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No good deed goes unpunished.

yup, you read that right,…

i pulled up to help this old dude with his car,… his battery died outside a ministry building so i figured i’d lend him a hand.

after revving for about 15 minutes, his lame ass lumina still wouldnt turnover, and by that time his friend got there.

so i left,…. made it to where i was going,…went,…came back to the car to go home,…

and the damn electronics in the car dont start !

clock, radio, and most importantly, at 1130 in the afternoon,… NO AC !!!

least it drove fine 😛

so i head to the nearest garage, and get things fixed.

a couple of fuses and some thing i’m guessing was a capacitor of some kind,….

good deeds dont come cheap these days,…

KD12, a couple extra hours in the heat, which leads to rush hour traffic leaving the city, lunch a couple hours late, and some dumbass took my parking spot outside my flat,…..

good deeds,…..priceless !!!

p.s.: karma’s a nasty ass manwhore!



  1. Sorry your day didnt go well but im sure theres a reward in there somewhere maybe just knowing you tried counts

  2. yeah it wasnt that bad a day really:P

    the irony of it all kept me amused for the rest of the day:P

  3. Hey maybe you’d like to conspire with me, kidnap lil mis Karma, tie her up in a cold dark basement for a couple of days, feed her bitter gourd and make her play scrabble with us 🙂 I dont really have anything against her these days but I’d like to do it for kicks anyhoo 🙂

  4. hmmm tempting,… but we would have to kill her,…

    cos if she got out,.. lol then karma would really be a bitch 😐

  5. Lol maybe we put a chip in her brain and have it remote controlled by us. Shock her everytime she tries to mess around. Speakin of which I’d like to do something like that to Cupid 🙂

    I should really shut up and stop talkin about these forces ………………..

  6. oooh good idea there 😛

    yeah the bitch is watchin, you just know she is,…

    a fiver says we both stub our toes today 😛

  7. Shush, I’m having a very good day as opposed to yesterday so lets not jinx us no more buddy!

  8. had a left ovr curry for lunch,… will let you know if karma gets her revenge thru my bowels 😀

  9. Um thats gonna be too much info.. :O

    I had shwormas for lunch and a fat-tire! 🙂

  10. deed, revving, capacitor, gourd, stub, ?

    I don’t believe in Karma, I think it’s one more thing to make people feel guilty about anything.

    As for your day, I know I would have never stopped to help that guy except if I was in a very good mood and had time to kill. And we both know that Karma has nothing to do with your electronics dying on you. It’s just that you had to get your car checked sooner.

  11. So that’s where that misunderstanding came from!

  12. revving, to press the accelerator

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