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Did Amre Mousa have to go pee pee ?

considering the gravity of todays UN security council meeting,….

considering the fact that its televised globally,…..

considering that he panders to the arab streets,…..

who were no doubt, all watching,…..

he really must have had to go, cos you know, when you gotta go you just gotta go!

how can one leave in the middle of your so called enemy’s speech?

the fundamental proverb in life and especially in war is “,…..keep your enemies closer.”

was getting up meant to make the arab streets cheer in defiance?

or was it your tailor calling about when you’ll take delivery of your brand spanking new suit? you know the one that cost so much that it would feed a palestinian village for a week.

no wonder hes had such an illustrious career full of success and triumphs,…..

ummm no wait, i’m mistaken, i was thinking of koffi annann.




one thing i keep asking when i see those two, is why the fuck are they still doing what they do?

i’m not saying they should be removed, altho they should,…..its more a personal question than one about politics.

i mean sure the positions are very prestigious, and the pay must be good, and you travel the world, and meet new people……..

all great stuff to put on your college application or resume.

sure as hell beat my ” won second place in an interschool stage performance competition”.

the question is this, why?

you know you have a ceremonial role. and that youve actually accomplished very little no matter how hard youve tried, partly cos the people youre dealing with all have their own agendas and never shall those agendas meet……,

even if they were the same.

and partly cos youre not prepared to make tough decisions and have people think that you might be an ass

dont they get fed up with accomplishing absolutely nothing? i mean your kindergarten teacher has more of an impact on the world than kofi. hitlers nanny must have been a real bitch, and saddams KG teacher was probably a registered sex offender.

one thing you can tell about the both of them, and one thing that the whole world sees,….

theyre attention whores.

they love it, and cant get enough of it.


politics aside, cos i’m sure there will be a plethora of blogs that will criticise both sides, i found these points interesting:

dan gillerman the israeli ambasador, mentioned blogging in the UN security council. lol never thought i’d see the day. i think i read the blogg he quoted but i cant remember exactly which one it was.

amre mousa doesnt know how to work his earpiece translator thingy.

the qatari guy sure used a helluva lot of gel, or was it oil?

the chinese ambassadors tie was too tight and too high.

ghana dude, the president, seemed to get annoyed that qatar, israel and lebanon all wanted a chance for a rebuttal,… he must have a hot date lined up.

i like gillerman and i like mitri, altho i must admit i dont know mitri that well.

the syrians and iranians looked scruffy,…. they always look scruffy, so did the iraqi ambassador, what is it with tyrannical regimes? cant they afford stylists, or atleast a decent barber?

even qatari dude looked better despite the barrel of oil he used on his hair,… no wonder all they have is gas these days :P.

upon proof reading this post, i realised i’d never get a job on CNN’s diplomatic liscence, not even now, when the shows been canelled.




  1. What the!!??

    this is my response to only your title. Now i shall read further πŸ˜€

  2. lmao! no you wouldnt get that job @ all@

    dang you shoulda immersed some pictures of those guys for me to laugh at in between the plethora of thoughts you have in here πŸ˜›

  3. hey, I liked it! πŸ˜€

  4. Amro Mosa lost the plot a long time ago, recently Ive come to see him as a typical Arab wannabe leader, which means go for the masses, ignore pragmatism and long term tactics, just go with the everyday man and woman screaming in the street against Israel and US and listening to Shabaan Abdulraheem.

    The “hero” or “savior” dream that Arabs live in works perfectly for disillusioned ppl like him! Abdulnasser was the “savior” back in the day, then it was Saddam for many, then recently its been Bin Laden, and the newest member to that elite group is Nasrallah from Hizbullah.

    All these get general support overnight by all masses living in deprived conditions and needing the fantasy of a “savior” with a one time solution to all Arab’s porblems.

    Amro Mousa seems to me like he wants to be seen as a “savior”, the guy who stood against Israel, who was against the US when it went to Iraq, the guy who is against the rich arab states…etc..

    No long term vison at all by any of the previously mentioned names, and all hailed as heros.


  5. damn youre right JB i shoulda put pics of them up as well. maybe next time πŸ˜›

    thank you KD πŸ˜›

    my point exactly Q, when amre mousa and koffi die and are asked on judgement day ” so what did you do with your life?” , they’ll say well i was head of arab league/UN.

    and the response they’ll probably get will be:

    “yeah, ok, but what did you DO?”

    theres taking a stand, and theres taking a stand that benefits no one but yourself for 60 years.

    one thing i’ve always wondered is why arent these guys, and the guys you mentioned, and arafat etc held accountable and responsible for actual progress?:P

  6. 1. Arabs will never unite, we are too petty and hold too many prejudices to do that. Plus we hate one another. Oh and we’re inherently jealous as a race.

    2. “…they always look scruffy, so did the iraqi ambassador, what is it with tyrannical regimes?” quoting from your post, I do believe that Iraq is now a democracy, no more tyranny… muaaaahaaaahaahaaa – um yeh whatever – the country is, in absence of a technical term “fucked”.

    3. The middle east has and will remain a chaotic place. We have so many factions, both religious and political. Unless some huge even was to occur that resulted in a paradigm shift of the majority, then im afraid i dont see much change ahead. However, in the case that oil runs out, at least we will all be back on a level playing field – broke and working with our hands.


  7. lol ok i’ll give you that one on the iraqi ambassador since i didnt specify which one i was talking about πŸ˜›

    i meant the guy during saddams tenure, you know the one with the comb-over that always flapped when giving interviews on an NY sidewalk πŸ˜›

    besides i have it on good authority that the maliki regime is currently interviewing stylists and updating their diplomatic wardrobe πŸ˜›

    hmm dunno about the level playing field, infact i think the gap will actually get larger, which isnt a bad thing, survival of the fittest and all that πŸ˜›

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    • CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive)
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    amr is Egpytian?

  9. blue: welcome to my blog πŸ˜€ have a look at the arabtimes when you get here, they have a section on pets everynow and again which you might find useful. otherthan that i’ll have a look around for the breed youre after.

    cyber: yup that he is πŸ˜›

  10. Oh la la! This one is long! Gotta go to sleep.


    Whose Mitri?

    panders, defiance, KG teacher, plethora, rebuttal, scruffy, comb-over?

    ”won second place in an inter school stage performance competition” Impressive.

    My 1st comment really doesn’t fit here at all :S
    Which reminds me that you never helped me find that dog 😦

    Was it my 1st comment here ever?

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