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live like a sponge.

into the great barrier reef.
just dont spray your sperm all over the ocean,…. cos thats just icky.
and i think a misdemeanor.


  1. LOOOOOL nastyyyy.. but true :p

    where do you come up with this shit :))

  2. lol !!

    thats is one perverted spongue bob lol
    i dont know why but he reminded me of micheal jackson !!!! @@

    dont look at me!
    ur the one with the icky post ;p

  3. lol dodes πŸ˜› i was doing the washing up whenit occured to me πŸ˜›

    lol no3ik, maybe its the gloves ?

    and the upward pointing nose? πŸ˜›

  4. And here I thought I’d never be a SpongeBob fan.. πŸ˜›

  5. Gag.. I see the resemblance to jackson, great now I wont be able to stand sponge bob!

    Nicely said though (“,)

  6. :O SACRILAGE !!!

    all shall love the bob, for he is all absorbant


  7. looooooooool funny post!! that person in the picture 7adaaa fathy! what people come up when they are bored!!!! lool

  8. lol ever heard:
    idle hands are the devils playthings?

  9. reef, icky, misdemeanor?

    I even manage to find 3 words that I don’t get in a short post.

    Your readers seem to be more interested in this post than the previous one!

    “filter, absorb, filter, absorb, grow,” If I had to describe you I’d say the same!

    The funny thing is the energy the guy spent to take this picture!

  10. I noticed that I always read your blog when I have a headache! It’s getting better πŸ˜›

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