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London, black pudding, english breakfast, proper bacon and crappy tube here i come !!!
sometime in the next couple of weeks i’m off to London 😀 !
this’ll probably be my first proper vacation in atleast 5 years.
almost everywhere else i’ve been, altho its been fun, has been kinda work related, which i’m not complaining about, but it does do your head in from time to time.
this times different 😀
i wish they still had those landing cards to fill out with ” purpose of visit”,….
mine would read one of the following:
beer :D,… or,….
pork :P, mmmmmm,….or,……
absolutley fuckin nothing :D, complete with smiley face!
actually this time round i have only two things i really want to get done.
1. buy my MPC1000 that i posted about previously :P,…. this’ll definately be the first thing i do as soon as i dump my bags.
2. i gotta put two old friends together for a business meeting. their business, not mine, so yeah, see, no work type stuff whatsoever :D.
well, ok thats not entirely true.
putting the two together makes possible a nice little real estate deal that i might get into as well if i like what i hear 😛
oh and i have yet to visit the london stock exchange, so thats on my list and kinda work related.
and as much as the LSE visit excites me, aquiring my gear excites me even more 😛
theres a real threat that i’ll windup meeting friends in the evenings, but doing nothing but playing with my new toy during the day 😛
besides i’ve seen almost all the sites, and theres nothing i really miss about london.
hmmm, i could pop over to paris.
now theres a city i miss 😛
you just cant get better food anywhere else!
i could visit their stock exchange too 😛
umm yeah, while normal people go see plays, and sights, and go shopping, i prefer visiting stock exchanges, and scanning the local financial times for interesting companies.
thats my version of window shopping and shopping 😛
i know its not healthy, and i know that i probably need a girlfriend to take my mind off things.
hopefully a pretty financial analyst 😛
knowing my luck, however, i’ll probably wind up with some left-wing commie hippie lovechild chick who makes organic underwear that she donates to the poor, while campaigning for penguins rights as well as the conservation of whatever it is that is too lazy to reproduce, like pandas.
oy vey!


  1. this might sound as aweird request.. but try to keep an OPEN mind…

    can I eat ur brain? please?


  2. lol i’ll take that as a compliment 😛

    and since i’m of the school of “better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it”,… uhh no you cant, i might need it one day 😛

  3. Happy travels. sounds like you need a good getaway. 😉

    Ya think that notice meant “rucksack?”??

    • let them eat cake!
    • Posted September 28, 2006 at 2:14 pm
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    your description of your future girlfriend was hilarious.. there actually is organic underwear.. and btw beggars cant be choosers..
    in paris try la venue, av. montaigne.
    spoon food and wine..
    the costes restaurant in the hotel.. if the weather is good eat out in the patio
    i have a list i could go on an on forever..
    stay at coste hotel, or le sers.. or pershing hall.. and u haaave to go their restaurant.. then also.. dessert at pierre herme, laduree and also if possible jour.. for that perfect salad.. just to tease.. ive beenb on a never ending vacation.. 5 weeks and going 😉

  4. cheers intlxpatr, hehehe yeah they prolly did:P

    oh and jus tso everyone knows thats not a real sign 😛

    lmao i never knew there was organic underwear cake:P

    damn thats one helluva list, and you didnt sound like you were evenhalf way done 😛

    the paris plans are kinda a contingency for if i get bored in london. since writing the post, however, i remembered a couple of other things that i do want to do like the tate, so i think i’ll be fine in london 😛

    still paris is, as ever, tempting 😛 and only a train ride away!

    • let them eat cake!
    • Posted September 29, 2006 at 11:10 pm
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    im currently between both cities.. taking an extra extra long vacation… calling it “research” for work… my poor parents.. if u need lists on things to do in london i can prepare a giant one.. im working on a coffee table book on some cities.. a travel book kind of.. an organic underwear cake? please go into an organic store in the uk and ask for one.. u might find it

    • The Krispy Dixie
    • Posted September 30, 2006 at 8:58 am
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    happy travels man 🙂

    the last paragraph cracked me up! 😛

  5. lol cake, i’ve used that excuse many times before 😛 it just sucks when you forgot to do any researcha nd start running around the last couple of days 😛

    if you happen to be in london from the 7th onwards drop me a line and we could go for cake 😀

    cheers KD :D, want anything from there? i know you like your reading so something rare perhaps?

  6. awww how sweet of you, but no thanx abee salamtik (which means I want you to go and return safely) 😀

    P.S. besides that’s what amazon is for 😛

    seriously, have fun man and be safe 😀

    oh and if anyone highjacks ur plane, tell them you have serious GAS and must land in London!

  7. lol if theres a hijacking on the way back i’ll be torn 😐

    on the one hand my new toy is made of steel and weighs 3 kgs, so it’ll make a pretty damn good projectile! since its carry on, i could save the day 😀

    on the otherhand,…


    cheers for the well wishes 😀

    • let them eat cake!
    • Posted October 2, 2006 at 8:48 am
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    cake with cake.. a lethal combination.. my parents’ patience is wearing thin.. if i am not back home by the 8th i am officially disowned .enjoy!

    • Spontaneousnessity
    • Posted October 4, 2006 at 4:47 pm
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    too much coffee?

  8. lol cake, ah well welcome home then 😛

    sponty,… perhaps 😛

  9. rucksack, contingency, tate, disowned…

    I’m pretty sure I read this one before!

    So you did go all the way to UK to buy that thing! Waw! Maybe I should buy that Madonna concert ticket… What do you think?

    Which friends? Did you get into the deal? You can tell me tonight 😀

    Oh now I remember. I think we e-mailed back then but you wouldn’t come to see me 😦

    “pretty” Check “financial analyst” hmmmm I wonder if you’re not turning me into one 😛

    So that’s why you didn’t want to come and see me… You were with one of those ugly French chicks…

    OK This one I have to ask how do you pronounce this? oy vey!

    Yeah I want to eat your brain too…and other stuff 😛

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