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Gear Lust………………….

i got one of these:

which is actually a much darker blood red than that colour up there. now when it comes to stuff i really dont like red, but the dark blood red just made me utter a low gutteral ooooooo when i first laid eyes on it.

it was tonal lust at first sight 😀

then i got one of these:

which is a guitar effects processor that hooks up to my pc for recording and effects editing.

i love the fact that it looks like an old school peice of crap that you find in a pawn shop. again the pic isnt exactly what it looks like. its not actually beige, altho it looks like it, its more of a light brown/gold colour.

it rocks 😀

apparently the dude that used to be in megadeath travels with only this. dont much like megadeath but its good to know 😛

and it has all of the things in the pic below built-in:

and now all i need to complete my rig is this:

which is a pedal you control with your foot.

who woulda thought something as simple as a guitar would require sooooo much crap !

its not my fault tho.

according to a musicians website i have GAS.

but not the smelly kind 😛

Gear Aquisition Syndrome,….

see its an illness 😛

an addiction 😛

i’m the victim here damn it !

maybe i should start a support group ?

oh and i ran it thru my Ableton Live, which is my audio squencer of choice, and recorded a little beat which i’m actually quite proud of 😀

see who says you gotta learn how to play proper 😛


have a good weekend people, and vote wisely, and if you dont know who to vote for, vote for a woman just for the hell of it,…. if nothing else it’ll be interesting to see what happens 😀



  1. SHOTGUN!!!

    LOL @ the GAS thing! That’s hilarious! Your gear is cool man! I’m a sucker for guitar players 😉

    Upload the little rif you made and lets see what u can do! 😀

    I’m voting tomorrow! as a woman, I will vote for a woman (we gotta support the cause people!) 😀

    Love this post

  2. LOL 😛

    Sooo when’s you’re first concert??

    PS. I disagree – do not for ANYONE male or female ‘for the hell of it’. That’s the last thing the country needs. If in doubt, do NOT vote.

  3. lol @ riff,.. i wouldnt even call it a riff 😛

    but yeah no idea where or how i would upload it 😐 any suggestions would be welcome 😀

    oh and the liquid plaster thingy you can get in sultan centre 😛

  4. lol seddie, ya never know 😛

    i’d have to disagree with you there, i mean its not like who you vote for will be there forever an ever,….

    what i meant was that if you dont know who to vote for, as in the guys look like schmucks and the women look like spoiled little princesses, give the girls a shot and see what they can do, i mean they cant be that much more worse than the guys 😛

    but you gotta vote, cos if you dont vote you dont have a voice 😛

    i dont vote cos i’ve never been home for any elections to affect me in anyway, i’m a non-resident so whatever happens there ,.. meh 😛

    so yeah i dont have a voice back home,…

    but i’ll let the dead presidents represent me 😛 ( Nas )

  5. Women power in Kuwait does sound like a welcome change, as long as it doesnt match the reputation of women drivers here 😛 (soon to be one too!)

    Well about your RIFF you could shoot a bit of a video of you in a grunge groove and upload it on and then move that link here as well!!! Is that asking for too much? 😛

    And make sure you cut your nails so you cant bite em during the upcoming quarter finals!!!!! Vive la France!!!

  6. lol wait till youre at a round about and a woman with a full veil, i mean full as in you cant see her eyes, comes at you in her SUV 😐

    everyone sing:
    youtube killed the video star 😛

    k i think i dated myself a bit there if no one gets that 😦

    hmmm world cup fever has kind of subsided in me….. my teams out 😦

    so i’m watchin wimbeldon an rootin for nadal 😀 gotta love that kid !

    • Òrange Juice™
    • Posted June 28, 2006 at 8:34 pm
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    With all this political madness Am excited to see what comes out of it.

  7. yeah OJ, i too am looking forward to how things turn out.

    perhaps for us expats the most important question is whether or not the govt will get enough support for project kuwait.

    i hope they do, even tho many others dont, cos i reckon it’ll be good for the country in the long run and it’ll def be good for us expats 😀

    • Òrange Juice™
    • Posted June 29, 2006 at 6:26 pm
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    true! true!
    from an expats view this country needs change.
    I think nationality is the no1 issue at the moment and water shortages…Lol!
    P.s the water is back on

  8. yay for the water 😛

    i hope youre stocking up and filling buckets an stuff cos you never know 😐

    lol flash back to the 90-91 war when we had to fill bath tubs and wash with a bucket an pail,…..

    • Òrange Juice™
    • Posted June 29, 2006 at 9:05 pm
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    Lol!..Oh mums been yelling since morning am least bothered but seriously I’ve been drinking like crazy making orange sunquick drinks to last through the whole summer

    • Òrange Juice™
    • Posted June 29, 2006 at 9:14 pm
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    Hey!! I still wash with a bucket and pail using the shower is a waste of water Haram!!!! Kill the habit and save water ..
    sounds like an awarness campaign

  9. lol @ the haram 😛

    i’ll have quicker showers hows that 😛

  10. meeeeee wanty 😦

  11. lol i got the last aes620, but theres one more aes420 in the same dark red left at the music shop in salmiya 😛

  12. guttural, tonal, a pawn shop, megadeath, riff, a bucket an pail?

    The effects processor’s picture is not there!

    I do, you have to play proper, you must! Now this is a healthy hobby that has nothing to do with your work.

    What’s with the water? Water supply in Kuwait?

    I know that song, I love it!

    I’m done with this month, gonna have dinner and then we’ll talk 😀

    Felt like talking to myself all day though…

  13. guttural, low and rough
    tonal, the sound, comes from tone
    a pawn shop, like cash converters
    megadeath, a metal band in the 80s
    riff, a combination of notes

    yup water was cut for a while in some places.

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