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with all the drama of the past 24 hours in this neighbourhood, i doubt theres a single person in the world who isnt wondering…..


the first step to peace, reform and freedom is a sense of pissed-offed-ness.

the decision to do something about it requires a boiling over of said state of pissed-offed-ness.

whether its the micorcosm of your life, or the macrocosm of world events ranging from global warming to the israeli-palestinian conflict.

now people who’ve been reading this blog will know that i’m not from this neighbourhood.

neither am i from “the great satan’s ” neighbourhood. although you can reach my ‘hood by flying over it, and a little more 😛

but i’ve grown up here so i think i have one of the few trully objective view points without being criticised for “not understanding the culture here”.

neither am i affilliated with any religion, political party or ideaology apart from my love of pure unbridled capitalism. basically the only bias i have is wanting everyone to have enough money 😛 (hmmm, theres my campaign slogan i think :P)

so i promised you the key to peace in the middle east,….

and here it is,……

one simple question to your leaders, arab and isrealis.

one question from your lips to the ears of your leaders on behalf of your children.

one question, the answer to which if not to your liking, should spurr you on to get out into the streets and do the job yourselves, just like the lebanese did with syria, and the grass roots here with the government….

in the words of Janet Jackson:

What have you done for me lately ?

Ooh ooh ooh yeah

What have you done for me lately ?

Ooh ooh ooh yeah

I never ask for more than I deserve

You know its the truth

You seem to think youre gods gift to this earth

Im tellin you… no way.

You ought to be thankful for the little things

But little things are all you seem to give

Youre always puttin off what we could do today


its a brilliant system that works, and here are a few examples of case studies in which that immortally world changing question has shaped our world:

the french revolution

the boston tea party

the communist revolution ( ok so they came up with the wrong answer but hey, atleast they asked!)

the man infront of the tank in tiannanmen square

india with ghandi

martin luther king and the civil rights movement

the collapse of the communist revolution

the whole bloody history of the USA

the UK and the removal of the royalty from decision making

blair when he got in, and blair when he gets kicked out.


so the next time you guys are out on the streets dont sing ” we shall over come” or silly chants consisting of “ra ra ra”

give janet jackson her due,….

cos i wanna turn on cnn to see the world SCREAMING the words :




  1. microcosm, macrocosm, unbridled, spur,

    LOL I used to listen to this song very often, I actually have the album 😛 Never thoguht of it this way!

  2. microcosm, small universe
    macrocosm, big universe
    unbridled, unchained uninhibited
    spur, in this context to encourage.

    makes you think doesnt it?

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