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Monthly Archives: September 2006

London, black pudding, english breakfast, proper bacon and crappy tube here i come !!!
sometime in the next couple of weeks i’m off to London 😀 !
this’ll probably be my first proper vacation in atleast 5 years.
almost everywhere else i’ve been, altho its been fun, has been kinda work related, which i’m not complaining about, but it does do your head in from time to time.
this times different 😀
i wish they still had those landing cards to fill out with ” purpose of visit”,….
mine would read one of the following:
beer :D,… or,….
pork :P, mmmmmm,….or,……
absolutley fuckin nothing :D, complete with smiley face!
actually this time round i have only two things i really want to get done.
1. buy my MPC1000 that i posted about previously :P,…. this’ll definately be the first thing i do as soon as i dump my bags.
2. i gotta put two old friends together for a business meeting. their business, not mine, so yeah, see, no work type stuff whatsoever :D.
well, ok thats not entirely true.
putting the two together makes possible a nice little real estate deal that i might get into as well if i like what i hear 😛
oh and i have yet to visit the london stock exchange, so thats on my list and kinda work related.
and as much as the LSE visit excites me, aquiring my gear excites me even more 😛
theres a real threat that i’ll windup meeting friends in the evenings, but doing nothing but playing with my new toy during the day 😛
besides i’ve seen almost all the sites, and theres nothing i really miss about london.
hmmm, i could pop over to paris.
now theres a city i miss 😛
you just cant get better food anywhere else!
i could visit their stock exchange too 😛
umm yeah, while normal people go see plays, and sights, and go shopping, i prefer visiting stock exchanges, and scanning the local financial times for interesting companies.
thats my version of window shopping and shopping 😛
i know its not healthy, and i know that i probably need a girlfriend to take my mind off things.
hopefully a pretty financial analyst 😛
knowing my luck, however, i’ll probably wind up with some left-wing commie hippie lovechild chick who makes organic underwear that she donates to the poor, while campaigning for penguins rights as well as the conservation of whatever it is that is too lazy to reproduce, like pandas.
oy vey!


if you have one of these i’m hoping you’ll wanna get rid of it so you can upgrade to the new MPC500 thats come out 😛


there, that should satiate my GAS for another couple of months 😛

Holy Ramdan trading hours Batman! :

KSE Market timing for the Holy Month of Ramadan

Order Acceptance 10:00 am – 10:10 am
Regular Trading 10:10 am – 12:15 pm

2 hours and 5 minutes.

lol,….. i might as well go on holiday for the whole month 😛

on the otherhand, trading could be alot more active cos the hours are that much shorter.

theres been a larger number of suited foreigners visiting the market than usual.

yay for stupid hedge fund money looking for an easy buck ! 😀

and once we’re comfortably clear of 10,000,….

yay for stupid public money looking to make some pocket money for eid ! 😀

yup, its already getting more crowded on the floor, and some old faces are showing up agian,….


lately i have been finishing off The Art of Contrary Thinking by HB Neill.
(morning bathroom reading :P)

definately one of the better books out there regardless of what you do for a living.
in a nutshell, it says this:

the majority or people will be wrong when it pays to be right, and vice versa.

naturally he goes on to pinpoint times in the early 1900’s when economists and “experts” have been dead wrong.

why economists?

lets be honest here, modernday economists have been transformed into glorified fortune tellers by the big institutions ( academic or otherwise ) that pay their salaries.

and if you dont believe that, you gotta read his paragraph on the adoption, definition and application of the word ” extrapolate”.

now i know it sounds like one of those boring books that people in my line of work orgasm over, but it really is something that everyone should read regardless of their occupation.

if youve ever had an interest in creative thinking of any kind, this is the book to read.

it argues that creativity doesnt necessarily come from questions of “what if”, but rather from question of “why not” to replies of “thats just the way it is”.
creativity arises from the questioning of the status quo.


i have Gear Aquisition Syndrome (GAS) again.


and following on fromthe last post, no i dont find sheep attractive, inflatable or otherwise 😛

mutton stew:

when the whole world is against you,
when everything is going wrong,
when a thesis on murphys law seems to have replaced your bedside copy of the bible/koran/torah/kama sutra,
when your corns are now bigger than the toe its on,
and even your own grandma cries out ” BLASPHEMER!!!” when she sees you at family outings,…
nothing beats a good hearty mutton stew 😀
there simply isnt anything like tearing into a nice big joint of meat thats been stewed for a couple of hours, to the point where the meat is just about to fall off the bone 😛
mmmmmmm, butter 😛
to hell with fast food!
slow food is where its at!
none of the bad stuff i mentioned has happened to me,
i just had a really good lunch 😀
you know the kind that makes you glad to be alive with five fully functioning senses.
cos thats what stew is.
from the scents wafting from the kitchen,
to the earthy rustic look of the dish in the middle of the table,
to the texture of the meat on your first bite,
to the flavours that travel over your tongue and round your head as you chew and swallow 😛
umm i missed out hearing didnt i?
ah, ok,…
to the sounds of satisfaction of the people around you enjoying the same meal.
nevermind communism and socialism,
karl markz should have promoted a pot of mutton stew as the one trully unifying equalising communal utopia.
if ever i get to the point where i’m looking over the edge of a building, about to jump, dont bother with a negotiator, family, friends, shrinks, etc.
leave me a pot of mutton stew and i’m sure to step back 😛

a little bit of randomness:

the other day while having lunch with a newly made friend, i was asked a question which i thought i knew the answer to.

after telling me his answer, he asked me,….. so what do you want to do with your life?

a couple years ago that would have been the starters gun going off, and i would have sprinted thru plans and dreams and things i wanted to do.

today, i got stumped.

and i babbled something about being relatively content and not having anything in particular in mind.

lol i came so close to say the eternally crap ” i just want to be happy”.

“life is what happens while youre busy making plans”

ever heard that before?

i guess i musta stoped making plans.

dont get me wrong tho, theres still stuff i wanna do,…

some of which are skydiving, normal diving, learning to fly a plane and a chopper, producing an album, travel around the australian coast line in a VW campervan, see a duckbilled platypus, write a book(dunno about what 😛 ), find a phone that does everything i want it to, blah, blah blah, blah ad nauseum…….

i just stopped making plans.

i cant decide whether thats a good thing or a bad thing.

i got offered a job at a big ass firm 😀

and the guy that offered my the job came out of harvard business school 😛 ( put that in your pipe and smoke it former lecturers of mine >:D )

i wasnt looking for one, and i’m flattered of course,… but i could never wear a suit unless it was a wedding or a funeral 😛

theres something oddly satisfying about turning down a big ass firm 😀

i need to find a singer. preferably female so their voice contrasts with the darkness of the music.

what do you want to do with your life?

and youre not allowed to say “i just wanna be happy” 😛

the nanny state strikes again 😛 !

i hope you lot spent your 200 well,… atleast those of you without loans to pay off 😛

and for those of you that do have loans, stop bitching already,…. youre govt just gave you one extra month to breathe a little easier,…..

….. and now they own you till the day you die, cos you can no longer say that they didnt do anything for you 😀

actually, you never really could now could you?

added to that is talk of introducing a market maker type system here on the stock exchange.

for those that dont know, a market maker is basically a big ass broker that will take your stocks almost always, when you want to sell, and conversely will sell you stock almost always when you want to buy.

right now, you can only sell or buy if there is another dude/ette willing to accept your price.

they basically provide liquidity.

in most cases it’ll be like having a hammour friend who went to school with you,… and pity’s you.

now everyone seems to be singing their praises,….

whoohooo we’ll never lose money again!

yayyy, we’ll be able to always get out when we want to!

hallelulljah, god is an honest market maker who likes you!

ummm, knock knock morons!

alot of world markets, including the us, uk and most of europe and asia i think have this type of system going on, and yet i dont see them celebrating anymore than those that dont. and while it wont make on bit of difference to the upside for those that know what theyre doing, it will fuck up the average retail trader.

when the shit hits the fan for the brokers, guess who they’ll try and unload their crap on.

while one side will be taking in the big boys dumping stock xyz cos they know its CEO is dieing of syphilliys contracted from hot young asia boys at his chalet parties on the weekends,….

guess who they’ll be calling saying:

“its a minor retracement, dont you know to buy on the dips?!”

“if you liked it at 3 you’ll love it 1.5!!!”

“your grandma just took 20,000, now are you going to be a chicken shit and let your granny make a killing just cos youre not willing to remortgage your house??!!”

even the sewer cleaners know, when shit comes at you from one end of the pipe, you gotta move it along if you intend to stay alive, otherwise you get drowned in diarhoea.

and if someones out there on the other end,… well better him than you right?

even more so than other professions, or more correctly “past times”, traders have a thing for thinking that they dont really know whats going on, that someone else has got the inside track,….

95% of the time theyre actually right, cos since 95% of traders lose money, 95% of them dont do their homework or dont have the stomach for this line of work.

and not having the stomach is nothing to be ashamed of. i respect the guy that says no i dont understand and i dont need to be a part of this, more than the moron that jumps in to show hes got balls…….

cos pretty soon theyre gonna be ceremonially ripped out from under him 😀

one of the things i like about this market is that i dont get brokers or “remisers” as theyre called in asia, calling at all hours of the day asking about the size and health of my testicles.

perhaps i’ve just been lucky that i dont speak arabic enough to entertain them, cos i have gotten a couple of calls before.

apart from people losing money, the one thing i’m truely worried about is this:

if people got pissed off enough to walk to the paraliament cos they didnt know who to blame, what happens when you know the guy that told you to buy, that smug bastard, works at brokerage XYZ on the groundfloor of the KSE?

if youre on the verge of losing your house and your wife doesnt know,….

how long before you throw your iraqi invasion AK47 into the back of your truck and head down there to “have a chat” ?

and it’ll be just as likely that the dude will be an expat as it is that it’ll be a local.

back to the nanny state thing, i’ve been reading a book from the 1950’s that quotes an even older writer:

“do not legislate…..give no bounties, make equal laws, secure life and property and you need not give alms…. in a free and just commonwealth, property rushes from the idle and imbecile to the industrious, brave and persevering” – Emerson

hmmm, looks like no one read him doesnt it 😛