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whoohooo!!! that zarqawi bitch is is dead !!!

ding dong the bitch is dead,
that zarqawi bitch,
bin ladens bitch,
ding dong the bitchhhhh iiiiiiiiissss deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!


ok so i dont recall how the song went exactly but i’m sure you get my drift πŸ˜›

regardless of which side of the fence you sit on regarding this war, there is no denying that debates on just or unjust have for a long time been completely null and void.

being 13 when the invasion happened, and having friends and their families killed, tortured, take hostage, used as human shields etc, i have just as much right to bear a grudge.

living thru 7 months of occupation, ducking and dogdeing road blocks, switching safe houses, and being in hiding for that long because of my nationality, youd think that i’d have a healthy amount of animosity towards the iraqi people.

but heres the thing,… i dont.

i love iraqis, and i’ll even go so far as to say that i like em more than any other arabs i’ve met. them and palestinians, altho what they did during the invasion was definately despicable.

i’m getting off track again,….

the potential in iraq is simply mind boggleing.

ask anyone that has worked there with the locals.

dont bother asking the locals in the neighbouring countries because due to their shared histories youre always going to get slightly skewed opinions unless you manage to find someone who is capable of analysing the situation objectively. and tobe honest you cant blame them for their, in most cases, justified opinions.

the over abundance and combination of both a highly educated peoples and massive oil reserves will turn iraq into the center of the arab world given half a chance. and that scares a hell of alot of people next door.

it might take a while, and its definately not going to be easy,… but it will happen.

but as i mentioned earlier, whats happened has happened, and its pointless crying over spilt milk.

diwaniya rhetoric fixes nothing.

to quote jurassic five:

“are you a part of the problem or are you a part of the solution?
whats your contribution to life?”

i supported the war.

and i’m helping in the reconstruction.

no one can afford the luxury of saying that they didnt support the war so why should they help cleaning up americas mess.

whether you like it or not, iraq has had a positive effect on the arab world.

the elections gave arabs their first true voice. (real/sham blah blah just/unjust – null and void)

the domino effect spread to lebanon, bahrain and even here.

5 years ago you’d never have seen people displaying their pissed offedness πŸ˜›

to quote zach de la rocha:

“anger is a gift”




  1. Nicely writ… but I’m gonna have to trudge over and google zarqawi….

    It’s horrid, what the war put you and many other people thru as well… We may have been lucky as we were out on vacation when it happened, but the years that followed loosing everything hit everyone hard in different ways..

    But as you said there’s no point in channelizing our anger to a generalized category since there’s not much we can tangibly blame. Long after some sort of equity has been dealt religion and regions will still bear the residue of judgement…. Human beings just seem to need to be able to stereotype to put their world in *proper* perspective…

    I feel ya, Skunk.

  2. lol buggers πŸ˜› just turn cnn on its all over the networks today.

    the odd thing about the whole ordeal back then was that in some way i think those that stayed and lived thru it came out better than those that were away or left.

    it happened at that age when your friends are real important as youre just forming your understanding of the world. so yeah alot of friends were very badly affected having been dumped into a strange school with no friends, new countries to live in etc.
    i’d have to say that they seem more scarred by it than myself and friends that stayed and lived thru it.
    perhaps thats the thing,… we had closure watching the us military rolling back in.

    i remember jumping up and down on a burning iraqi personnel carrier, waving at the yanks rolling by with a big ass grin on my face πŸ˜€

    i guess in a sense our core beliefs were vindicated with it all coming to an end.

    they didnt have that i suppose, but then they were safe outside with their own problems to deal with.

    karmas a bitch πŸ˜›

    ( i say that enuff here i ought to change thename of this blog:P)

    theres something about today, thats got me grinning, feeling like lifes turning full circle and leading me back to iraq πŸ˜›

    karmas a bitch, but shes a just and fair bitch πŸ˜€

    today isnt going to make much difference to the fight, as one will take his place, but you never know i got a good feeling for some reason πŸ˜›

  3. Hey I had a whole post dedicated to railing about Karma… Its true though, it is…

    Well, I guess believe instinctually, if that works for ya… Hope the ruffles and the ripples smooth out..

    And you aint Kuwaiti, huh Skunks.. where you from?

  4. i can just see that monkey making a comeback .. dont get your hopes too high up on iraq, i doubt they’ll ever regain any form of stability

  5. you just gotta love Karma the silly cow πŸ˜›

    my guts always been good to me. sometimes i choose to ignore it to my own detriment (spelling?)

    on the whole tho, i have done some silly things, and i guess my gut has pulled me out of a lot of potentially destructive stuff,…theres a couple more i gotta iron out yet tho:P

    lol my peoples come from a far away land, due west, past the west and over the peaceful one, or due east to the peaceful mother πŸ˜›

    lol maybe i’ll do a little nostradamus/da vinci code post thingy about where i’m from πŸ˜›

    theres so few of us here that anyone that knows me will know me:P

    and while i dont have a problem withthat,.. i’d rather know that people know, rather than not know they know, ya know πŸ˜› ?

  6. never say never dodes πŸ˜›

    babylon shall rise again !!! πŸ˜€

    and with babylons return so shall the legendary whore be restored!

    seriously tho, i know what you mean, it does look bleak, but so did lebanon only five years ago. as did the former yugoslavia, former eastern block countries too,… and they all aint got oil πŸ˜›

    personally i’m expecting an escalation in violence over the next few days in retaliation, maybe even specifically baquba where he was killed. and tomorrow being a friday isnt good either.

    but does anyone honestly believe its going to be like this for another 20 years?

    anger is a gift

    and iraqis will turn it around when they really get pissed off. it started a while ago and now its just gathering steam.

    it got zarqi killed cos someone informed:P

    and collected 25 mill 😐

  7. finally !!!
    zarqawi is not a bitch – hes lower much lower than that.
    hes a sick twisted guy who beheads civilians just for fun!!!!!! in the name of Islam !!! @@

    I’m happy hes dead, wondering when will we see bin-ladins corpse???
    sick of waiting ??
    also sick of waiting,for the day they hang b*tch.2 Saddam….
    hell with human rights! hes not human to begin with.

    any ways. i do have high hopes for Iraq. in a few years inshalah
    it will be one of the strongest leading countries in the Arabian world. its got everything….
    but baby steps … baby steps needs time πŸ™‚
    good post πŸ˜‰

  8. lol no3ik, feel free to fully spellout your cuss words πŸ˜› i do hehehe.

    yeah i think saddam needs to hang for things to move forward. right now alot iraqis still cant believe whats going on.
    i remember being there a few days after the fighting started, and despite the troops and bombings etc many would say one thing with a bunch of people inthe room, then confide inme when alone that they thought he’d still return.
    for the heeling to begin,.. a couple more people need to die πŸ˜›

    iraq used to be called the breadbasket of the mid east. and youre right i see no reason why it shouldnt become that again in the near future.

    the main reason i’m optimistic, apart fromthe oil reserves :P, is the massive amounts of capital thats just waiting to jump in there. and despite the chaos right now, many people are dipping their toes in there, myself included, but thats only cos we have really old friends there :P.

    fingers crossed is all thats left to say πŸ˜›

  9. See…. For a long time, I have been so so so pissed off at Bin Laden and his followers of @$$e$! There were many times that I sat down daydreaming about me, carrying a gun or a knife or whatever weapon and brutally killing this guy. It is appalling, what they do in the name of Islam and β€œJehad”; Killing innocent people and poisoning dodos’ brains with crap! Basturds, whatever their cause is, the way they handle it shows how stupid they are and them hiding o not being found till now, doesn’t indicate any brilliance or shrewdness! I dunno what will Zarqawi face β€œup” or should I say down now? I cannot find any justification for the murders of innocent souls … in Quran, 7araaaaaam, Killing an innocent soul!

  10. hi there, and welcome to the blog πŸ˜›

    too true!

    even if you take the religious justification for his actions out of the equation,….him and his followers dont offer anything….

    suppose theyre successful and drive the allies out,… then what?

    appointhim as leader of iraq to rule a country and fix the water and electricity problem?

    lol yeah the taliban really modernised afghanistan after they came to power πŸ˜›

    terrorists are ultimately politicians with guns and no morals, thats what seperates terrorists from freedom fighters.

    so even as a poilitican,… i dont really see him running a country so why support him as a terrorist at all? πŸ˜›

  11. Zarqawi, drift, void, to bear a grudge, ducking and dogdeing road blocks, despicable, mind boggling, skewed, rhetoric, Zac De La Rocha, tangibly, vindicated, ruffles, ripples, bleak, retaliation, confide, shrewdness?

    I know, I know, it’s a lot of words to explain but it will take me forever to look it up πŸ˜›

    lol at “and while i don’t have a problem with that,.. i’d rather know that people know, rather than not know they know, ya know πŸ˜› ?”

    The problem is not only Iraq, it’s the whole middle-east. And I don’t see it getting better. Not in the 10 years.

    Saddam is dead now yay πŸ˜€

    As for Bin Laden, it’s a bit too late now, if he was killed right after 09/11 it would have made a difference, but now there are so many Bin Ladens out there and I don’t think that anyone can stop them!

  12. They’re even lloking for a guy who calls himself Ben London!

  13. all of that you can find in a dictionary.

    the media call him bin london.

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