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Red Bull girls, the KSE and Ideas To Patent.

the red bull girls dropped by the KSE today πŸ˜€

a brilliant idea, and i’m surprised that they didnt come by sooner, especially with these sucky markets πŸ˜›

plus a bit of eye candy is always nice on a floor over populated with dishdashas !

if anyone reading this happens to work for red bull’s marketting campaign,…..



ahhh, the KSE,….. its been ages since i’ve posted anything on it. so heres a brief analysis of the past couple of months:

it sucked ass in may.

it sucked more ass in june.

its currently a black hole, sucking a royal amount of royal ass in july.

umm yeah, so i’ll never get a job at meryll lynch or al shall πŸ˜›

having said that, buying bluechips in may turned out to be a good idea, aint nothings happened to my holdings much, and i’ll be adding a bit more sometime this week. perhaps if and when the situation in lebanon deteriorates.

regarding lebanon i’m not going to say anything other than i hope it ends soon.

theres too much rhetoric being flung, and too much fingerpointing, and too much arab / israeli / jewish / muslim pride bullshit getting in the way of the fact that people are dieing there, and that both lebanese, israeli and kuwaiti friends of mine are still on the ground there.

the one thing i will add: if you really want to help, then book a flight out there once the fighting is over. go spend your raise there. go invest in the local economy.

your rallys, your shouting, your burning of flags doesnt put food on the table.

neither will your misguided allegiance to hizbollah, nor your growing of curly sideburns and nodding.

and do the dead a fucking favour, set aside your ethnic / religious pride.

cos if you sit down and think about it, jewish pride has killed the most jews, and arab pride has killed the most arabs through out history.

Ideas to patent:

false prophet detector:
– this is an idea sparked by replies to the previous post, but i thought it post worthy in itself. so in case you didnt read it,……

you can be the most holy of holy men, the most evil of the axis, the smartest of geekdom, or the most amazing lay in the world,….

but at the start ( or end, depending on your routine) of the new day,….

we all gotta drop our pants and grunt!

the trully divine, in keeping with his or her divinity would be a real coinesseur of the finest things in life. he/she would be like ahh apples, trully gods work. or, ahhh caviar, fishy gifts of god individually gift wrapped for mortals to enjoy,….. and on and on,….

so inkeeping with the amount of food the dude/ette would consume,…

my false prophet detector kit would include

5 kg’s of various cuts of meat

1 inflatable buttplug

kidnapping of false prophets and subsequent restraining of said falsies not included, but can be arranged for an additional fee.

the deluxe version of this would include constipation medication πŸ˜€

The Krispy Dixie Childrens Option Exchange, named after the originator of the idea,….

(so you can arrest her if it turns out to be not quite legal :P)

an option is a financial instrument.

its a contract between yourself and your broker.

it gives you the right to buy or sell a stock or commodity at a fixed price some time in the future.

but youre not obliged to buy or sell, you just have the right to do so, at the price you agreed upon, if you want to in the future.

the right to buy is called a “call”

and the right to sell is called a “put”

get it?

so no more empty threats when your kids misbehave πŸ˜›

oooo and no more empty threats if your younger brother or sister keeps “borrowing” your favourite crayons ! πŸ˜€ ( like hes gonna fuckin return the orange crayon he used up pffft! )


i dont have kids yet, but i know from the hell i raised that my parents would have liked to have leverage like that πŸ˜›

note to self, first potential customer of the Options exchange: brad and angelina πŸ˜€



  1. hehehehehehhe…. Come to think of it, we should establish one of those in a marriage contract as well… πŸ˜›

    “I swear, boy! If I find out you cheated on me, I will exercise my call option and u will be mine for eternity!!! and you best believe I will make you suffer….”

    c’est tres bien, no? πŸ˜‰

  2. lol !

    seems i have created a monster πŸ˜›

    but wait isnt an engagement already a call option already?

    premiums paid are the engagement ring for him ( cos she could keep it or throw it away if you dont exercise), and the engagement party for her ( all your friends making wagers as to how long you’ll last,…. would be a tad embarassing if the deal aint done πŸ˜› )

    hmm but we still could be inthe middle an make some moolah πŸ˜›

    she buys a call/put from us, we call him, tell him, he buys the opposite at a higher price from us to protect himself πŸ˜›

    and vice versa πŸ˜›

    we might go to hell for this but atleast we’ll die rich πŸ˜€

  3. hahahahahahaha!!

    There’s no end to the chaos we could create!


  4. meryll lynch or al shall, flung, rallies, nor your growing of curly sideburns and nodding, or the most amazing lay in the world, grunt, inflatable, subsequent, falsies, wagers, tad?

    I must go to sleep cause I didn’t get what you’re talking about at all! I wish you were here to explain all this to me 😦 I miss you

  5. meryll lynch or al shall, finance companies that give forecasts of the markets
    flung, throw
    rallies, market going up
    or the most amazing lay(sex) in the world, grunt, that sound you make when you lift heavy stuff
    inflatable, something you blow air into
    subsequent, next
    falsies, fake ones
    wagers, bets
    tad, little bit

    lol read it again πŸ˜›

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