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mutton stew:

when the whole world is against you,
when everything is going wrong,
when a thesis on murphys law seems to have replaced your bedside copy of the bible/koran/torah/kama sutra,
when your corns are now bigger than the toe its on,
and even your own grandma cries out ” BLASPHEMER!!!” when she sees you at family outings,…
nothing beats a good hearty mutton stew 😀
there simply isnt anything like tearing into a nice big joint of meat thats been stewed for a couple of hours, to the point where the meat is just about to fall off the bone 😛
mmmmmmm, butter 😛
to hell with fast food!
slow food is where its at!
none of the bad stuff i mentioned has happened to me,
i just had a really good lunch 😀
you know the kind that makes you glad to be alive with five fully functioning senses.
cos thats what stew is.
from the scents wafting from the kitchen,
to the earthy rustic look of the dish in the middle of the table,
to the texture of the meat on your first bite,
to the flavours that travel over your tongue and round your head as you chew and swallow 😛
umm i missed out hearing didnt i?
ah, ok,…
to the sounds of satisfaction of the people around you enjoying the same meal.
nevermind communism and socialism,
karl markz should have promoted a pot of mutton stew as the one trully unifying equalising communal utopia.
if ever i get to the point where i’m looking over the edge of a building, about to jump, dont bother with a negotiator, family, friends, shrinks, etc.
leave me a pot of mutton stew and i’m sure to step back 😛


    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted September 19, 2006 at 11:02 am
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    ok……. :/

    but what does the boinking sheep have to do with it?


    I’m starting to worry about you.. :/

  1. lol kd, i googled for a stew pic but couldnt find one that looked good.

    they all looked like kaka in a bowl.

    then i googled sheep.

    and thats what i came up with 😛

    but just to clarify, i have never owned, touched one, or ever been curious about the boinking sheep at all 😛

  2. I got so confused, I wasn’t sure if you were talking about stew or boinking a sheep 😛

  3. Yes, good sense of humour from a guy that has had all his senses satisfied by mutton stew.

  4. utopia, boinking,

    LOL The picture is hilarious.

    You must categorize your old posts, cause I’m sure you’ll get more readers with stuff like this.

    I have to admit that mutton stew made by your Mom and reheated by you is yummy 😛 recipe?

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