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i’mmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!! >:D
ironically i actually didnt go anywhere, so theres technically nowhere to be back from.
but i was, and now i am, and tomorrow i still shall be.
one year older.
my birthday was on the 9th.
i’ve got this thing of my birthday not sinking in until half way thru the year, by which time its already kinda too late to appreciate being a year older. kinda like getting used to the ramadan timings just when eid is round the corner.
being internetless sucked.
but it did allow for alot of reflection, and reading, and generally more socialising and alot more productivity…… i still wouldnt trade it for nothing πŸ˜›
theres a wider sense of connectedness when your internets working. its alot like the mobile phone…… try leaving the house without it one day and you’ll see what i mean.
do this:
picture yourself being connected to everything, ie having a nice blazing fast net connection.
picture a sphere extending beyond your body, like a bubble, only everexpanding….. like the internet in a sense.
then when it gets as big as you think it can get,… which should technically be limited to the known universe or hubbles range……
…….shrink it.
to a size without the net.
so maybe about as big as the person you call thats the furthest away from you,…. be it fintas, or reiykyavik iceland.
then shrink it some more,….. to local.
then some more to no phone,…. so neighbours etc.
keep going,…
get to family, and go past that to yourself.
your five senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing.
then focus on sight.
and think of a glass box.
looking out of a glass box, as if your body was actually a tiny body looking out of a glass box in your eye.
you are effectively inside you.
imagine your body as being a container, one that you’ll never get out of.
i thought of all that one day, and i got incredibly claustrophobic being inside me…….
dunno why but i found it disturbing πŸ˜›
lol i actually got claustrophobic being inside myself!
a split second thing,… but still πŸ˜›
ok i dunno where i’m going with this so suffice it to say, i got over it, and i find it rather amuseing πŸ˜›
its good to be back in internet land πŸ˜€
ps,… if i dont post again its cos krispy dixie has suicidebombed my arse before reading this πŸ˜›


  1. wow thats quite an out of internet experience you had there huh? I was thinkin K.D already did that to ya πŸ˜›

    And btw, being dc from ur phone, net, socks should only incite you to do one thing…. put your feet up and take a hol with a smoothie in one hand and you can even wear a hula skirt if you like! I apparently need sleep! Welcome back, you was missed!

  2. Happy birthday, smelly :p

  3. Oh yea AND happy Birthday!!!!!! We want CAKE!!!

    If you aint givin us cake do a lil full monty video or sumthin n youtube it onto ur blog! muahahahah!

    (so I think it’ll be a chocolate cake then?)

  4. lol hula skirt full monty?
    umm yeah cake it is πŸ˜›

    cheers scarlie πŸ˜€

    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted September 16, 2006 at 12:16 pm
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    happy birthday, skunkaroo!!

    That was quite a story… i see the time disconnected has allowed for some serious (sort of:P) reflection on ur part… nicely done i say and good to see u back :*

    P.S. Glad I didn’t have to resort to terrorism… it would have been such a cliche’ πŸ˜›

  5. I know that I’m not supposed to ask you about word before I look for them. I’ll just type them here so I can find them later πŸ˜›

    Hubble, Reykjavik, suffice…

    I tend to forget my mobile a lot and frankly I don’t miss it. But it feels like the end of time when my laptop won’t start!

    For some reason I still think that your birthday is on the 10th!!!

    I guess that the main subject here was inner you ha? I’m not sure πŸ˜›

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