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i was gonna post something.

then i got sidetracked.

now i cant remember what it was that i was gonna post.

guess i can make this one of those random posts, umm which i suppose isnt anything new since most of my post degenerate into randomness πŸ˜›

i’ve got a hankering for a good hearty stew, lamb or mutton.

my cable holy grail is actually quite simple: stop trying to take something out of the market everyday….. trading turnover is what kills alot of guys on the floor, and reducing my turnover worked well on equities ( i have virtually no turnover πŸ˜› ), and so should work on cable too.

atleast three new people i met over the course of last week all said the same thing : “i only want KD30 – KD50 a day from day trading the KSE, is that too much to ask? then i can quit my job and do this full time.”

ummm ok first off, stop kidding yourself into thinking that having seemingly modest requests makes a difference to the market. you might as well ask for KD1000 / day for all the market cares. secondly, if you can manage an active 1 KD a day day trading i take my hat off to you. thats active, not average gains over the year.

i used to be an idiot and think like that as well πŸ˜›

but what can you say to those guys,…. no one listens when they think theyre being reasonable.

anyway back to my holy grail on cable…… systems work great if your time frame is infinte, ie it will go up or down just dont know when. so time becomes the variable. i’ve decided to take time out. which means i trade when i know when things are going to happen, ie around big news days.

hence the title of my post yesterday πŸ˜€

its working nicely :D, and is alot more relaxing, and fits into my trading philosophy, and i can chill by the pool alot more which is the important thing πŸ˜›

mmmm,.. stew,…… must have,… πŸ˜›

arabic classes are over, so my evenings have been freed up quite a bit.

coffee anyone ? πŸ˜›

i need to eat more fiber i think.



  1. I need to eat more fiber too. And less coffee.

  2. coffee is wonderful…. fiber is bird food… πŸ˜›


  4. lol q, i spent 5 mins going wtf is arabek liissoons :|???

    i’m doing arabic lessons so i can read the arabic papers :P, english ones suck for financial stuff.

    we all need more fiber,…. i just wish it came in cake form πŸ˜›

  5. Wow you finally got done with your arabic? How far did that go???

    How about coffee at starbucks for the 248am meet this eve? I’ve been a-slumbering lately and I need some caffeine to get to shake awake mode.

  6. Why does your word verification get so complicated? Does it not recognize me no more!!!???

    But its just 5 now opposed to the 10 I punched in previously!

  7. lol i have no idea why its gets so complex:P been a bit of spam here on older posts soi had to put it on 😑

    damn was that meet tonight? lol maybe next time.

    the arabic was quite good actually, i can read the letters properly now and a bit faster than before πŸ˜›

    ummm i still dunno what it says tho cos my vocab sucks:P

    i think level 2 will do grammar and more words πŸ˜›

  8. Skunnnk not tonight, sorrrry, its tomorro!!!! ugh didnt realize it until later…!

    Lol I’ve been resorting to tilting my head to one side and raising my brows in a what-the-hell-u-talkin-bout look in response to arabic conversation.

    Doesnt help when sum1 who speaks arabic only calls on the phone though :l

  9. skunk, the reason I ask is bcz i thought u were q8i?

  10. q: nope i’m not kuwaiti πŸ˜›

    lol JB i still do that, but i seem to be understanding a lil more. then i reply in english πŸ˜›

    • Òrange Juice҄’
    • Posted August 8, 2006 at 5:59 pm
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    I think it would help if you actually try to use a few arabic words in here or have something like a word a day.
    I have a hard time understanding arabic myself especially when the words are written like this 7amed 9ij and 6alabat I mean ufffff

  11. I know!!!! I second Oj! and i wish those words would have translations next to them….

    have a sentence a day will ya πŸ˜›

  12. lol i feel your pain OJ and JB.

    to me 6alabat reads like sixalabat 😐 , lol which is just gibberish :P.

    the problem is that the numbers are actually letters. so a 7 is a ha, 9 i dont know :|, and 6 no idea πŸ˜›

    on the surface it seems silly, why not just type h , but they have ha and heavy ha which changes the meaning of the word completely 😐

    krispy did offer her assitance if i needed any help with the number thingy so i’ll think about doing a number phonetics post πŸ˜› lol i’ll leave the vocab up to you guys πŸ˜›

  13. hehehe skunk, you crack me up.

    shit, did I just use the words skunk and crack in a single sentence?

    Something tells me Ive been in the country way too long this summer

  14. lmfao!

    now theres a designer drug in the making:

    skunk crack! or skrack!

    crunk is already a music genre, which i hate with a vengance.

    i know how you feel dude, i’m starting to think of going somewhere for a short break. friends in lebanon are asking me to go to beirut, you know, ” when blood runs in the streets” and all that, harsh and insentive i know, but it could help people out who want to leave.

    besides it doesnt look as bad as wheni was in bagdad πŸ˜›

  15. Thank You

  16. your welcome.

  17. hankering, should work on cable too, hence, insentive?

    5th of August 2006 ha? You were free and I was having sex without orgasms X( what a waste of time!

    Fiber in cake form! LOL Bake an apple pie πŸ˜›

    Go for Arabic level 2 GO GO GO

    OK so a word per day is not that hard. Please, a bit of effort won’t hurt you.

  18. hankering, wanting something
    should work on cable too, should work onthe pound
    hence, so
    insentive, should be incentive something to make someone do something like a reward.

    no i gotta start turkish soon πŸ˜›

  19. OK then.
    First Turkish word:
    Start = Bastan (the s has a thingy beneath it).
    Just looked for it in my Lingo Global Traveler. I completely forgot I had this one. Just noticed that it doesn’t have a vocal pronunciation option 😦

  20. pronounced bashtan

    the thing at the bottom is like an h so s is sh and c is ch

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