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Sick My Duck ya Batstard Flu!


that made me chuckle while googleing “sick”.

yup, summer colds suck ass majorly!

my nose feels like someone jammed a couple of corks up there, forehead feels like i ran into a brick wall, my teeth hurt for some reason, and my ears keep geting pressurised like on an airplane.

but apart from that, lifes been hunkydory more or less.

we’ve been practicing conversations in arabic class. my vocab sucks beyond “gattet-ha”, “sheeel! and shaal-ha” and “al souk taaban/maffee siyoulah”,…. but since thats a subject matter i hear about in arabic often enough my arabic teacher has been engaging me in conversations about al bourseh.

not sure if hes being a good teacher or just looking for a stock tip πŸ˜›

the local markets have been crappy of late, so no change from last week :P. i’m starting to stock up tho,….

i must admit tho, right now i feel more like a collector than an investor, especially since i was never a “trader” in the strictest sense of the word. while ranging markets suck, this is actually the normal course for things to take.

i’m watching second quarter results carefully, cos thats how you spot the morons who decided to speculate with their company’s spare cashflow. the second quarters volatility will also seperate the wheat from the chaff of the investment companies too. the ones that knew what they were doing wouldnt be doing that badly, while idiots would have crashed and burned.

wtf is chaff anyway?

forex,… hehehe,… truely a traders final frontier, cos nothing ever makes sense in those markets. having said that, experienceing the forex markets makes the equity markets a piece of cake.

the work on forex is going well, the systems doing exactly what it should and i’ll be going live after a couple more months. theres still alot of psychological issues that need ironing out.

funny innit, it seems my brain is getting in my way πŸ˜›

schtupid brain!

ok schtupid brain is going to go rest now cos idiot nose is still blocked up.

i cant be the only one that does this:

left nostril blocked,

left nostril get desperate to feel air flow thru,

lean / roll over to the right,

snot/mucuss in nose slides right,

left nostril goes ahhhhhhhhhhh,….

and vice versa,

rinse and repeat as necesesarry.



  1. LOOOL salamaaaaaat skunky matshoof shar :**

  2. cheers dodo πŸ˜€

    matshoof shar?

    lol my newbie arabic is thinking you dont see my hair 😐

  3. hahaha
    matshoof shar means wish you well or get well soon πŸ˜›

  4. hahahahahaha

    awwww!! salamaat skunk! (that means get well!) πŸ˜€

    the last part was hilarious!! that always happens to me when I get sick! its so damn annoying to have to roll over every few minutes!!

    chicken noodle soup with half a lemon will get u better in no time! πŸ˜€

  5. ahh thanks anon, i figured it meant something like that πŸ˜›

    KD: oh good so i’m not the only that spends my ill days tilted in one direction or another πŸ˜›

    even tried doing it in the car,…and got some odd looks 😐

  6. i feel u man.. i also got the flu. Went to the beach last friday and left with scarred toes (cos of rocks) and a flu. One week now been going through exactly what u said. Thanks for the insructions, maybe will try that tonight, am sick of that nose spray. Anyway, salamat (good health) and stay out of the sun, it just makes it worth altough I know its kinda hard to do that here

  7. corks, hunky-dory, chaff, innit?

    Loved this post. I almost understood every thing this time πŸ˜›

    The French call this disease Sinusite. Not sure about the spelling though. If you ever get that again DO NOT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS because it’s a virus not a bacteria.

    1.Drink fresh orange juice as soon as you wake up and as much as you can all day.

    2. Eat as much as onions and garlic as you can, better raw than cooked.

    It works for me πŸ˜€

  8. corks, the thin gin a wine bottle
    hunky-dory, lol hard to explain
    chaff, crap stuff
    innit, isnt it.

    yup i remeber you telling me that πŸ˜›

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