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i’ve been getting into my car at around 9am.

i take the gulf road into the city.

that roundabout by the seif palace has always pissed me off, and still does to this day.

i hang a left at the lights outside the stock exchange building, drive past the NBK HQ and U-turn at the roundabout, hoping the grand mosque’s parking lot aint full.

so far it hasnt been.

some days i grab a tall mocha frap from the starbucks they stuck under the escalators in the KSE, some days i dont, most days i do tho,….

so i get to say : ” just the usual today please. ”


then i head up to the balcony that over looks the floor, and say my good mornings.


it feels more like an old mans coffee shop than a stock exchange. half the time we’re shooting the shit about stuff other than the markets. the other half of the time there are enough seats there to actually put your feet up and take a nap.

most of the day is spent reading the papers and bitching about the power cuts.

honestly, with weekdays like these who needs a fuckin weekend anyway?

they should move the KSE to the hilton and have big ass screens on the building so we can watch from the pool or the beach.

everyone would come to work in flipflops and swimming trunks.

speedos will result in your account being closed and your stocks being distributed to the bathroom attendants.

cold fruity drinks with umbrellas will come with complimentary sunblock.

loud hawaiian shirts will be mandatory.

i always see people wearing suits in the KSE when they dont have to. they obviously favour the image over trading comfortably, so all you suit wearing guys can sweat it out under the sun 😀

every hour a barge of ice will be dumped into the immediate sea so as to keep the temperature a cool 27 degrees. the swimming pool too.

excessive body hair will result in forced waxing, restraints and sedatives will be used if necessary. ( there was really hairy bastard in my pool yesterday so i had to throw that one in there )

the great thing about this is that this would be the most comfortable mixed sex beach environment for everyone to be in.

unlike the local malls, beaches, coffee shops, etc,….. the stock exchange is probably the only place in kuwait where women are almost never ogled beyond :

ooo something pretty there,…GOD DAMN CHECK OUT THAT PAIR OF DEALS ON MARKAZ!!!”

so attention whores, male and female, probably wont like it much there 😛

so go on, write your local MP, and have them put the motion to parliament, actually scratch that those bloody tabtabeis will have a field day with this.

ten bucks says they wont object to fat hairy ass in a pair of speedos with a fat gold chain, but they’ll scream their heads off about a pretty analyst in a bikini.

if nothing else, thats just down right criminal!

at the risk of sounding like a tabtabei, anyone not offended by a fat hairy arse in a speedo is truely an agent of satan and should be castrated to prevent offspring!

so if you know the owner of the hilton or the sas, give them a call, tell them to put brokerages where those over priced gift shops are and their business will quadruple 😀

i mean who the hell pays a half KD for a fuckin snickers bar from those places anyway?

see ya at the beach boys and girls, hopefully.




  1. Why there are power cuts?

  2. Tuesday, August 15, 2006
    A Bottle In The Sea!
    I know that it’s hopeless to write this down, but it would be so great to find what I’m looking for!
    Here it goes;

    I’m looking for an adult male pure breed West Highland White Terrier.

    If you have one, or know someone who has one, or know someone who could help me to find one, I’ll be interested in buying it!

    So could you all please spread this?

    I know that it’s a rare breed in Kuwait, but I would love to have it, fix your price!

    P.S In case you don’t know how it looks like just Google it!

  3. hehehe ur posts always put a smile on my face 😀

  4. I second the flipflops! Should be pink too 😀 .. saw a pink one at next that had Dump him writ on em, noice!

    Got it all planned @ work huh 😛 lol wonder whatcha gonna do for the next 2 days

  5. ice: there are power cuts cos the government sucks here and everyone and their aunt is putting up a building 😛

    KD: glad to hear it 😀

    JB: fluorescent pink !

    lol yeah the next fwe days are gonna be a drag. to top it all off i’m having net problems and it looks like i’ll be without net for the whole weekend.

    ugh,… time to get a bit more productive on my music stuff iguess 😛

  6. lol!!!

    Absolutely love the idea!

    “they should move the KSE to the hilton and have big ass screens on the building so we can watch from the pool or the beach.”

    I suggest a small casino with blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots machine too….

  7. Interesting blog
    Check out ours:

  8. Why don’t you write more often, I want more 😛

  9. lol Q, who needs a casino when we have the KSE :P. instead of numbers on the roulette wheel we could put stocks 😀

    blue, i’m in the process of switching internet providers so looks like it’ll be a while before i post again. atleast another week.

    but you can always read everything else 😀

  10. post something new… 😦

  11. Knock Knock

  12. hey you two 😛

    i would do only i’m on fucking dial up and its really pissing me off!

    lol took me ten minutes to load this damn page 😐

    hopefully i’ll be back to normal some time next week 😀

    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted September 5, 2006 at 7:21 am
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    grrrrrrrrr….. >:[

    post something new or I’m gonna suicide bomb ur a**! 😛

  13. oi leave my internetless ass alone 😛

    actually i just got my line hooked up today 😀

  14. I’m done with August 😀
    😛 😛 😛 😛

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