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“I made a grand today”. But you made it in a sleazy way.

youre only ever as good as your last trade, if you’ll permit me to pervert a tinsel town saying.

“jack of all trades”

anyone ever call you that?

did you know that its normally follwed by “master of none” ?

so theyre basically taking the piss.

but heres the question:

does life favour the specialist or the generalist?

does evolution favor the book smart or the street smart?

actually, does evolution actually favor the “smart” at all?

think about it, tigers are almost extinct, and theyre extremely cunning predators, while cows are everywhere, and they shit on their food,…… there was one on my burger bun last night :D, and yet tigers, i suppose dont taste that good cos theyre normally not on menus.

oh and we, the brightest of the bunch, routinely go on killing sprees, and have the capacity to kill ourselves about 100 times over.

considering we’re depleting the earth, killing each other, cooking ourselves with global warming, and potentially flooding ourselves at the same time,….. perhaps we’re too stupid to just push the button and get it over and done with 😛

but i digress…..

it must be nice to be able to say “i’m a doctor/lawyer/architect/etc” for the simple conveniance of being able to classify yourself in one short sentance. and people go ooooh or ahhhh while an air of respectability descends over you, despite the fact that you got your dental assitant pregnant, or your number one client is the local crack supplier.

on the otherhand, when i say i work the markets for a living, i, and everyone of my kind are automatically lumped into the gammblers section of society. consquently, anything gained or lost is attributed to that.

atleast thats the way it is until the next market boom, and we get all the ooohs and ahhhhs again 😛 ( barton biggs pointed that out so cheers to you old man 😀 )

which is fine by me actually 😛

i’ll admit i didnt get into this game for the oohs and ahhs, but at the same time i’ll admit that i do enjoy them when they come 😛

but to this day i havent got a clue what to call myself.

i’m not quite a trader, cos i dont really trade frequently enough to be called one. i take positions.

i dont like investor cos that sounds old,….. and i dont yet have hair growing out of my ears.

lol i cant even say “i’m a trader at (insert big ass firm here)”.

independant trader makes it sound like i sell banak on the street 😛

or deal drugs lol.

damn, even “drug lord” has a nicer ring than any of the above.

so what do i put on my business card?

(right now it says adviser, but even that makes me sound 65 atleast!)

an indie trader friend of mine called us cowboys.

but i refuse to wear tassles.

and dont get me started on buttless chaps!

so i guess at the end of the day,……

“i’ll let the dead presidents represent me”



i found my holy grail and i feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine 😛



  1. ok i just have to say: u crack me up! u have a way with words, not so ‘smart’ but ooh so witty :p really enjoyed reading this post and i think u should refer to urself as “funk master” from now on

  2. hehehe cheers tinkerbell :D.

    hmmm funk master skunk,… its got a nice ring to it 😛

  3. hehehehehe I second tinkerbell! Ur a riot! 😛

    I think evolution favors the stupid… hence, ur cow and tiger analogy… 😛 stupid people never die, they just keep reproducing…

    generating more and more stupid people…

    As for your job title…. hmmm…. u don’t trade much so not trader… not old enough to be adviser… refuses to wear buttless chaps so not cowboy….

    hmmm…. how about stock maverick? or …. renegade of the markets…. ? or….. moneymaker for big a** firm??

    architects are hot…. 😛

  4. lol KD, you have an unhealthy fascination with architects 😐

    they (formerly “we” to a certain extent) are mostly megalomaniacal egomanics bent on world domination thru throw pillows 😛

    you are right tho, we are hot 😀

    you know those smart pretty girls on bloomberg?,… now theyre what i call hot 😛

    saddly they are too few and far between 😦

  5. megalomaniacal egomanics bent on world domination thru throw pillows = HOT!


  6. hahaha if you insist KD :P.

  7. sleazy, a tinsel town saying, jack of all trades, master of none, cunning, burger bun, depleting, lumped, barton biggs, indie, tassles, riot, maverick, renegade?

    Don’t tell me that all your readers know what buttless chaps means unless they all went to NES!

    Lumpty lumpity piii, lumpty lumpity pooo…

    1. I think that life favors the generalist.

    2. Evolution probably favors the street smart.

    3. Evolution definitely doesn’t favor the smart! Otherwise I won’t be sick!

    4. Tigers aren’t on menus because they’re getting distinguished as for cows they’re easier to domesticate that’s why they’re every where. This is us humans messing up with nature.

    I think that the accurate word would be Share Holder ohhh ahhh

    I’m so tiered but I can’t stop reading you…

  8. sleazy, dirty
    a tinsel town saying, a saying in hollywood which is sometimes refered to as tinsel town
    jack of all trades, master of none, means you can do a bit of everything, but you cant do one thing especially well
    cunning, smart and clever in a smart and clever way 😛
    burger bun, burger bread
    depleting, using up
    lumped, put together with
    barton biggs, an old time trader
    indie, independant
    tassles, those things tht hang from the sleaves that look like curtains
    riot, when people go nuts
    maverick, renegade, both kinda the same so i’ll put them together,… it means independant rebel type person.

    agreed on all your points, now go to bed! 😛

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