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Sparked up more than i can inhale,…well, maybe,… 😛

as with most peoples lives, mine’s usually peppered with peaks of frantic busyness, followed by troughs of absolutely-crap-tv-watching boredom. you know the kind where you actually forget what it was you were watching,.. despite having stared at the screen for the past 20 minutes.

so yeah the past week has been mostly hectic.

i got my guitar 😀
the only one in the country, but the exact model i wanted, unfortunately it’s red……
so i kept reminding me that its not like the colour has anything to do with the sound ya moron!
but once i got it home and spent hours playing with it, the red is starting to grow on me 😛
its a gorgeous dark blood red finish, with shitloads of laquer or varnish which makes it look transparent-ish.

BB King calls his guitar Lucille.
mine being red requires some fiery womans name,….
will have to think about that for a while 😛


i think i figured out my forex deal i posted about earlier.
it didnt quite work out like it thought it would,… but as with most things, one idea leads to another better idea. so i tweaked things and poked stuff, and its just about perfect.

3 profitable trades in a row,…. which aint much but the strategy is off to a good start 😛

best thing about it is that its fully hedged, and i can comfortably sleep with open trades 😀

still testing for the next week or so before real money is used.

real money makes all the difference.


my arabic classes start on saturday.
i know its just a short course, but the thought of going back to school,…… ick 😛
pfffft, we even gettin exams after it,…


KSE is in for another tummble 😛
getting my wallet out again, hopefully we’ll see a proper decline this time around. the KIA has been interfering and only slowing the decline, but fucking up its natural rythm.
intervention never works if its going against the grain/public sentiment,… no matter how much money you have,… just ask the bank of japan.


ahhh the blues!
i got lightning in a bottle, and the martin scorscese presents the blues the other day.
such amazing music,…. and the best thing about scorscese’s compilation is that he runs thru the old classic stuff, and includes some more contemporary stuff in genres most people understand better…..
janis joplin, hendrix, dylan,… he stuck em all in context.

i’m gonna head into a bluesy direction with ma geeetar 😛


so yeah damn busy this summer,…. surprisingly.
lol this might be the first time i’m relieved that i’m not going anywhere this summer 😛
its nicer here in the summer anyway,…
everyones gone, streets arent as crowded, life slows down……

the pools nice and cool, and i got lots to do 😛



  1. call your guitar scarlett 😛

    if you change your mind and decide to go for those lessons, lemme know, i wanna join in on the pilipino fun :p hehhehhe

  2. lol how freaky 😐

    i was actually thinking of scarlett 😐

  3. troughs, hectic, tweaked, poked, tumble, KIA,

    I don’t recall seeing a guitar in your room!!! I know it’s there but I can’t picture it! How come you never played? I can’t wait to find out…

    Name it after me 😛

    I still don’t understand why you stopped learning Arabic. It can’t be that bad.

    I still can’t believe that we both spent that summer in Kuwait without meeting 😦

    Oh and I just realized that I’m reading you to replace your absence.

    Oh so you better answer my comments before your in box gets full.

  4. troughs, in this case like a chart with ups / peaks and downs / troughs
    hectic, busy
    tweaked, in this case refined
    poked, when you take your finger and press iy into someone
    tumble, fall/trip
    KIA, kuwait investment authority

    lol my box is full!

    arabic stopped cos i lost interest and they cancelled many classes.

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