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Weather Control.

Kuwait has a population of just under 3 million people.

so not too big.

it also pumps out about 2 million barrels of oil a day,…. i think.

multiply that with the price kuwait sells it at, which i think is around US$65 a barrel,…..

so mucho moolah!

add to that the fact that its international assetts generated around US$50 billion last year, matching the earnings of the oil sector for the first time in history apparently, …. ummm i might be wrong on the exact figures,….

so more mucho moolah!

so i propose the following:

nevermind about political issues facing the country!

nevermind about the northern oil fields project!

nevermind about the silk city or city of silk up in subiya!




and set the temperature to a cool 25 degrees 😛


as stupid as it sounds, it actually makes alot of sense:

1- it would consume less energy cos youre cooling one large space as opposed to a gazillion small spaces with a trazillion small ac’s.

2- the generated heat would simply rise (stack effect) and be pumped out, allowing the cooler air to fall, blanketing the country in a gorgeous temperature that would mean we wont need ac’s in our houses.

3- during the winter you prolly wouldnt even need to switch on the heating as the globe will be like a greenhouse warming the nation 😀 365 day swimming !!!

4- the nicer temp would encourage plants to grow, kuwait will be green, so all you global warming hippies can shut up now :D, besides you’ll get more veggies to eat too so shush! 😛

5- and perhaps, after an exuberrant grass roots movement, parliament will pass a bill which will require the government to produce atleast 3 months of snow so that all legal disputes will be settled during those three months by way of a snowball fight 😀

cant be thaaaat expensive 😛

besides they did it in the truman show 😀

so go ahead, write your newly elected MP and DEMAND a snowglobe city !!!




  1. I like that idea!

  2. funny, funny 😀

  3. hahaha!
    put it in writing and give it to ur local mp ;p
    i gurantee you they either will ignore you completly, kick and beat u up, or send u to the loony house ;p

    aaahh nothing like democracy ;p

  4. ooo new people visiting my blog 😀

    welcome stallion, sunshine, and welcome back baroque 😛

    stallion: glad you like the idea :D,.. but do you like it enough to start a petition? 😛 hahaha

    sunshine: the funnier thing is that i actually started thinking it was a great idea half way thru my post 😛

    baroque: i double dare you to ! 😛
    i’m a foreigner so they wouldnt listen to me anyway 😡

    go on, i triple dare ya now,… at the very least he’ll remember your name lol, which may not be a good thing 😐

  5. heeeey that was my idea first 😐 i’ve been telling my mom how i wish they’d do a truman thingy 😛

    oh and you being where you’re from, you could eeeeasily sell the government the technology/design/plan to build your little globe. i’m sure they’ve bought sillier and less useful things before, so why not buy this ingenius idea 😛

  6. lmfaoo riiight 😛

    i’m already called “that crazy foreigner” 😛

  7. *waves banners high*

    Skunk for President!!

    Skunk’ll give ya that funk!!

    Can you smell wut the skunk is cooking!??!


    I’m lovin’ it skunk! 😀

  8. Yes, one can dream and hope.

  9. lmfaoo KD !!!

    as valuable as your support is, i’m sorry but there is no way in hell i’m gonna wear those speedos of his 😛

    or speedos of any kind 😐


    an sedna, my daddy always told me to dream BIG 😛

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    • Posted July 14, 2006 at 12:54 pm
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    Gol MashAllah!

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