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Ever have one of those days,…..

when you take the time to read the paper from front to back,…

perhaps while waiting for your grilled chicken to get done grilling,…

and you decide to give in to your guilty pleasure of reading your horoscope?

carefull tho, youre in a public place, and a dude, in my case, so you angle the paper in such a way that no one can see what it is youre reading :P.

anyway, later on that day,…

events and circumstances materialise around you, forming the bulk of your memories for the day. you get absorbed into what it is youre doing, and you forget about the gobbledygook you read about earlier while your stomach was rummbling.

especially cos youre additionally preoccupied with the fact that your nostrils arent blocked anymore, ( ahhhhhhhhh, snorrrrrrrrt, snifffffffffffffff, ahhhhhhhhhh).

and late in the night, while youre getting ready for bed, perhaps brushing your teeth, your left eyebrow cocks,… and you stop what youre doing for a second,….

“huh,….it was right afterall,….how odd,….”

especially since i’m pretty sure that the kuwait times horoscopes are off by atleast a day.

their main news articles are always fucking late, so i’ll doubt their horoscope readings are spot on 😛

you gotta love the irony of it all.

that particular day i was ass deep in thought about trading platforms, strategies, speed of order execution, interbank bids and offers, electronic charting, pivot points, straddles, stops, hedges, exponential moving averages,………..

pretty high tech stuff, on the surface atleast 😛 .

the horoscope said i would have an epiphany of sorts. ummm, naturally it wasnt as specific as that but that was the jist of it 😛

old school gobbledygook,….. on the surface atleast 😛 .

so it was old school stuff affecting new school stuff, but the thing is, the new school stuff involved old school math and reasoning, so i ditched the new school stuff in favour of the old school stuff, the old school stuff being more or less what the new school stuff is built on, making the new school stuff actually old school stuff made to look all spiffy and brand new.

added to that is the fact that this is a very old game that i play, ‘cept with new tools.

so its back to basics for me.

thank god for that :P, i was getting tired of trying to reinvent the wheel 😛

so provided the internet holds up, and certain other factors hold true, i might just have found my holy grail.

oddly enough, its not a system, which, unfortunately, is what sooooo many people are desperately looking for.

its as simple and as complicated as :

” i got it,…. and now i get it. “




  1. huh?? :/

  2. Wow you made all that gobbledygook sound interesting lolllllll

  3. KD: huh huh? lol 😛

    JB: lol cheers the compliments but thats the second time youve said that,…lol i’m starting to worry that i have boring interests 😛

  4. Uh oh didnt know you ere keepin tab, I take it back!!!!

    Besides you are supposed to focus on the fact that we like the way you write 🙂

  5. lol..very cool! check out my blog..I think you will find it very interesting..tell me what you think:)

  6. If you are interested in option trading strategies there are two that trade from Kuwait, trading US options, indices mostly…

    Both have “similar” strategies

    NIC have Al Tahawat, the only real Kuwaiti hedge fund. They trade volatility mostly.

    Stock Lord – Abddulah Al Marzouq I believe owns and manages this strategy. His offices are in Alraya. Looks at selling options which have rich premia after large market moves as implied vol ticks up.

    Anyways… give me a holla if ure interested in talking about trading strategies a little more.

  7. cheers for the info entrepeneur.

    personally i stay away from options and futures and just about anything with an expiry / maturity date.

    equities wise i’m a hardcore value investor a la buffett and graham, with a bit of lynch on the side. i’m in no hurry to make my millions so i’ma take my time 😛

    so far as surprisingly as it may seem, i’m actually up around 10% for the year, and thats on the damned KSE.

    the post was actually refering to my forex operations, and how that day i realised that markets are markets and basic psychology rules all of them.

    ever dabble in forex? lol its a fucking nightmare, or atleast it was till the epiphany. still i cant test out the epiphany until this fridays non farm payrolls so keeping my fingers crossed.

    forex should come with a disclaimer: welcome to the fucking wild west.

    lol 😛

    i’m always up for a strategies discussion, so let me know anytime you fancy having a chat about it.

    and that goes for everyone else as well :P.

    hmm,.. maybe we could do a financial dude/ettes-bloggers coffee session meet up.

    then again i only know of 4 ppl that might be interested, and lol two of them are you and me 😐

  8. hmmm…..i just went through alot of ur earlier posts, dont know how its my first time here, I shouldve known about his place earlier! U shouldve posted on my blog earlier 😛

    I like it, ill be visiting often!

    Also, any stock tips, with ur +10% compared to my -30%ish, would be very highly appreciated 😛

    My investments are done purely based on numbers and growth, and all in bluechips (kind of), but no banks :(((((


  9. welcome Q and thanks for stopping by. i’m glad you like this place 😛

    down 30% is actually not bad, i know guys on teh floor who have been hit even more. and these guys are always at the souk.

    it depends which bluechips you went into, cos investment bluechips and realestate bluechips got hit pretty hard too.

    fundamentally tho, it really depended on when you were buying and when you stopped. as i’ve mentioned on previous posts i stopped buying last octoberish.

    saddly even if you bought bluechips at the height youd still have been hit pretty hard.

    having said that, now is a good time to shift your assetts into some bluechips you might not have been able to get into previously. some good small caps might also be a good idea, people are puking them up left right and centre.

    in all honesty tho, right now its a waiting game, i’m scanning their Q2 earnings, and picking one or two for their dividends in Q1-Q2 07. theres a couple of really good companies with PE’s of 5 and below,… bluechips! :O with dividend yields of 15%.

    have a look at those and see what you like 😛 its like a summer sale 😀 you just gotta pick the good ones 😛

    feel free to email me and i’ll help out as much as i can.

  10. What is makhazens PE?

    its trading a tad above 1.5kd these days… crazy considering it has such a strong free cashflow yield.

    As for Forex, hmmm i dont trade it regularly, but sometimes i make some macro calls (which end up being too early or too late) and use derivatives to express them.

    Actually, I have two trading platforms that I use. One is a plain vanilla UK based online broker, the other is also UK based, but it deals in CFDs. Contracts For Difference.

    They are a derivative synthetic contract that can ultimately replicate the price of anything. You have CFDs on invidiual stocks, indices, commodities, fx, interest rates you name it.

    CFDs allow you to use large amounts of leverage and you can place hard stops in the market so you know exactly what your maximum downside is. Liquidity wise they are extremely liquid and trade on quite tight bid ask spreads.

    Q you trade too?

  11. skunk, thx for the advice!

    And ent, yes i invest, not heavily, nothing fancy, only equities, and I am not a trader, i invest long term. So even though Im losing now, Im not that worried to be honest in the long term!
    PWC is a complete puzzle to me, its the best thing on the KSE every way u look at it, and I am very bullish on it and heavily into it….but its stock performance is inexplicable!

  12. ok i’m guessing makazhen is PWC from the price 😛

    i never really looked at them in detail, but thisis what i got from occ:

    2nd Qtr & 1st half 2006 results for PWC …….. 7/31/2006
    The Exchange announced the results for the period of the 2nd quarter and the 1st half ended Jun 30,2006 for Public Warehousing Company as follows: (1) Net Profit for 2nd qtr 2006: KD41,412,098 & earning per share52.84 Fils (2nd qtr 2005 : KD 38,569,380 & EPS 53.38 Fils). (2) Net Profit for 1st half 2006: KD82,354,478 & EPS 105.11 Fils (1st half 2005: KD 72,080,652 & EPS 99.76 Fils). The net profit for 1sthalf ended 30-6-2006 included unrealized losses (KD 183,056)

    now i havent gone thru their financials, but on the surfac they seem to be doing ok. i’mnot too familiar with logistics/transport co.’s so i really cant say. not much growth year to date earnings wise but thats not bad. theyre in an odd stage right now, they got a massive windfall from the war and the military contracts, and i think alot of that is winding down between now and the next 3 years.

    it seems theyre trying to figure out how to evolve into something truely huge, and i get the feeling theyre well on their way.

    theyre dividends are quite good arentthey?

    i will say this aboutthem: i called them about shipping a couple of cars, and they said give me your number and we’ll get the right people to talk to you. so knowing how that usually goes in kuwait, i went pffft but heres my number.

    lol 5 mins later some guy calls with all the info i wanted, so not too shabby 😛

    just keep an eye on their earnings 😛

  13. skunk, what I like about them other than their financials are 2 things –

    1- They played it right in terms of growth, they took huge risks, but to offset the risk of losing the US army (which probably isnt gonna happen soon with so much shit everywhere), what they did is that they started spending the money they got from the major contracts in buying out other companies worldwide that would help their overall business! If you look at the companies they own outside kuwait, its amazing! They are currently the 6th or 7th largest logistics company in the world, which is not too shabby at all as u say 😛

    2- They are hiring the right kind of people. most of their bigshots are wharton graduates (tareq alsultan is a wharton grad himself), they are targeting and attracting young very smart and hard working kuwaitis…

    I think these two things alone are enough to make it worth a real detailed look!

  14. lol d’oh!

    of course, i forgot they owned a shitload of other companies, so my apologies,,.. lol see i really wasnt paying attention to them 😛

    i agree with you, they are definately worth a second look. i was actually meant to visit their offices sometime this month. as well as tabreed.

    one of the things i like about PWC type companies such as mtc, kproj and nind, are that theyve gone international. they are essentially holding companies and operate in the same way fundamentally despite their seemingly different industries. so with them its relatively easy to guage: where are they going, and i hope theyre not expanding at any cost. so i was actually happy that mtc didnt get egypt, but fingerscrossed they get saudi ( better disposableincomethere ) 😛

    assuming they do 100 fils in the second half, or even half of that, 50 fils(say something goes wrong in the second half),…. a modest PE of 10 makes them fairly priced at todays price.

    hmmm intersting indeed:P

    will have to look into their rate of growth.

    thisis why i love crappy markets, you get amazing companies at ridiculous prices, which if you hold for 3-5 years will more than reward your patience.
    everyone onthe floor is scared right now, but theres talk of a revival during ramadan when money will come home…..but as they say talk is cheap 😛

  15. I liked ur post, but the comments…. ok u gotta be really into money market stuff to be interested or know what u guys are talking bout. But all in all, i know what u mean and i have had several times when i went through what ur talking about.

  16. cheers fonzy, and yeah i understand that some people have no interest in the financial markets which is why i kinda kept the post light and vagueish.

    and market opinions suck in writing, its really more something you chat about. and writing about the markets is more enjoyable when its about theorey as opposed to talkin about individual stocks 😛

    but if you do generate an interest, dont be afraid to ask, we’ll all be more than happy to answer any questions.

  17. lol d’oh, sorry fonzy i should have read your profile before i replied. didnt know you were in the financial industry as well, altho i suppose you could be in a different section not related to the money markets 😛

  18. its cool man.. dont worry bout it. Actually I am in the Corporate Banking Division, nothing to do with money markets. All with financial analysis, loans, LGs, LCs, and so on (credit stuff). And I am interested in learning how stocks work, I just never seem to have the time. So when I do, u will be the first to know:)


  20. bulk, gobbledygook, rumbling, snort, cocks, speed of order execution, pivot points, straddles, stops, hedges, exponential moving averages, jist, spiffy, cept, internet holds up, factors hold true?

    OK I got most of what you’re trying to say but as I said before as god as you are at explaining things face to face you need to structure your post cause it’s like 3IUREHFX

    Which reminds me that I should clean the LuLu chicken 😛

  21. fx, Liquidity wise they are extremely liquid and trade on quite tight bid ask spreads, PWC, 1sthalf, windfall, Wharton, tabreed, kproj, nind, PE, vagueish?

    This is definitely the most interesting post so far.

  22. I read up to this post.
    You forgot 14 posts! Are you sure you get them all? or they get erased from your list if there are more than a certain number?
    It’s almost 12am here. I don’t know if I can post within 15 minutes.

  23. Liquidity wise they are extremely liquid and trade on quite tight bid ask spreads

    it means theres alot of whatever i was talking about and that the differnece between the buy and sell price is small.

    the rest i’ve done before or are names of companies on the kse.

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