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Title,………ummmm,……… i’ll call this fat dude on a green couch, a very still life.

i was hoping to do that most of the summer ^,…..

but i guess it wasnt meant to be 😛

damn, guitar chord learnin’s hard business. my fingertips on my left hand are all tender, and i’ve come to the conclusion that the fingers on my right hand are too fat to do deliverance type banjo picking.

” squeal like a pig, boy “

hehehe, one of the best movie lines ever 😛

i am having shitloads of fun with my effects box, and running it thru ableton while plucking, smacking and twanging the guitar with everything from a paperclip to an allan key 😛

been getting some amazing sounds out of it for beat making 😛

i’ve also had several epiphanies regarding the forex thingy i posted about earlier 😀

not sure if youre meant to have several epiphanies at once,…..

but maybe i’m just dense like that :P, but one led to another to another then hung a left and plopped me down infront of yet another.

so a couple more weeks of testing before i go “live” or “broke” as it were hehehe.

an old uni friend got in touch with me after about 6 years of constantly missing each other on various continents. he was a house mate and one of my closest friends in uni, but as time went by we went our seperate ways, and hes now married and with a new born.

the funny thing is that he also has a poodle,……

apparently poodles dont shed hair, which is what his wife was adamant about.

now this guy served an extra year or so ontop of his military service in israel, and was always a tough motherfucker, you know, someone who’s always pleasant but you know not to fuck with em.

so the image of him walking his poodle made me piss my pants laughing !!!

catching up with old friends is often a double edged sword.

after all the excitement has died down, and after everyones overinflated their accomplishments over the past 10 years, youre left with yourself at the end of the day, and youre left with yourself from 10 years ago.

you’ll sit down with yourself, and find that you’d kill your younger half for some of the stupid things he did. you’d give him a fuckin medal for other things, and you’d slap the bitch for many more things you forgot about.

lol i still cringe at some idiotic things i’ve said an done,……

one time i asked a lesbian couple ” so like what the fuck do you guys do when you fuck?”

and this was the first time we met. friends of the then girlfriend you see.

surprisingly they later became good friends :P, well one of em,.. i think the other still thinks i’m a moron 😛 i wouldnt beg to differ 😛

i still feel a slight twinge when i think of past relationships, and sometimes its followed by a cringe for being said moron, sometimes its followed by a quick grrrrr,……. mostly, such thoughts are followed by a melancholic sigh, and a smirk,…..

thinking back, we often tend to focus on the disappointments.

and we go ‘if only this or that didnt happen’,…..

but i can honestly say this about life so far:

i wouldnt have changed a thing,

and while i honestly dont regret anything,

i’ll reserve the right to cringe during flashbacks 😛



  1. Lmao, with all I know about ya I dont think you could ever aspire to live The Still Life..

    You on a lil learnin spree huh, the arabic classes and the guitar, kinda inspiring me a little to shake awake my dormant learning capabilities :-p Well guess the process awakened you to allow you to have multiple epiphanies huh?

    Well for a smirk to follow your melancholic sigh, thats highly unusual.. Well, something I coincidentally came across at the right time once really did it for me thats worth shovin into your memory:

    All endings are also beginnings, we just dont know it at the time…. 🙂

  2. lol i used to be able to do the still life very well 😛 i remember spending hours by the pool tanning, with nothing but my thoughts.

    tooo much learnin!
    brain no want work no more !!!!!

    yeah it is unusual, but since most people get depressed about it, i reckon fuck theres nothing i can do aboutit now, and lol wasnt that just dumb,…. sometimes you just gotta be able to laugh at yourself, or life gets waaaaaaay too serious 😛

  3. Hell yea, for heavens sake… let the crazy stay loose in us forever….

    So do you still keep in touch with your lesbian buddies then 😛

  4. saddly no lost touch with them.

    why, ya interested? 😛

  5. Ah no point in tellin ya even if I were huh since you dunno em anymo!

    😛 I always liked having gay buddies, it’s a different perspective you see thru them- and i mean the way they think, yea!

  6. definately a fresh pair of eyes is always something worth checkin out.

    i’ve always foudn that they have a rather unique take on things that us straight peoples wouldnt have thoguht of thinking about 😛

  7. Exactly my point!

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