. time to get the daily planner out again,……

i always seem to get given those daily planner/filofax thingies around the turn of the new year. one or two things get scribbled into them for maybe the first few days of the new year,….

then they pile up in some forgotten corner,……

i’ve still got planners from 1999 somewhere in my flat. perfectly good paper that i cant bring myself to throw away just yet 😛

perhaps i need to start doodling more.

i’ve realised that going to the markets everday is just stupid. its been a way for me to get out of doing any proper research, but still feel like i’m working 😛

so i’ma get back to my old routine of visiting companies, and spending my day reading annual reports from the comfort of my own home.

lol ok, yeah its getting too hot for this lil piggie to go to market 😛

so yeah if youre in a publicly listed company, watch out for some scruffy lookin dude askin questions about your firm 😛 chances are i’ll be snooping around over the summer when there arent many people about 😛

having said that tho, i do have to head back to the KSE on saturday. picking up a couple of stocks that i’ve had my eye on for a while now. i’m fairly certain they wont be affected by any puking of the funds that may occur before the end of the 2nd quarter, mostly cos theyve been ignoring what i’ve been hunting 😛

traders have a habit of hyping and over exagerating their daily activities.

lol @ my use of the word “hunting”,…..its basically watching fuckin numbers ffs 😛

“pulling the trigger” as in i pulled it or he cant pull it anymore,….lol this metaphor for executing a trade and commiting oneself makes it sound like something as serious as murder 😛 (those that lost money might say it was :P), when half the time its nothing more than clicking a mouse or saying hi to your friendly neighbourhood dealer,… i mean broker 😛

theyre hammering it, cornering him, putting the squeeze on, running for cover, going down like a broke crackwhore, wiping out, its a cattle run, stampede, massacre ( one of my favs:P ) which leads to the naming of days as Black Saturday-Friday, puking, choking, stranglehold,….dumping, burying, after getting hit, smacked, pulverized, pounded,….

and of course the all time classic,…

the slaughter of the slaughtered :P.

it makes it all sound like some sort of gangland turf war. or meat rendering plant.

but then again,..

whos to say it isnt ? 😛

funny words ofthe day:

filofax- wtf does that actually mean?

slaughter – one of those words where the more you look at it wondering if you spelled it right the more it looks like a typo… hippowhatever, giraffe, and conscience.



  1. Just yest I was marvellin about the intricacy of spellings and pronunciation… think oesophagus got the most attention.

    Lucky you if you get to stay at home, but somehow goin to all those companies makes it seem like you gonna burn to a crisp too… I know I have, and no dang sunscreen works itseems!

  2. hmmm true.

    but then again i’ll probably only do one company a day every on average so in an out nice an quick :P.

    and yeah sunscreen doesnt work,…i’m thinking of buying a burka 😛

  3. Lol so was I!!! Only if I can get it in white though!! I’m sure it’d suit you well 🙂

  4. lol ummisnt a white burka just a bedsheet? 😛

    i’d go with the traditional blue,.. keep it real an all that 😛 hehehe

  5. Ah you’d be like a floating mirage out here!! Sky blue does look real nice against the desert background here….. 🙂 😀

  6. haha true!

    i wonder if they airconditioned burkas?

    i mean, how hard can that be to invent:P?

  7. Lol exacccctly what I was thinking!!!

    But I had in mind those little whirring toy fans the size of your palm that have a teeny battery, you know.

    You’d sound real funny beneath that abaya 😉

  8. lmao!

    i’ll probably spend most of my time saying:

    “luke, haaakshhhhh, i am your father, haakshhhh, join the dark side, haakshhhhh”

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