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whores, flesh peddlers, merchants of sin,…..gods true servants !

so when the world comes to an end, the big dudes gotta take inventory.

and to do so he does a little santa thingy,…whos been naughty and who’s been nice,….

the prezzies we get under our little tree at the end of times varies from the biblical equivalent of a 7 star hotel holiday resort, all expenses paid,( hopefully not as gaudy as the burj al arab)….to a really bad holiday in a 3rd world country,…

where you have diarrhea,…..

and the toilet doesnt flush.

now to make things interesting for himself, as well as to make sure hes got room for when we mooch off of him in heaven, he decided to give us free will.

so instead of doing what we’re told, we do what ever the fuck we feel like πŸ˜›

yay for free will πŸ˜€ !!!

but boo for free will too, cos its the only way gods gonna make sure he doesnt run out of chips or beer when the world goes to shit, and all the good little boys and girls crash at his place,…. forever !

so since free will is meant to seperate the wheat from the chaff, the assholes from the pushovers, the doritos from the lays, the soggy fries from the just-cooked-right fires,…

wouldnt that make the temptors / temptresses, purveyors of sin, and the merchants of smutt gods direct servants as opposed to the priests, clerics and abracadabra dudes?

think about it for a sec before you violently click on the ‘post a comment’ button πŸ˜›

you can argue that god wants everyone to go to heaven.

then whats the point of free will?

you can argue that god wants loyal servants.

then whats the point of free will if he could david-copperfield a nice obedient lil bunny at will?

what ever argument you throw out, there is no denying that life is a test to determine who gets past the velvet ropes and who has to sleep on the wet spot.

so armed with that reasoning as reason d’etre for anything and everything that we do,…..

those that tempt, seduce, peddle sin,vice and avarice,…. the whores of babylon, the Harrah’s of the world (casino company), the hugh heffners( playboy incase you didnt know), the makers of liquor( if you are so inclined) and drugs, the chargers of interest,……

they are all the direct servants of god, as it is they who truely test your strength as a follower of a certain faith.

think about it, whos the more pious,…. someone who has never stepped foot into a strip joint and condems them?

or someone who willingly ventures into dens of iniquity and engages the supposedly lost in conversations?

clerics dont challenge you through temptation, and neither do priests, or any other religious figurehead.

find me a priest who’ll take me to a strip joint, all expenses paid of course :P, and i might change my mind.

at the end of the day,….

if you succumb to temptation, be it your neighbours wife or your neighbours cheescake, its your fault and your fault alone…..

oddly enough, the merchants of sin play a more important role in gods plan than you’d think, but they get no respect, which is why they are compensated in financial terms during this existence.

but people of the clothe get shit loads of respect, so karma being an equal opportunity bitch gives them only what they need.

in a nutshell, dont be surprised if when the shit hits the fan, you see the neighbourhood whore go thru those pearly gates while youre sent round the back to do the dishes,… forever πŸ˜›

i’ma become a drug peddleing pimp and do gods work πŸ˜›



  1. Lol.

    We are all whores to something or someone in some degree.

    • Òrange Juice҄’
    • Posted July 6, 2006 at 10:04 pm
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    Am confused very
    but if it made sense to me I think I would most certainly disagree

  2. welcome kaleidoscope πŸ˜€

    hmm true, we are all whores in one form or another,…lol now that just blows my whole theorey out of the water 😐

    altho even whoreing has varying degree of nice an naughty, and just down right sick πŸ˜› , which is determiened by the client ie the tempted πŸ˜›

    whohoo theorey still works πŸ˜€

    OJ: lol i’ll admit it was one of those thoughts you get in the toilet when you forget to bring something to read πŸ˜› so its almost guaranteed to not make sense:P

  3. Hah thats a pretty good theory to justify loadsa jazz aye?

    Well I was always think that God is a forgiving god. Maybe thats why I have such a sensitive psyche that makes me churn with guilt after the live-for-the-moment indulgences are over with…Then the guilt trips are bygones as well….

  4. bygones till karma bites ya in the ass again πŸ˜›

  5. interesting theory u got there skunk!

    it does make sense in a wierd sort of way! It is through temptation that your faith is tested… so, in a wierd-wrap-around sort of way, peddlers of sin would seem to be doing god’s work…

    Loved the way you posted this! It was funny and got ur point across! well-done man! πŸ˜€

  6. muchas gracias KD πŸ˜›

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