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salalah anyone? πŸ˜›

so i’m watching the BBC weather report, yet again wondering why their weather people dress so shabbily, considering the 150 plus quid per tv the entire UK population is held ransom to if they want to own a tv set…….

and the guy goes thru the gulf countries:

kuwait – hot as fuck.

dubai – not quite as hot as fuck, but humid as fuck.

saudi – more of the fucking same πŸ˜›

salalah, oman – 24C

baghdad – hot and dangerous as fuck.

……………….. hold on !

24C ?!?!?!?!

in the middle of summer ???

wtf am i still doing here?

so i got onto wikipedia, and started researching.

at the start of summer i was planning a short trip to beirut, with the sole intention of researching the country as a potential base of operations. i must admit tho that the taxes, and living costs i heard about was dampening my enthusiasm about beirut, but it had so much else going for it.

i’ll still be going there, because i figure the best thing i can do to help the locals is spend money there at a time when no one else will be going. i wont get into my beliefs about humaintarian organisations and their relief fund usage right now, especially since immediate relief is what theyre good at,…. but i believe making a difference happens on a small scale, like finding a mom an pop restaraunt that might be struggleing and eating there exclusively during your stay, or a family run hotel that needs the customers, etc.

anyway, back to oman.

its green!

i didnt know that,….

and yeah the BBC didnt fuck up….. it really was 24C there yesterday.

its a bit humid apparently, something like 89% humidity….. but with 24C it cant be that bad can it?

and it seems to have kind of an odd and very colourful history spanning thousands of years.

and theyre “Ibadis” which is a sect of islam that i never heard of before.

all in all its gotten me really curious about the country, so if anyones been to muscat or salalah ( hehehe gotta love that name), do drop me aline and tell me what its like, where to go, what to eat and what to see and do there.

if you live there even better, lol you’ll be my second international reader that i know of πŸ˜›

how expensive is it to live there?

and i guess the one question i cant seem to find an answer to,…. was your coast hit by the tsunami? ,…… dunno why, but that questions been bugging me all day.


i currently have a potatoe wedges addiction.



    • Delicately Realistic
    • Posted August 1, 2006 at 9:22 pm
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    Ive been to muscat & i loooved it! Theres a lot to say about that country, but i really dont know where and how to start. There are lots or pros and cons to living there.

  1. πŸ™‚

    move to dubai, they control their own weather there

    ahhh the wonders of technology

  2. delicately realistic: umm start anywhere :P. like how long ago were you there? how long did you stay, what are the locals like etc πŸ˜›


    and lol entrepreneur, i’m waiting till they build that glass dome over dubai πŸ˜›

    hmmm wonder if they’ll let me have an office in their ski thingy πŸ˜›

  3. I went to Muscat twice last year, absolutely love it, very real and untouched (the exact opposite of Dubai)!

    Its a perfect tourism destination!

    Salalah Ive always wanted to check out, I was told that during summer its gorgeous but it gets kinds busy!

    If u like nature, of if u just want to take a real break from ur daily busy life, its the perfect country! And the people are genuinely nice!

  4. cheers for your reply Q.

    well i’m convinced πŸ˜› i’m going there on my next holiday πŸ˜›

  5. skunk.. super or white widow?

  6. lol ent, super for sure!

    never tried white widow tho.

    man, its been ages since the last time i sang out ” i love you mary jane”


  7. shabbily, quid, dampening?

    “with the sole intention of researching the country as a potential base of operations” LOL You make it sound like a military one!

    I know very little about Oman but I know that the people nice from what someone told me. Remind me of that and we’ll talk about it.

    I know that you got Lebanon off your mind by now and turkey is probably where you will end up going to but Oman wasn’t such a bad idea. “89% humidity….. but with 24C” is very nice weather actually…

    Oh well…

    August posts sound more familiar πŸ˜€

  8. shabbily, not too well
    quid, pound, like a buck = dollar
    dampening, to soften

    yup its gonna be turkey.

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