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how the fuck is anyone getting any work done with this shitty ass internet connection ?!

sort it out for fucks sakes, especially if you want to become a financial hub!

i’ve decided to take the day off,….

or a few days, or a week, or however long it’s gonna fucking take.





    (in my best Dick Solomon voice :P)

  2. I know!!! I cant even listen to youtube at work anymore 😀

  3. lol ahh so the net being shitty might actually make you more productive then 😛

  4. Lol rigggght!

    actually ever notice how the tempo of your background music either puts gets you awake or very lethargic? I listen to some racy music and it shakes me awake 🙂

  5. lol definately, i have bloomberg on almost all day, and you’ll notice that their music, altho corny :P, is kinda like the bits in songs that keep you on edge for the next progression.

  6. lol

    I agree dude… the fucking internet sucks. I have heard various explanations from people who work for our ISPs, but still… come on… 200KD special dividend to all of our citizens yet we cant get reliable internet access?

    Anyways, how is the KSE treating you? Sideways market, shitty volume, you can move a stock by just whispering its name these days…. 🙂 what a joke of a market we have 😀

  7. hey welcome back entrepreneur!

    over your hiatus already? 😛

    you guys ought to pool the KD200 and get a big ass two way satellite dish for the net 😛

    lol or buy a new ministry of comms 😛

    and lol the markets,….theres a handfull of firms that are nicely priced, and have been for the past few months, so i’ve mostly been adding to my portfolio and positioning for any moves that may come later this year.
    as usual only been buying the goodstuff which i thought ran away from me in the sept-jan madness.

    agree on the whispering thing,…. perhaps we should capitalise on that 😛
    ever read the livermore book? he outlines his pump an dump strategy, and i’ve seen it happening alot here,…

    but as usual no one on the floor listens to me 😛

  8. lethargic, hiatus, the sept-jan madness, the livermore book, his pump an dump strategy?

    What was wrong with the internet back then? How long did it last?

  9. lethargic, lazy
    hiatus, a holiday break
    the sept-jan madness, just that
    the livermore book, book by livermore who was a trader inthe 20’s
    his pump an dump strategy, when they buy and buy to attract attention, then other people buy and buy cos htey get fooled while the badboys are selling to get out.

    it was slow for a few days i think.

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