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slap someone and say the devil made you do it,…..
then twitch violently while chanting a britney spears tune,…. anyone will do 😛

actually the year with the 2 in the 2006 kinda voids any sinister connotations.

still wouldnt it be scary if digital watches decided to go on the fritz and displayed 6:66,…..

lol maybe the KSE will close with all the numbers adding up to 666, money being the root of all evil 😛

what i find funny is that every generation seems to think that the end times are upon us. every ten years or so people say things are fucked up, and we’re all gonna die.

granted things are fucked up, but its still no where near the apocalyptical proportions prophecized.

having said that,…

one of the supposed signs are about this bunch of people that “eat” everything.

now if you try to form an analogy in present day, you convert eat to consume, and whats the first thing that comes to mind?

oil at $75 a barrel!
gold hitting $700 and ounce!
copper,steel, coffee, silver, OJ, sugar and anything else that can be sold trading at 25 year highs!!!

lets face it,…. agent smiths interpretation of the human race a la the matrix isnt really that far off. we’re consuming everything at rates unsustainable even if we did find a brand new planet to exploit just down the road.

i mentioned this to a former religious fundamentalist friend of mine who has since moderated, but still hes very well read on islam.(as one of the damned i always find it interesting to learn about various religions:P). anyway, he laughed off my analogy and said no the quran is meant to be literal as opposed to nostradamus’s mind fucks.

i still think i’m right tho,… 😛

anyway, if that doesnt scare you,…….

almost all of the end of times prophecy’s i’ve read, from all three major religions, and then some, contain some variation on the whole ” and the dead shall arise” theme.

hahaha, yeah right (insert rolling eyes).

then i read this:

DOHA • A trial involving 33 Qatari nationals accused of using ID cards of their dead relatives to apply for the lucrative initial public offering (IPO) of the Qatar Gas Transport Company (Nakilat) opened in a criminal court here on Wednesday




THE DEAD HAVE ARISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ummm,…. maybe after i place an order,…. i’ve never known a zombie to be wrong on a stock tip 😛


for someone whos birthday only comes around once every hundred years, your birthday party’s goodie bags better pack some good shit 😛



  1. Shucks… Seems like my moms sharing her birthday with the worlds most notorious celebrity huh :p

    I hope the human race physically evolves into something more fun (maybe grow wings or learn to levitate) before the world implodes with the rising dead…

    I wonder if roaches would survive judgement day since they are supposed to survive any known disater anyway….

  2. hahhahhahah hilarious skunky 😛

    happy birthday to me :”>

  3. lol happy birthday to your mum then 😛

    arghhh roaches,… i fuckin hat those things….. especially when i learned they could survive a nuclear holocaust,…

    thats one reason why madagascar will never be on my travel list,… their roaches are fuckin huuuuuge ! 😐

    happy birthday dodo 😛 glad you liked the post 😛

  4. Hey come on, The animated movie Madagascar should equate all the negative points about those roaches and balance your judgement about it again!

    Anyway, those madagascar roaches are known to hiss :-S

  5. lol i loved that film.

    they never did show the large bugs did they?

    lol cheers for reminding me of the hissing,…add a sound track to my phobia why dont ya 😛

  6. Nah they didnt, but they coulda made some nice characters… Remember the two Jamaicans in Shark Tale, think they were funny as hell…

  7. havent seen shark tale yet.

    lol yeah they woulda made some pretty good characters,… rastafarian roaches perhaps? 😛

  8. Happy Birthday to u
    Happy Birthday to uuuu
    Happy Biiirthday Deaaar Sataaaaan
    Happy Birthday to U!

  9. Happy Birthday Saten is just wrong!! on soooooooooo many levels. Even if you dont believe just knowing what satan stands for….i.e raping kids,eating human organs, and every other dispiciable things know to humans… dude u all need a soul/gut check 4 real!

  10. And before i get a reply, I am fully aware that your all probably good people and are just joking around but seriouly i think your messing with sasquach here

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